How To Fix The Meta Quest App Gray Screen Issue? Top 4 Easy Fixes 2023!

How To Fix The Meta Quest App Gray Screen Issue

If you are encountering a complete gray screen whenever you try to navigate through the Meta Quest app then it’s the time when you learn how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue!

The Meta Oculus app turns gray entirely when an iOS user tries to operate the app! If you also use the app through your iPhone or iPad then go through the guide on how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue that we have for you and get rid of the Meta Oculus gray screen error. 

To fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue, Uninstall and reinstall Meta Quest app, Update Meta Oculus app, open games from Safari, factory reset Meta Quest app. To get the details, read the article till the end. 

This article explains how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue and the causes due to which the gray screen occurs! For a hinderless experience stay tuned with the blog post!

How To Fix The Meta Quest App Gray Screen Issue?

Facing the gray screen while using the Meta Quest app again and again on your iPhone or iPad devices and are not able to use the virtual reality headset because the app is not working anymore because of the gray screen then welcome to the company as many of the iOS users are facing the same in a past couple of weeks.

Generally iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 versions are found to be the triggered devices on which this issue is majorly taking place and not on Android devices, according to users on Reddit! Which is clearly depicting that the iOS 16 update is the main factor attracting the glitch!

We have analyzed the update history of the Meta Quest in the software and the App Store which says that 7 of those occurred post the iOS 16 update launch. The most recent one, version 193.0 was released on the 14th of December, 2022 which didn’t worked out to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue

In order to help and make you learn how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue we have brought to you this guide where we have briefed the possible causes of the gray screen on Meta Quest app and effective fixes for them. 

Here is how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue in the most easiest way possible:

Fix 01: Uninstall And Reinstall Meta Quest App

If you try uninstalling the app and then reinstall it from the App Store or any direct link, you may fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue. Due to internal glitches the apps like Meta Quest stop performing the way they used to and start showing you glitches and errors like gray screen. 

In order to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue using the iOS offload feature you need to head to the Settings and then navigate through the General tab. Once you reach there, find the iPhone Storage option and click on it. Next hit the Meta Quest app and toggle the Offload app and then Reinstall the Meta Quest app!

However, there is a solid chance that the gray screen might appear again as soon as you shut the app off as uninstalling and reinstalling the app is a temporary fix! So if it does appear back, move to the next solution!

Fix 02: Launch Games In Safari

Operating the games from Safari is another solution for how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue. Here you can surpass the Oculus app not working glitch by accessing the game through the web browser. Here’s how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue:

Launch Safari on either iPhone or iPad and access Google Search to look for or any other particular game like Golf+(direct link) to load the game! As soon as the game launches, head to the game section and you won’t find the gray screen anymore! Now play the game as usual!  

Fix 03: Conduct Factory Reset Of Quest Or Quest 2

Doing a factory reset to your Quest or Quest 2 helps you removing all the useless data including the helpful ones even the saved ones and making it a new as it was in its initial stage when you brought it! Remember that this should be you last option for how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue and you try all the possible fixes before performing a factory reset. Also remember that you have to download everything once again after factory resetting it!

Here are the instructions for factory resetting Quest and Quest 2:

Volume + Power button > Factory Reset > Power button

Step 01: Long press the volume button along with the power button for a couple of seconds.

Step 02: Click on the Factory Reset button with the help of the Volume button.

Step 03: At last, press the Power button and you will be good to go!

And set! You have now successfully factory reset. Now launch Quest or Quest and sign in and look if the gray screen still exists. If it does, then move to the ultimate fix given in the next section!

Fix 04: Contact Meta Quest Support

If you have tried all of the above mentioned fixes and you are still facing the gray screen, then the issue might be in your account! In such cases, no matter what you do the problem won’t disappear and still exists.

If you ever fall in such position, then contacting the Meta Quest support is the best thing that one can ever do! In order to consult your concern with any of the Meta Quest customer care member, you need to either head to their official Help page, submit a support ticket or you can call them instead.

You need to explain your concern in detail to the support team with the fixes that you have already tried and also do not forget to mention the suspected root cause of the appearance of the gray screen if there are any!

Why Meta Quest App Shows Gray Screen?

How To Fix The Meta Quest App Gray Screen Issue

There a few factors that can cause Meta Quest app screen turn gray and not allow you to access any feature from that page. Let’s explore what can cause the gray screen to appear. The first factor bringing you this error can be the low battery of the VR headset! Low battery can make the app display gray screen and won’t let it work further.

You can try fixing it by charging it to it’s fullest! Another reason can be the jam or poor firmware upgradations which can also result in gray screen on your Meta Quest app. For instance, if you updated the password of your Oculus and you are unable to login to your Oculus, then it may be getting stuck while trying to update which may result in gray screen. Also a bugged firmware or a damaged hardware can also make you stare at the gray screen on your Meta Quest app.

If you wish to explore fixes of other Meta Quest errors and glitches too, then these below mentioned articles will make your work easier

Wrapping Up

If you like using the Meta Quest app for fun purposes and are now sitting back and thinking how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue as this error is something new in the market and no one know how to get rid of it, then follow our detailed guide on how to fix the Meta Quest app gray screen issue and see the magic happening!

All of the fixes mentioned above are found effective in fixing the Meta Quest app gray screen issue! Don’t trust us? Try yourself! Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why Is My VR Stuck On Grey Screen?

Gray screen pops up when the headset isn’t able to figure out its position and lose control over tracking. This is either linked to the base station or USB issues. You can try to disconnect the headset and then flush all the USB drivers to fix this issue.

Q. Why Is My Meta Quest Not Working?

Look for Meta Quest app updates and install the latest one if there are any or you can try restarting your mobile device. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app is also useful.

Q. Why Is My Oculus App Not Working?

If you are not able to launch the game or the app taht you downloaded and installed for your Oculus Rift S or Rift then you need to try these fixes: Restart the Oculus app on your pC computer, Uninstall and reinstall the game or app or restart your PC.

Q. Why Is My Oculus Quest Not Connecting To The App?

Make sure the mobile phone is well connected with your headset and are getting a strong internet connection. Also charge your headset sufficient if it isn’t already and update the app at last! Once you made sure all of these, you need to head back and login the app!

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