How To Integrate ChatGPT In Teams?

How To Integrate ChatGPT In Teams

Integrating AI in Microsoft Teams is something that we believe MS has been planning for a very long. After the successful integration of ChatGPT with Slack and Discord, it was a must in order to be in competition. It’s tempting, we know, so sit back and relax. We will guide you on how to integrate ChatGPT in teams.

When Microsoft invested $1 billion in Open AI 2019 and became the exclusive cloud partner of the company, this investment in OpenAI spread heat everywhere around, and most of the dense fumes were observed in the Mountains of Santa Clara County in California. Then after some time Bill’s foundation again went in to infuse another $2 billion, this time it was all silent but not silent enough. Now, in early 2022, Semafor reported that Microsoft is all set to invest $10 billion and the deal will be closed by the end of 2022.

Most of you use teams to convey many important messages and announcements and to accomplish many good purposes, and automating your teams is something great. Automation is human-like, precise, quick, and always available. To keep up with the time, we need to learn how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams is something that you can’t deny learning.

How To Integrate ChatGPT In Teams?

This always feels good when you find some way that can pull over some workload of yours, but coming across something which is making the whole working process easy is something adorable. We promise you that after reading the process of how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams, you won’t take a word against it. We always try to make the process easy and comprehensive for the readers. The reason behind breaking the process into simple steps is to actually break down the complexity of any process we explain here. Below are a few steps which you need to take in order to know how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams:

Step 1

A new bot creation in the Teams is required, which can be easily done in the Microsoft Bot framework. Just open your Microsoft Teams Application and perform the steps. It can be done for any group or Teams channel, which further helps you to send the automated generated responses; you can later check the channel and act accordingly.

Step 2

Now, you can use the Microsoft Teams API for the connection between the newly created bot and a Microsoft teams Channel. After this connection, you can always be virtually available on the channel. This diminishes the chances of any miss on important notifications.

Step 3

You can send the user input to ChatGPT with OpenAI API and check and receive the response generated. This will just complete the connection and allows you to automate the Microsoft channel with which you have connected the bot. The bot will take over from here and do the rest.

Step 4 

By using the Microsoft Bot Framework, now send the ChatGPT response back to the desired 

Microsoft teams Channel.

It was this simple to accomplish the process and learn how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams. We always ask you to perform the steps while you are reading them. This will just avoid errors, and the process will be quick and smooth. For better understanding, reading and performing more than one time is always recommended. It will make you remember the whole process by heart, and then you can run the app in a single go.

How To Integrate ChatGPT In Teams


It’s very evident from the deal that Microsoft is all set to compete against Google and Amazon, which have already invested huge amounts in AI. Amazon’s investment in AI was not well appreciated when it happened earlier, and later after the launch of Amazon’s Alexa, which is now a part of every household, it will be very tough for technological geeks to overlook its success.

Apart from this, see the suggestions and help section on Amazon applications; it seems like an old friend is on the other side, who remembers every move of ours and recommends stuff close to our likes. Needless to say, the reliability of Humankind on Google Maps now. We almost live by them, how precise and instant they are, that even sometimes you doubt yourselves if you correctly remember the way to your home.

Our team is trying its best to bring up articles like how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams, which could help you grow as a better working professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the disadvantages of Chatbot?

They can create only limited responses. Moreover, the response generated completely depends upon the user. If the user is feeding in the prompts with fewer or vague details, then definitely the responses will be vague also. The Chatbot-generated responses are not reliable and cannot always be taken as advice or suggestions. Our articles like how to integrate ChatGPT in Teams don’t only give you an understanding of the usage process. We always ensure after reading, you can have enough information to make your own opinions.

Most of the Chatbots are still under development, so it’s better to verify the results. Machine learning depends upon human feed and can be easily manipulated. It remembers the feeds and can provide the same details to the new user, which were earlier interacted with by the previous user.

Q2. What is a key challenge with chatbots?

They are bots in the end. They can’t understand any given scenario as we humans do. They are machines, and machines are always emotionless we can say that chatbot have no ethics and gives results without caring about the consequences. They don’t have nerves for anything. They try to conclude anything asked by the feeded keywords without understanding the whole rhythm and at this point the Chat bot misses accuracy and it’s sometimes is tough to make them understand what we need from them. They don’t ask us questions to understand what exactly we are asking from them and as a trait of Machine Learning they just try to be smart but actually they are not smart enough and many times leaves the user in sheer frustration. 

Q3. What is the most popular chatbot?

It’s tough as a question. Many AI developers are coming up with chatbots every other day. Sometimes the research is limited, and results do not par excellence because of the lack of funding, and sometimes a start-up gets an unthinkable amount as investment which they utilize to give amazing results like ChatGPT.

Our research team has shortlisted some of the trending Chatbots, depending upon the user experience, user interface and how well they understand the questions asked and don’t just act as bots, as a machine, there is a lot much expected from them now. Below is the list given of some trending and popular chatbots:

  • HubSpot Chatbot Builder.
  • Intercom
  • Drift
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • WP-Chatbot
  • LivePerson
  • Genesys DX

This is the power of AI, which will now also be utilized by Microsoft, a bit late as a move but they are covering the margin aggressively. Imagine the precision of Microsoft Bing when integrated with AI. Currently Bing only holds a tiny section of its users and we always say or hear “Googling” which means searching about something on the search engine and never say “Bingling ” but things may take an all different shape now. Google for us is something next to God but who knows when Microsoft will replace this. There have been few reports which we will address as speculations only, which claims that Microsoft will also somehow benefit its Azure sector with this.

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