How To Get Passport Photo Ready?

How To Get Passport Photo Ready?

When requesting the majority of passport services, a passport photo is required. There are various locations where you can have your picture taken, but where you have your passport photo shot is important. A bad image causes many passport applications to be delayed or rejected. So, how to get Passport Photo ready? 

The greatest choices for where to get completely new passport photos including Passport Photo editor are listed in this post. And you’ll learn how to snap a passport photo at home as well! So, if you are still struggling with how to get Passport Photo ready, this article is dedicated to you! 

How to get Passport Photo ready? To get perfect passport photos in a short time, you may try Registered Passport Expediters, Shipping Centers, Pharmacies and Retail Stores, Professional Photography Studios, and U.S. Passport Offices. 

Let’s go through the article and explore possible options to get Passport Photo ready: 

The Best Locations for Passport Photos

The passport application procedure doesn’t have to be difficult when it comes to taking a photo. You can likely find a passport photo today in a number of locations close to your home. Here is a list of the best locations where you can obtain an official-compliant photo that is appropriate.

#1 Expediters of Registered Passports

A licensed passport expediter can assist if you require a passport in two weeks or fewer. An application for a passport can be submitted by a passport expediting service rather than going in person to one of the 26 regional agencies. Some expediters include passport images in their list of services for clients. When you apply for expediting, make sure to ask. Any of the solutions below would be appropriate for those who don’t (or if you utilize an expedited service that is not nearby). Simply include your updated passport images when submitting the expedited application forms.

#2 Shipping Facilities

Passport photo services are provided by UPS and FedEx Office. FedEx and UPS have thousands of locations across the nation. However, be aware that only a small number of FedEx and UPS sites offer passport picture services. Before visiting the nearest establishment, make sure to contact and inquire about this service.

#3 Studios for Professional Photography

Only a small percentage of applicants get their passport photos shot in an expert photography studio. The cost of studio sessions varies. Additionally, a lot of studios are hesitant to reserve time for clients who only want one photo. Few studios provide this service as a result. If they do, they typically charge more than you would at the places mentioned above. Undoubtedly, you must provide a high-quality photo with your passport form. However, with alternative, less expensive solutions available, this caliber of expert camerawork is superfluous.

#4 U.S. Passport Offices

Numerous locations that handle passport applications also provide a passport photo facility. Typically, local post offices are a safe bet. Being able to do everything in one place makes this highly practical. After having your photo taken, the application can be promptly evaluated and processed. This is a fantastic choice if you urgently require a passport. Make sure to phone the passport office wherever you intend to apply and inquire about this service. The appointment process typically includes having passport photographs taken.

#5 Pharmacy & Retail Establishments

For passport shots, retail and pharmacy companies are fantastic options. Walgreens and CVS, two well-known pharmacy businesses, provide inexpensive solutions. This service is available both in-person and online at numerous Target and Walmart locations. It should not be difficult for you to locate one of these establishments nearby. It is a good idea to phone beforehand so that you can print it at your nearest pharmacy

What Is The Cost Of A Passport Photo?

A passport photo can cost anywhere between $0.38 to $15.00, based on where it is shot and how many photos are printed. The cost of this service is often highest at passport offices. The ease of having your passport photo taken at the same place that you are filing for a new passport, however, can make the extra fee worthwhile.

How To Take Your Own Passport Photo At Home?

The U.S. Department of State has established 5 fundamental guidelines that must be followed when taking and printing a passport photo at home.

  1. Photos must be in color and be older than six months.
  2. Your face must be visible clearly (no filters, no editing)
  3. Not a selfie! Either hire a photographer or learn how to program your camera to shoot the image automatically.
  4. Without glasses
  5. Your photograph’s background must be white or off-white.

After following these instructions and preparing a photo, make sure it is the appropriate size. Utilize a passport editor tool like Visafoto to upload and crop your photo to the appropriate size. 

Be aware that photo-quality paper must be used to print passport photos. They must be in their pristine condition as well. This implies that you cannot drastically scale or edit your photo before printing it. If you plan to make your own picture, this is crucial. High-quality photos must be produced by both the cameras you use to capture the image and the printer you use to print it.

What NOT to Do When Getting a Passport Photo

If you desire your passport photo and application form to be approved without delay, there are particular locations you should stay away from. The size and layout of an approved picture must meet certain criteria. It requires a level of devotion to detail that not all forms of photography can promise. A picture booth is one area you should avoid. Despite the fact that photo booths are difficult to find these days, you should be aware that this kind of picture is never appropriate. Additionally, you ought to avoid looking at outdated photos on your computer or smartphone. Typically, passport images need to be recent (within the last 6 months).

Note: Find the detailed guideline on how to get your passport expedited here.

Wrapping Up

Hop, this short guideline helped you with how to get Passport Photo ready. We have mentioned five places where you can get your Passport photo ready quickly. However, if you need to save both time and money, you can try taking Passport Photo at home. However, risks of rejection are there if the quality of the passport photo doesn’t match the US guideline. It is always recommended to go to the nearest pharmacy or retail store to get the job done perfectly! Let us know which solution worked best for you! 

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