How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus | Get The Premium In-Game Currency!

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus

Do you know what is Gleamium in MultiVersus? Do you know you can get the Gleamium in MultiVersus? Do you know how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus? Well, Gleamium is one the MultiVersus in-game currency that the players can use to buy the characters, different emotes, ring-outs and so much more. However, Gleamium is the premium currency of this game. Do you know why? Well, it’s because you need it to unlock the characters, costumes, skin variants, and lots more.

MultiVersus has become quite prevalent in gaming over the past years that encourages the players too but the loot boxes along with the in-game currencies. So that you can unlock the content that may be impossible to get by simply playing the regular game.

Now, coming to your question on how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus. If you are looking for an answer, then you have come to the right place. Well, if you want to spend Gleamium, then you need to earn some of its first but where exactly the currency comes from may not be immediately obvious. 

So, if you are not clear on how to get the Gleamium in MultiVersus, then you must read this post as here you will find the answers to your questions. Now, without wasting any more time let’s get started quickly.

What Is The Use Of Gleamium In MultiVersus?

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus

Let us first discuss the usage of Gleamium before we begin with How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus. As we have already discussed above that Gleamium is a kind of currency that is available in this game, so that you get more characters, emotes, battle passes, and badges. When you get your characters in action you can win and then save the MultiVersus. 

When you use Gleamium, then you will get all kinds of cosmetics along with the MultiVersus roster. You can use the Gleamium in MultiVersus if you want to upgrade your characters or the glittery rocks. You can even get these things when you use Gleamium, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Variants- the amount of money that you have to spend to get variants in MultiVersus is around 500 to 2000 Gleamium. However, this also depends on how easily it will be available.
  2. Explosions- in MultiVersus you can spend around 800 to 1200 Gleamium so that you get explosions. However, the prices will differ on the basis of their availability.
  3. Emotes- the emotes will cost you something around 200 to 500 Gleamium in this game. Moreover, the price will also depend usually on how rare the emotes are.
  4. Characters- well the price to get one character in MultiVersus is something around 700 Gleamium.
  5. Presenters- these are available just at 100 Gleamium.
  6. Stickers- if you want to get the stickers in the game then you need to get 150 Gleamium.

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How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus?

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus

Now, let’s discuss how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus. If you want to get Gleamium in MultiVersus, then you need to spend real money. If you are an actual gamer and you do want to spend your money, then go ahead in the game and see what this game has to offer you. If you want to get Gleamium while you are playing MultiVersus then you have two ways to get Gleamium, namely through separately and the founder’s pack.

Below we have mentioned the prices under which you will be able to afford the varied amounts of Gleamium.

  1. If you pay $4.99 you get 450 Gleamium
  2. If you spend $9.99 then you will get 1,000 Gleamium.
  3. When you spend $19.99 you get 2,200 Gleamium.
  4. Moreover, if you spend $49.99, then you get 6,000 Gleamium.

Well, there is another way by which you can get Gleamium in the MultiVersus and that is by getting the founder’s pack. The founder’s pack comes in three types that offer you a good amount of Gleamium along with many other things which are included in this game. Here are the three kinds of founder’s packs.

  1. Standard founder’s pack
  2. Deluxe Founder’s pack
  3. Premium Founder’s pack

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What To Spend Gleamium On?

What To Spend Gleamium On?

After you have spent money to get a batch of Gleamium, you then can get a variety of in-game rewards, with the help of 700 Gleamium you will be able to unlock any character in the game in the collection menu. As the expert characters need an extra 1000 gold in comparison to other fighters. You can use Gleamium as this will help to level the playing field when you want to unlock these difficult-to-use fighters.

The collection menu even offers players access to unique ring-out animations, announcers, and banner packs that you can only get by spending Gleamium. When you click any fighter on the character select screen, then it will open up the option with which you can buy the variant with Gleamium.

You can even use Gleamium to unlock the premium version of each of the battle pass. Then you will be able to unlock the new array of the awards that were previously unavailable as you play the game and level up.

But to maintain the integrity of the online competition you will not be able to use the Gleamium to level up the characters or to buy the perks. You need to spend time playing the game so that you can improve the abilities of the characters. In this way, you can be sure that no one can pay to instantly get the best possible version of each of the characters.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus. If you think that getting the Gleamium in MultiVersus is difficult then it is too at all. by reading this post you must have got to know that. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will The Additional Characters Be Added To MultiVersus?

The answer to this question is yes, many more characters will continuously be added to MultiVersus. LeBron James is available as a part of the Open Beta release along with the additional character. These include Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith (Rick and Morty).

Q. Do MultiVersus Have A Cross-Play And Cross-Progression?

Yes, MultiVersus gave full cross-play as well as cross-progression support across all the platforms.

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