How To Fix Netflix Error Code TVQ-PB-101? 8 Effective Fixes! 

How To Fix Netflix Error Code TVQ-PB-101

If you are encountering error code TVQ-PB-101 again then it’s time to learn how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101 and solve the problem. If you seed for solutions of the same, then here are they!

Many Netflix users are facing error code TVQ-PB-101 very frequently while streaming. Well, we provide you with a few solid solutions that help you learn how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101 in just a couple of minutes. If you want to get rid of this error, stay tuned with us till the end.

To fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101, Restart the device, Check the internet connection, uninstall and reinstall the app again, use a different config file, fix DNS settings, Delete the mspr.hds file, and many others! Just read through the one that can fix Netflix errors.

If you don’t want unnecessary glitches in between your favorite movies then learn the different ways of how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101. 

How To Fix Netflix Error Code TVQ-PB-101?

A few times error code named glitches can interrupt your smooth streaming. And the most recent error code TVQ-PB-101 is troubling users. When this error appears consider that the issue is in data kept on your device that is preventing Netflix from working. Usually, this error appears on your screen: “We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try after some time or select a different title. Netflix TVQ-PB-101”.

To know how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101, you need to follow these instructions carefully: 

Fix 01: Restart Your Device

Unplug > Power Button > Wait > Plug Back In > Turn On Device 

This usually fixes almost every sort of major and minor error taking place on your device. Trying to restart your device is the best thing to do whenever you encounter an error.

Step 01: Unplug your device from the main power source.

Step 02: Long press the Power button on the device once and wait a couple of minutes unplugged.

Step 03: Put the plug back into the power source. 

Step 04: Turn on your device and launch Netflix and see if the problem persists. 

Fix 02: Switch To Wi-Fi

The poor internet connection can be the biggest reason for the failure of your Netflix to show your desired movies. Netflix needs a stable and strong internet connection. Hence, look all over and find a stable WiFi connection and connect your device with it. 

You can also try disabling and then enabling mobile data or conducting a speed test to check the internet speed and find out if it’s enough to run Netflix on your device.

Fix 03: Sign Out And Sign Back Into Netflix

Launch Netflix > Menu > Get Help > Sign Out > Wait > Sign In 

If both the above methods didn’t work then signing in and out must be of some use as it gives a fresh start to your account. Here is how you can sign in and out to your Netflix account:

Step 01: Head to the Netflix Home Screen and navigate through the left of the menu.

Step 02: At the bottom of the Menu, go right and select the option “Get Help”.

Step 03: From there hit the Sign Out button.

Step 04: Then, wait for a couple of minutes and Sign Back In. And try accessing Netflix.

If the error screen still appears click on the More Details button. Now, either Sign Out or Reset is the option that you are left with. If the Sign Out button isn’t available then press these buttons on your remote control:

Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up 

Now the button should appear, click on the sign out/Reset or Deactivate button.

Fix 04: Uninstall And Reinstall Netflix

If nothing worked till now then the last option remains is to remove the app from your device and install it back again. As there might be chances of the outdated of app that you are accessing. You can select Netflix from the home screen and then tap on the Uninstall option. 

After Uninstalling your app you need to restart the device and after a couple of minutes navigate through your TV screen and install the app back again from either Google Play Store or App Store.

And if uninstalling the app is not on your list then you can try updating the app instead.

Fix 05: Check Netflix Server Status

Most of the time a user feels that the glitch is only occurring in their system, whereas it’s the server down that is troubling everyone whoever trying to stream on Netflix at that moment. You can check for Netflix’s server status online on the Down detector whether it is down or is in an okay position to find out whether you are the only one who is been facing all these issues or if there is someone else going through the same.

If no one else is going through the same then consider that you need to get your device checked with its manufacturer and if you find that the server is down, then nothing can be done. You need to wait till the official team itself cures the glitch.

Fix 06: Use A Different Config File

Another fix for how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101 is to sign in to a different Netflix account on same device and see if the problem persists. In most of cases, the problem is with the account in which the user is been logged in.

Accessing a different one can help you getting rid of TVQ-PB-101 error. Here is how you can do so:

Step 01: Open the Netflix app and allow you account to load.

Step 02: Press the Arrow buttons on your remote control to quit the application. Press the key in below-mentioned order correctly:

Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up

Step 03: Hit the Deactivate button to delete your account from the TV.

Now you can restart your Smart TV and log in to another account and see if the problem is still there.

Fix 07: Fix DNS Settings

There are situations where your DNS settings are the reason because of which you have to face the error code TVQ-PB-101 while streaming through your Netflix account. To stop the DNS Settings from causing any more trouble, you need to fix them. Here is how you can do that:

Step 01: Navigate through the Network section and find Settings. Once found, click on it.

Step 02: From there click on the Set Up Internet Connection option and head to Advanced Settings.

Step 03: Now, make sure that the following are set to the below-mentioned modes. And if not, then adjust them according to the below-given parameters.

  1. IP Address Settings: Automatic
  2. Proxy Server: Don’t Use
  3. DHCP Host: Don’t Specify
  4. DNS Settings: Automatic
  5. MTU Settings: Automatic

Step 04: Select the OK option if the error dissolves immediately.

Fix 08: Delete mspr.hds File

Netflix accesses Microsoft’s PlayReady technology for showing DRM-protected content and few of times the mspr.hds files are kept which later becomes the reason for the error code TVQ-OB-101.

Follow the given instructions for deleting mspr.hds files:

Step 01: Launch “Windows Explorer” and head to the System’s drive that you are accessing to watch Netflix.

Step 02: Enter “mspr.hds” files in the Search Bar and hit the lens icon to search.

Step 03: Now, select all the Files and press the Ctrl+Delete button to delete them all at once.

Step 04: at last, Restart the device and open Netflix once again ad see if the problem is resolved or not.

So these were the methods to learn how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101.

Wrapping Up

Poor internet connection, Netflix server downtime, faulty Settings, outdated app, and other reasons may cause error code TVQ-PB-101. We have published this article that explains how to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101 in detail. 

Drop all your doubts, suggestions and queries in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does TVQ Prfls 101 Mean On Netflix?

This means that the data stored on your device is not letting Netflix perform well on your device. These need to be either cleared of refreshed.

Q. How Do You Fix Netflix Your Account Cannot Be Used On This Device?

One can contact their device manufacturer for their device’s certification. One needs to access a Netflix-enabled device to proceed further for streaming.

Q. How Do I Fix Netflix Error TVQ PB 101?

How to fix Netflix error code TVQ-PB-101:
Clear app cache
Uninstall and reinstall Netflix
Update app
Restart your device
Switch to WiFi

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