How To Access Google NotebookLM?

How To Access Google NotebookLM

Let us introduce you to the AI-first notebook – Google NotebookLM. Google is dropping AI projects like anything. Every time we are getting an alert for new Google AI experiments, we are trying to figure out how to get early access. Having said that, in this article, we are sharing with you how to access Google NotebookLM easily! 

Like many experimental AI tools, Google NotebookLM is also launched to a handful of selected people for experimental purposes. If you are interested in being one goofy who is looking forward to impressing others with early access Google NotebookLM, this article is just for you!

To access Google NotebookLM, you have to be residing in the U.S. now. The early access to the Google NotebookLM is given to only selected people in the U.S. only. All you need to do is visit and click on the waitlist button. 

As documented in the official Google blog by Raiza Martin [Product Manager, Google Labs] and Steven Johnson [Editorial Director, Google Labs], published on Jul 12, 2023, access Google NotebookLM is restricted to a small group of users in the U.S. till the team takes time to refine the product and come up with a more strict set of safety criteria along with AI Principles. 

Introducing NotebookLM

This year was surprising for Google users as the mother company keeps bombing with multiple ‘AI-first experiments in development’ every now and then! Project Tailwind is one of those early experimenting projects with Google AI. if you are wondering why we are discussing about the project Tailwind instead of NotebookLM, the answer is on Jul 12, 2023 Google officially launched or rolled out project Tailwind under a new name – NotebookLM! 

So, NotebookLM is the new era of notebooks that are developed to aid people to learn faster with the power of AI. This is of course an experimental offering from Google Labs! So far, we understand why the project is called ‘Notebook’ because it is simply an AI-powered notebook that will help the user to get more insights from data that is kept in the notebook [or doc]. But, why LM? This is because the core of this project introduces a powerful language model; hence it is called NotebookLM. 

How To Access Google NotebookLM?

Can we access Google NotebookLM? The answer is Yes and No at the same time! Surprised? 

Well, as usual, Google is just being Google! The team is taking more responsible steps and measurements [they should be!] while launching every AI project, including NotebookLM. With no surprise, this experimental AI tool is still in its beta stage and can be accessed for experimental purposes only. 

Simply put, Google has offered the power to access Google NotebookLM to a group of users in the U.S. only and is improving the tool based on their feedback. However, that does not mean that you cannot join this adventure of exploring the new Google NotebookLM. All you need to do is fulfill some criteria! 

The first and foremost criterion to access Google NotebookLM is to be a resident of the U.S. The second obvious thing is you have to apply by filling up a waitlist form [as usual], which is available to U.S. users only. The application will be reviewed by the specialized team and if you are selected then you will be further contacted by the team and necessary updates will be shared. 

How To Join The Google NotebookLM Waitlist?

To access Google NotebookLM open > Click on the Join Waitlist Button > Fill up the form > Submit. 

To access Google NotebookLM, you have to join the Google NotebookLM waitlist. Here is a quick guideline for you to join the Google NotebookLM waitlist: 

Step 1: Go to or click here to open the waitlist page. 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Join Waitlist’ button. 

How To Join The Google NotebookLM Waitlist?

Step 3: You will be directed to a form where you have to fill up the necessary information asked; your name, address, email ID, profession, and purpose of joining the waitlist. 

Step 4: Fill up all the mandatory boxes and click on the ‘Submit’ button. 

And done! You have applied for the Google NotebookLM successfully. Now, wait patiently for any update from team Google. 

Differences Between NotebookLM And Traditional AI Chatbots

Now that we are all familiar with traditional AI chatbots, you may think the working procedure of NotebookLM and AI chatbots are the same as both tools are powered by AI bots. However, to our surprise, we found that NotebookLM is a promising language model that is paired with the existing content or sources shared only by you to gain more insights. According to the research team, NotebookLM is more like a virtual research assistant that can explain complex ideas, summarize facts and brainstorm new facts, all based on the data you have shared with the bot. 

In other words, the key difference between NotebookLM And Traditional AI Chatbots is that, unlike Chatbots, NotebookLM will only ‘ground’ on the data or sources which you have shared with the bot and not any other external sources. For instance, when you add a Google doc with NotebookLM, it will automatically generate a synopsis of the content along with the keynotes. For more elaboration, just ask the NotebookLM different questions in your language and the bot will generate the answer from the content only. 

Moreover, NotebookLM can be used in more versatile ways rather than just a Q&A model. For instance, a content creator can share the content with NotebookLM and ask the AI bot to generate a script from the content! Also, if you are sharing any financial report, you can ask NotebookLM to generate potential questions that can be asked from the report! 


Playing [or should we say experimenting] with Google AI products is always fun! So far we have found, NotebookLM is one of a kind. It simply makes learning and building more effortless and efficient at the same time. So, waste no more time, apply to access Google NotebookLM as soon as possible, and share your experience with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Google NotebookLM Available Globally?

No, NotebookLM is only available to a handful of U.S. users. Only U.S. users can apply for the NotebookLM waitlist. 

Q2. How can I use Google NotebookLM?

If you are a user from the U.S., you can apply for the NotebookLM waitlist. If accepted, you will be able to access Google NotebookLM and explore the features. 

Q3. What is The Google NotebookLM Launch Date?  

Google NotebookLM has been launched on Jul 12, 2023, in the U.S., and early access has been shared among a handful of users for experimental purposes only. There is no official announcement of when NotebookLM will be launched globally. 

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