How To Get Rid Of Storage On iPad? The Easy Way 2023!

How To Get Rid Of Storage On iPad?

If your iPad is overflowing with pictures, videos, music, movies, and other media files then we have something for you to learn, “how to get rid of storage on iPad”!!

Storage is the first thing that one notices in a device before buying it! But no matter how much space your device holds, it will lack storage one day and you will look for ways to learn how to get rid of storage on iPad. One should be prepared for such situations in advance and must know ways to tackle such situations.

To get rid of storage on iPad: iPad > Launch Photos > Select > Select Photos > Trash > Confirm > Delete Photos. This is one of the ways through which you can make space in your iPad. To know alternate ways, read more!

This article is for learning “how to get rid of storage on iPad” in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is follow what the below given guide says.

How To Get Rid Of Storage On iPad?

Are you tense because of not having any available storage? Not anymore!! We have brought you a detailed guide on how to get rid of storage on iPad, so that you can clear some shitt out and make space for your new pictures! But before making any decision and deleting pictures blindly, you need to check back the current status of the available storage in your iPad and what is covering most of your device’s storage! Follow the below given instructions to check the available space in your iPad:

Settings App > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage 

Step 01: Launch the Settings App on your iPad and navigate through the General tab.

Step 02: Under the General section, click on the Storage & iCloud Usage option.

Step 03: Once done, click on the Manage Storage under Storage section. 

Here, you will see all of the space consumed and available in your device. At this point, you will be able to see what is taking most of the storage in your iPad. Either be it photos, apps, caches or tools, etc. Set your priority and decide to remove unwanted and least accessed items from your device. 

Fix 1: Delete Unwanted Photos

Deleting photos and videos from the gallery is one of the most common ideas that strike one’s mind when it comes to how to get rid of storage on iPad. If you also want to make space in your device this way then you need to make sure that all the photos and videos are already backed up before you delete them. Because if they are not then you will end up losing them forever. You can use iCloud to backup your photo gallery.

Follow these steps to delete your photos in order to get rid of storage on iPad:

iPad > Launch Photos > Select > Select Photos > Trash > Confirm > Delete Photos

Step 01: Launch the Photos app on your iPad and wait for the pictures to appear all over the screen.

Step 02: Once they do, find and tap on the Select button given at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 03: After that, you need to select each picture that you don’t need anymore and also want to delete from your iPad.

Step 04: After selecting all of them, you will find a trash icon at the top-left corner of the screen, symbolizing Delete, tap on it.

Step 05: Next, you will be asked to confirm your action. Just click on the Sure button followed by a tap on the Delete Photos option.

And done! All the unwanted photos have been deleted from your device successfully.

Fix 2: Uninstall Least Used Apps

Uninstalling apps is the second most effective and instant fix for how to get rid of storage on iPad. Having a number of apps installed on your iPad which you don’t access usually can also be a potential cause of shortage in storage. So make sure you keep only those apps which you use frequently! And it’s not too late to free up space by uninstalling unwanted apps, follow the guidance to achieve the same:

Step 01: From the Home Screen of your iPad long press in the app icon which you want to uninstall.

Step 02: Once the pop-up menu appears, click on the X button in the corner of the app which you just selected.

Step 03: Read the prompted warning carefully and think over your decision of uninstalling the app again! If you still want to uninstall the app, click on the Delete button. 

Step 04: Once done, press the Home button of your iPad after you finish uninstalling apps.

And done! You have successfully deleted all the unaccessed apps from your device and freed up space. If you don’t feel like deleting a few apps but still have to, then make sure that you already save the files stored in those apps so that you may not fall into any data loss. And done, that was how to get rid of storage on iPad!! To know more about iPhone and storage, read the below linked articles for once to find amazing and easy fixes!

Wrapping Up

This article wraps two different ways for how to get rid of storage on iPad. If you are also one of the strugglers who are facing shortage of storage and are unable to download their favorite movie, install favorite gaming software or simply unable to click pictures anymore because there is no space to store them, then you are at the right place! Follow as the above guide says and let us know if you find difficulty anywhere or if you have any other concern related to the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is My iPad Storage Full?

If any data document or file is taking more than 500 MB of space on your device then you better delete it or it will mess with your storage even more. You need to delete and reinstall the apps to make space or clear the iPad’s storage. Head to Settings > General > Storage And iCloud Usage > Select App > Delete App.

Q. Why Is My iPad System Storage So High?

Your device’s System Data Storage might be faulty. This sector is mostly loaded with cache and system files created by Safari, Mail app and others  and that space is managed by the OS by default and you can’t interfere with it.

Q. Is 64 GB A Lot For An iPad?

An iPad with 64GB storage or less is fine if you wish to surf the internet, access email, facetime or stream series. 64GB is enough for downloading apps and playing a few games.

Q. How Do I Reduce Storage Without Deleting Apps?

Here are ways for how to get rid of storage on iPad:

  1. Delete large media files.
  2. Delete downloads from streaming apps.
  3. Clear web browser and app cache.
  4. Try Lite apps.
  5. Access Cloud services.
  6. Free up storage from Google Photos.

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