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How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

Wanna survive? Wanna start a new world in Minecraft? Well, craft a bed first! Because this will help you in your survival and allow you to sleep along with letting you set your respawn point. Together these Plus points of the bed in Minecraft will help you in making your hectic cubicle life a little easier. So, what do you say? Shall we begin with how to make a bed in Minecraft

A bed is a “must have” in any survivalist’s inventory in Minecraft. It not just helps you with escaping the whole night, but also resets your spawn point. These beds are not difficult to make, but finding its ingredients is! One cannot skip this part because without this they won’t be having any bed of their own to sleep and keep the phantoms away.

Let’s see how to make a bed in Minecraft, for this you need to Make Planks >> Obtain Wool >> Place Planks >> Place Wool >> Place Bed…..and you are done! But what with the ingredients? How will you find it? Don’t worry we have a solution below for that too!

In this article, we are going to learn all about beds in Minecraft, how to make it, its recipe, why you need a bed, etc etc! So, drag your lazy back to the end of the article if you wanna keep your survival rate high in Minecraft!

What Is The Use Of A Bed In Minecraft? 

What Is The Use Of A Bed In Minecraft?

No matter if you are a wakeful player in Minecraft; you still need a bed! Beds are not only for sleeping in Minecraft, but also for escaping night, thunder, rains and it’s also meant for respawning points, that’s why learning How To Make A Bed In Minecraft. If you are a player who doesn’t mines all night, then you will get bored very soon without a bed, and all the other players who doesn’t have a bed are not able to spawn at their homes, making them to start from the beginning again! 

So, after learning why bed is so crucial in a players life in Minecraft, which is so annoying, it will be better for you if you learn how to make a bed in Minecraft on time! 

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If you are still not convinced, then no issues, it’s our duty to work hard for you, so let us give a try one more time! 

Just like your actual life, sleeping is ridiculously crucial in Minecraft for multiple reasons.

First of all, if you do not sleep or die for straight three in-game days and are roaming outside at night or in a thunderstorm, dreadful creatures known as Phantoms will regenerate in the sky over you. They will silently slide down and strike you down until you die or head to sleep which is why most of the players know How To Make A Bed In Minecraft.

Secondly, your is like home for you – in actual. Coming in contact with a bed, even a touch (even you don’t wish to sleep in it) makes that bed’s location as your spawn point. Which means, you will spawn at your bed’s particular location whenever you die in Minecraft.

Sleeping in a bed in Minecraft at night or during a thunderstorm helps you escape time and forwards it to the morning and also resets the weather cycle. Also a safe bed to rest protects you from the terrific creatures that spawn at night. So, say no to fear, when you have your bed here!

In the end of this section, a feature of bed which will single handedly convince you to make a bed for yourself in Minecraft. This is a secret function of bed that only very few know, if you try to place the bed in either of The Nether or The End these dimensions, the bed will blast immediately with an explosion stronger than a TNT block. You can kill enemies with it’s downside explosion only if you use it carefully. Most of the Minecraft pro-players use beds to kill bosses like the Ender Dragon. 

It can be risky as it can kill you to in a second but to save yourself you can wear an armor! Armor can be your life saver at this point. Now, you must be convinced to learn How To Make A Bed In Minecraft with us.

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What Are The Requirements To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

What Are The Requirements To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

To know How To Make A Bed In Minecraft, a player in Minecraft will be needing two types of blocks to make a bed in the game: Wood planks and Wool. You will require three pieces of each of the blocks.

The color of the wool blocks should be the same for the bed you are going to craft. For instance, White wool and black wool cannot be used together to craft a bed. Although, it’s not necessary for the Wood planks, to be of the same type. For instance, you can use Dark Oak planks and Oak planks together to craft a bed. A player can craft 16 different types of beds in Minecraft, the only difference between them will be their colors.

How To Get Wood Planks?

The simplest method to get Wood Planks is to hunt down a tree and then convert the Wood Logs into Wood Planks in your inventory crafting menu. You can also craft Wood Planks at a Crafting Bench.

How To Get Wool?

If you do not have any Village around you then the sheep are the best way to get Wool. You can shear a sheep with shears tool or hunt a sheep to get three blocks of Wool. Sheep will drop whatever color of wool is on them.

Villagers are the second most rich source of Wool, as most of the villagers spawn with a number of decorative Wool blocks. You can easily harvest them without making the Villagers angry. Hence, collect as much as you need.

The last option to get Wool is to craft it with the help of four pieces of String. String can be found easily from the Spider’s drop. Hunt these ugly enemies for your goods. To craft wool out of those strings, place the four String in a square shape to get a white wool block.

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How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

To know How To Make A Bed In Minecraft, you will require three pieces of Wool blocks and three pieces of Wood Planks.

You will get the wool from sheep by shearing it with shears will give you 1-3 pieces of Wool, whereas killing one will give you only one block of wool, or you can mix four strings from a Spider’s drop together to craft a piece of wool. And you can get wood planks from cutting a tree down. 

1. Make the Planks

Go to the Crafting table and craft Wooden Planks. Get your wood out of the table and just put the wood in any of the slots.

Take out the Wooden Planks

You can get Wood by cutting trees with the help of an axe or by punching them, however it takes much more time.

2. Obtain Wool

One can get Wo by hunting or shearing sheep.

For shearing you will need shears. By shearing you will get 1-3 wool blocks and by hunting a sheep down you will get 1 wool.

3. Place the Planks in the Crafting Grid

Next, place three Wooden Planks on the all of the bottom slots.

4. Place the Wool in the Crafting Grid

Place three Wool blocks in the centre of the three by three grid.

5. Place your bed wherever you want it to be

Place your bed wherever you feel safe and secure and can sleep safely.

  • You can also make colorful beds after the 1.12 version of Minecraft by following these steps, just need to alter the color of the wool you use.
  • Use the wool of same color, afterall colored beds are now a added to the game.
  • After the latest update of Minecraft, villagers started breeding depending on the number of beds in the village.
  • In the latest version, villagers breed as long as there is an open bed in the village.

You have successfully learnt How To Make A Bed In Minecraft, now its time to catch some tips.

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Tips To Use A Bed In Minecraft:

  1. Place the bed on any surface which is one block by two blocks, according to the size of the bed, next sleep in it.
  2. You are allowed to sleep in your bed in Minecraft only at night or when there is a thunderstorm outside. 
  3. To use a placed bed in the Java edition of Minecraft, you are supposed to be two blocks away or less.
  4. To use a placed bed in the Bedrpck edition of Minecraft, you can be three blocks away and still use your bed.
  5. You cannot sleep in an already engaged bed by any villager or a player, however you can knock out the villager.
  6. Hostile mobs can kill you in your bed, so place your bed and sleep in a safe place.
  7. You may suffocate after getting off your bed if you are not having two or more vertical space around your bed.
  8. You will return to your bed after dying as your bed sets your respawn point.
  9. Beds placed near to a Zombie Villager will enhance the speed of converting them back into a Villager.
  10. In case you fall on a bed from a high place, it will reduce your fall damage by 50%

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Wrapping Up

The night in Minecraft passes quickly with the help of beds, and the players can also pass multiple challenges with the help of the bed. In this article we have successfully learnt how to make a bed in Minecraft and it’s uses. 

We hope now you will be able to make a nice, simple and colorful bed in Minecraft successfully. Do contact us in the comment section if you have any questions related to how to make a bed in Minecraft.


Q1. What Item One Needs To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

Ans. In order to make a white bed, place 3 wool and 3 wood planks in the 3×3 crafting grid. You can use any type of wood planks while crafting, for example: oak, jungle, spruce, birch, acacia, crimson, dark oak etc.

Q2. How Many Hours Is 100 Days In Minecraft?

Ans. 33 hours 

If you play for 100 Minecraft days that will be equal to 33 hours in real time.

Q3. How To Craft In Minecraft?

Ans. Crafting the way you make blocks, tools and other materials in Minecraft. You can start crafting by tapping”E” on your keyboard to launch your keyboard. The inventory allows you to craft some basic materials using upto 4 ingredients. To elaborate your crafting abilities you can build a crafting table.

Q4. How To Find My Bed In Minecraft?

Ans. Launch your map into McEdit – this will allow you to fly around in the world and search for your bed. As soon as you find it, land down your character on the spot, load the map in regular Minecraft and you will be fine. Tap on F3 next, and check the beds coordinates, note them down in case of future situations like this.

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