How To Leave A Review On Next? Important Information 2022!

How To Leave A Review On Next

If you want to know how to leave a review on Next then you are at the right place. In this article we are going to elaborate the same along with some tricks that you can try when you get wrong or defective products from Next and many more! 

You all must be aware of the Next brand. If not then allow us! It’s one of the UKs best fashion product retailing platforms which has different varieties of products useful for both men and women. Next has 700+ outlets all over the world. If you also use Next for buying your fashion stuff then learning how to leave a review on Next can be useful for you to report any query or send your feedback to the seller.

Here’s how to leave a review on Next: Launch Mail App > Open Next Email > Reply > Leave A Review > Enter Name & Email Address > Fill Up > Enter Order Number > Submit. And this was it! 

Learning how to leave a review on Next website is a pretty simple process, all you have to do is read the instructions and do the same! Find the details below.

How To Leave A Review On Next?

How To Leave A Review On Next

Sending feedback and writing a review to the sellers from whom you buy your fashion related stuff can help the seller and the future shoppers to understand their products and services better. However, finding how to leave a review on Next can be difficult for many of you.

This issue can be resolved in just a couple of steps! All you need to do is to visit your device’s Gmail and search for the email sent by Next to you! If you have made any purchase from Next, you will surely find one in your inbox. 

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Here are the rest of the instructions in detail for how to leave a review on Next:

Launch Mail App > Open Next Email > Reply > Leave A Review > Enter Name & Email Address > Fill Up > Enter Order Number > Submit

Step 01: Open Gmail and find Email sent by Next

To initiate the process of reviewing a product on Next website, you have to find the Email associated with the purchase of that email. 

This is a very important part of the process, as that particular email will include a link to post reviews through your Next account directly. This email will ask you to review the product that you bought from Next.

Step 02: Click on Leave A Review button 

After opening the email, you find a button saying “Leave A Review”, click on it so that it may direct to the review posting page.

Step 03: Fill out the page

After clicking on Leave A Review Button you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked about your experience with the Next  product and delivery service.

You are supposed to fill out that page with your honest experience and also mention if you have received any defective or a different piece instead of what you ordered. 

Step 04: Enter Order Number

Once you complete typing in your reviews, you will see a column left blank for your Order Number at the same page.

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Click on that and enter your order number to help Next to track and connect your review with your correct order and to avoid any misplacings.

Step 05: Click on Submit button

At last, after entering your order number you need to scroll down and find the Submit button. Once found, click on it to end the process for how to leave a review on Next.

And done! Here you are set to post reviews for Next products on its website. Through this set of instructions, you will be able to post and share your purchasing experiences with all the other shoppers and sellers. 

In case you have received any other product instead of what you ordered or a defective version of that same product then here is something that you should consider.

How To Leave A Review On Next – Video Tutorial

If you want video reviews of a few products from Next, then you can refer to this video!

What To Do With Defective Or Wrong Products Received On Next?

How To Leave A Review On Next

Many of the times shoppers receive wrong or broken or useless products from such shopping websites especially during clearance sales. In such situations many of the customers panic and start taking random and wrong steps to return the product back.

But here’s what you can do if you receive a faulty product from Next. The Next’s customer service is very well organised and systematic while being 24×7 available in your service.

Next Contact Number 

  1. 0333 777 8000*
  2. 0333 777 4577*

If the Next support team does not respond to your call for some reason then you can go for their Next Live Chat feature. The support team will assist you over there through chatting online and asking your concerns. 

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With the help of these two features, you can speak to someone at Next and can get your issue resolved.

Next Live Chat Bot

Next allows their customers to shop from their website and shop both, from wherever they may feel convenient. To ease the process, Next offers their customers a Live Chat service. You just need to elaborate your concern and they will look into it. If you don’t know how to talk on a live chat, read further!

How To Use The Next Live Chat Service?

If you are new to Next, then here are the guidelines that can help you out. Carefully follow these to talk with the Next customer service team through Live Chat:

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Open Next Website > Live Chat > Fill In Data > Select Query > Start Chat 

Step 01: Open the official Next Website.

Step 02: Click on the Live Chat button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 03: Next, answer out the asked questions and provide all the data required.

Step 04: Click on the relatable query from the list of reasons.

Step 05: At last, click on the Start Chat button to initiate the conversation.

Once the message starts appearing from the Next end, you need to answer them accordingly and explain whatever your issue is!

Next Official Email Address


One can mail all their queries and concerns at this email address. Either it can be related to faulty products, useless or broken products.


You can send an email on this address, in case your issue isn’t resolved yet or you haven’t received any response from the official team.

Wrapping Up

Deasilex hopes that you have understood how to leave a review on Next. However, if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the same then you can let us know in our comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Leave A Review Without Buying?

Yes! One can post reviews even without buying that product. For instance, if you have brought a product from somewhere else and still will be able to post a review on Amazon. 

Q. What Is The Difference Between Review And Preview?

Preview is solely based on facts and expresses opinions only in quotation marks and a review shows an analysation of a performance.

Q. Is A 4 Star Review Still Good?

A 4-Star rating shows that your business, products and services are polite and gentle and still has space for a little improvement. 

Q. How Do You Begin A Review?

Introduction > Summary > Personal Opinion > Critical Analysis > Conclusion.

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