How To Invest In Cryptovoxels? An Investor’s Guide For Beginners!

How To Invest In Cryptovoxels

Metaverse is shining everywhere. The Internet is exploding with investment in virtual platforms. If you have an investor’s eye and want to invest in Metaverse, this post on ‘how to invest in Cryptovoxels’ is for you. 

Cryptovoxels is a well-known Metaverse where you can purchase land and build on it. You can sell the land and have an interaction with other players here. The players can easily and freely build anything in this Metaverse. 

Are you thinking of becoming an investor in Cryptovoxels and getting confused about where and how to start? No more worries! This post will give you all possible ways to invest in Crytovoxels but before we start, let us discuss why you should invest in Cryptovoxels.    

Why Invest In Cryptovoxels?

The number of users in Cryptovoxels is increasing with each passing day. Cryptovoxels is an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed through mobile phones, virtual-reality devices, or a web browser. You can purchase land in Crytovoxels and easily build anything on that land to rent it. Investment in Cryptovoxels will be profitable for you as you can earn through Cryptovoxels. You can play games in Cryptovoxels, buy land and sell it at a profit and do many other things and ultimately benefit from that. Hence, you will be advantageous if you invest in Cryptovoxels. Now let us move further towards how to invest in Cryptovoxels.

Ways On How To Invest In Cryptovoxels 

As we have gone through the reasons for investing in Cryptovoxels, now let us discuss how to invest in Cryptovoxels. So, here are the ways through which you can invest in Cryptovoxels. 

1. Buy And Sell Land

One of the best ways to invest in virtual platforms is by buying land. You can buy land in Cryptovoxels whenever the prices are low. This will be a great step towards investment. 

2. Purchase Tokens

Here is another way through which you can invest in Cryptovoxels. You can purchase tokens of Cryptovoxels, that is, Cryptovoxel Parcels (CVPA), whenever the prices are low. You can hold them and sell them when the prices rise to earn more. This can also be a good way of investing in Cryptovoxels.

3. Purchase And Rent Land

One of the effective ways of investment in Cryptovoxels is to purchase land and rent it out. This can be a good idea for those who don’t want to regret that the price of their land has gone too high after they have sold their land. Yes, you can just put your land on rent and earn income through it. Whenever you think that your land value has increased a lot and you want to earn huge profits, just sell that land instead of renting it. 

4. Gaming Sector

No one is away from knowing that gaming is the new culture for the young generation. The users for playing games are skyrocketing. If you want to earn huge amounts then, invest in the gaming sector. This will surely help you increase the profits and earn great amounts.

5. Create Avatars

Metaverse is known for its fancy virtual avatars and wearables. People are purchasing unique and extraordinary avatars and wearables for huge amounts. You can also create different avatars in Cryptovoxels and sell them to earn higher profits. 

6. Create Art Galleries

You can create art galleries with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in Cryptovoxels. It can be a form of investment in Cryptovoxels. But remember, for creating NFTs, you require a MetaMask wallet.

There can be other ways of investing in Cryptovoxels but, we have chosen the best ones and given details about them in this post.   


In this post on How to invest in Cryptovoxels, we have explained the ways of investing in Crytovoxels. We hope that it was an informative and useful post for you. 

We are not an investing site, and we would like to remind you that investment in these volatile activities is completely your take. We suggest you should do research and seek advice before investing here.

If you enjoyed reading our post, you may spread it and share it with your friends. Don’t hesitate to ask your queries or doubts in the comment box below. We would love to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Buy Cryptovoxels Land?

– Anyone can buy Land in Cryptovoxels through the OpenSea marketplace by following a few easy steps. 

2. Can We Make Money With Cryptovoxels?

– Yes, one can make money with Cryptovoxels. You can sell land or collectibles that are created on this Metaverse platform.

3. How Much Land Is There In Cryptovoxels?

– There are 6956 parcels minted in Crytovoxels. There are 6826 parcels available as per OpenSea.

4. How Much Is Voxies?

– The current price of Voxies is $1.93, along with a market cap of 111,061,906 USD.

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