How To Gift An Instagram Subscription? The Easy Way 2023!

How To Gift An Instagram Subscription?

Cannot think of any gift for your teenage daughter’s birthday? How about gifting her an Instagram subscription of her favorite Cricket player? Yes, you heard that right, it’s now possible!!Just to learn how to gift an Instagram subscription!!

Instagram subscriptions is the latest feature rolled out by the platform which allows creators to earn through their content! By buying any popular personality’s subscription on Instagram, you will be getting access to view their exclusive content which the regular users won’t be able to view! So, if you are thinking of gifting it to someone then first learn how to gift an Instagram subscription. 

To gift an Instagram subscription: Instagram > Login > Open Creator’s Profile > Subscription > Gift A Subscription > Next > Select Subscription Plan and then follow the on-screen instructions. To know the entire process of the same, read till the end!

This article includes information for how to gift an Instagram subscription. So if you want to impress anyone by gifting them some really top-quality content of their favorite personality or celebrity then give this article a shot!! You will be all set with the instructions by the end of this article!!

How To Gift An Instagram Subscription? 

Buying your ideal influencer’s subscription is the best idea if you want access to their premium Instagram content that they only post for their subscribers. And not only this, but the subscriptions also offer several different benefits to the ones who subscribe to them at an amount! This is not just a feature by Instagram but a blessing for the ones who are die-heart fans of Instagram influencers, celebrities and popular personalities. 

Now let’s hop on the best part for which you are here “how to gift an Instagram subscription”. Follow the below given step-wise guide to gift an Instagram subscription to your loved ones!!

Instagram > Login > Open Creator’s Profile > Subscription > Gift A Subscription > Next > Select Subscription Plan

Step 01: Launch the Instagram app on whatever device you are operating and Login to your account with official credentials.

Step 02: After entering into your account, search for the personality whose subscription you want to gift and open that Creator’s Profile.

Step 03: After that, tap on the Subscription button at the top left corner of their profile page.

Step 04: Next you will see apop-up menu, scroll and tap on the Gift A Subscription button and then hit the Next button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

Step 05: Now you will be asked to select a subscription plan among the different packages. You need to select one among them which you think is appropriate to gift! There are plans of one, three, six and twelve months for different prices.

Step 06: At last, you have to follow the on-screen instructions that will ask you to fill in the User Details and make Payment! Make sure you go through the Subscription Terms before making the payment to avoid any consequences later on. 

NOTE: As this feature is brand new in the market so there are chances that this feature might not be accessible in your area. So, make sure to confirm the accessibility of this feature in your region from the web!

And done!! You have now successfully learnt how to gift an Instagram subscription!! You can also add a customized message with the plan that you are gifting to your friend as an add-on note. Once you successfully gift the subscription plan to your friend, make sure they redeem the gift from their inbox and activate the plan and access it! 

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Wrapping Up

Instagram impresses its users every time by releasing more fun features every time they think no further add-ons can be made! Ine such impressive and amazing feature is their Instagram subscription! This feature allows the Instagram audience to subscribe to their favorite Instagram personality, ideal influencer or any other celebrity of your liking and access their premium content at a decent cost!! This feature isn’t only for personal fun, you can also gift these subscriptions to all the crazy fans in your circle on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, or even on regular days to make them special!!

Deasilex hopes that till now you have been convinced to gift Instagram subscriptions to your loved ones. If Yes then make use of this guide on how to gift an Instagram subscription and also share this great idea of gifting to your friends too!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Offer An Instagram Subscription?

To offer an Instagram subscription: Instagram > Login > Open Creator’s Profile > Subscription > Gift A Subscription > Next > Select Subscription Plan >Select User > Fill In Details > Make Payment.

Q. How Do You Give Gifts On Instagram?

Navigate through the Creator’s Reel > Tap on the Send Gift button > Click on your Stars Balance > Select the number of Stars you want to add to your balance > Next follow the on-screen prompts > Checkout > Select the Gift you want to give to your friend > Send!!

Q. Is Instagram Subscription Like OnlyFans?

Instagram can be found to be going on the path drawn by OnlyFans or Patreon by introducing restricted content in exchange of an amount by the users.

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