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A Discord addict? Love creating bots but don’t like the coding part? Well, have a secret for you! What if we say that now you can make bots without any amount of coding? Interesting right? The more interesting part is the bot which will help you in doing so! BotGhost – One of a kind bot that has astonishing features. Let’s explore it today!

BotGhost is a Discord server through which one can easily create and own a custom Discord bot in a couple of minutes without wasting any time in coding. This is the best no-code discord server till now for making bots on Discord. It has unique command creators and other amazing features which are necessary for one’s personal discord bot. It’s pretty difficult to create a bot without taking help from BotGhost! So why struggle? Let’s hop on!!

To make a Bot with BotGhost, Create an app on Discord first and turn app into Bot. Next, generate Bot Tokens and set Gateway Intents. After that, link the Bot to BotGhost and Invite your Discord Bot. To know more about BotGhost, you have to stick with the article till the end.

This article provides you with all the details about BotGhost! What is it, what are its features, how to make a bot with BotGhost, and a lot more! Have patience and keep reading!

What Is BotGhost?

Ummm…hello to all the Discord users! BotGhost is a Discord server with the facilities to make a discord bot without getting stuck with codings in between! BotGhost frequently hosts giveaways and contests including BotGhost Premium and other exciting rewards. Here everyone gets a huge exposure to a decent and amazing audience. 

A few of BotGhost’s best modules have Tickets, Welcome And Goodbye texts, Music, an Advanced Custom Command Builder, Automod, Autoresponders, Embed Builders, and many more! One can select from more than 300 commands to turn on Moderation, Economy, Utilities, Music, and many more. One can easily construct their bots in a short period of time without coding just by turning on and off modules to customize your discord bot according to your server’s requirements! To initiate just start pasting your bot tokens on your dashboard, saving, and heading online!

In short, BotGhost is best for creating personalized bots without any coding required! Let’s take a look at how it really happens!

How To Make A Bot With BotGhost Without Coding?

To make a bot with BotGhost without coding, Create an app on Discord > Turn app into Bot > Generate Bot Tokens > Set Gateway Intents > Link Bot To BotGhost > Invite your Discord Bot.

The need for bots in a moderator’s life has become a necessity as the number of server requests that are supposed to get moderated is touching the skies. Performing the same and minor tasks every day is something that bores a person up especially when the same task a bot can do efficiently in much less time without even bothering you! But where will you get such a bot? Can you make it? If yes then what about the coding part? That too is sorted, dear reader! If you want to create a bot without getting involved in the coding portion, then you must read this!

Creating a bot on Discord without any coding knowledge may sound impossible, but not anymore! Because now there’s no need to code especially for the sake of a Discord bot creation. There are multiple apps that one can use to accomplish the goals of creating a bot without coding. BotGhost can help you out in this, as it allows you to customize a simple bot or to access a pre-made one.  

Follow the given instructions carefully to learn how to make a Discord bot with BotGhost:

Step 01: Make An App On Discord

Login Discord Account > Discord Developer Portal > New App > Name Your App > Create.

In order to make a Discord bot with BotGhost, you have to make an app first in the Developer Portal of Discord. This will make you create a bit token that you must use to link the bot app to the BotGhost server. 

After the linking of bot and server, the server will access the bot app. Follow the below-given steps to create an app on Discord:

Step 01: Launch the Discord Developer Portal once you log into your Discord account.

Step 02: Tap on the New App option at the top of the screen.

Step 03: Provide the Name of your app.

Step 04: Click on Create to finish creating your app. 

After this you will be directed to the General Information tab, here you can view all the details related to your bot app.

Step 02: Convert Discord App Into Bot

After creating an app on Discord, you need to turn it into a bot. You can do this by tapping on the Bot tab to head to the Bot section. After reaching there, hit the Add Bot button and your Discord bot will be created once you confirm your action. 

Step 03: Create A Bot Token 

Reset Token > Yes, Do It! > Copy Token.

Once you convert your app into a bot on Discord, you have to generate a bot token. Next, you will land on a new page where you will find all the details related to your bot. Once you do this, you will be able to set a name and an icon for your bot and do some arrangements if you want to keep it private or public.

Step 01: Hit the Reset Token button to generate a token for your bot to allow you to link your Discord bot to BotGhost. 

Step 02: Tap on the “Yes, Do It” option to continue and copy the generated token for future use.

Step 04: Set Gateway Intents

To make your bot start working, you need to turn on Privileged Gateway Intents provided by Discord. There are three intents right now on Discord: The Presence, Server Member, and Message Content Intents. The several intents will make the bot perform a number of functions, like receiving updates.

After turning on the intents, hit the Save Changes button.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t enable the REQUIRES OAuth2 Code Grant option for inviting your bot.

Step 05: Connect The Bot To BotGhost

Next, you are supposed to link your Discord bot with BotGhost so that your bot may function properly. To do this, you need to copy the generated token so that you can make use of it to connect the bot with the BotGhost. After copying the token, launch the BotGhost Dashboard and log in. Click on the Create Bot button on BotGhost, and connect with your bot.

Step 06: Invite Your Discord Bot 

Once you create the Discord bot, the last thing you need to do is to invite your bot to the BotGhost server. Instead of learning about the commands for inviting your bot, BotGhost allows you to access an interface that lets you invite your bot without any complexity. Here’s how:

Step 01: Head to the BotGhost Dashboard.

Step 02: Click on the Invite button.

Step 03: Select the BotGhost server from the list to add your bot into.

Step 04: Select and grant the required Permissions.

And done! That was all you needed to do to make your Discord bot start working! You can now analyze and test the bot if it works properly. If yes, then consider that you have successfully learned how to make a Discord bot with BotGhost!

Wrapping Up

Discord is a very well-known platform where users create their own personalized bots even if they don’t know anything about coding. However, creating a Discord bot without any coding skills can be a little tricky if you don’t have the proper guidance.

This detailed guide explains everything about how to make a Discord bot with BotGhost. Deasilex hopes that you have successfully learned what we tried to explain to you in this article! If you have any doubts or suggestions, kindly drop them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Discord Bot Used For?

Discord bots are AI-driven softwares that aid users to modify and manage tasks on your Discord server. Discord makes building a community easier which is truly inti managing and moderating one’s server, inviting and welcoming new members, and banning users who pollute the environment for others.

Q. What Is The Safest Discord Bot?

These are the best Discord Moderation Bots:

Q. Is Adding A Bot To Discord Safe?

Discord has a number of amazing bots, but a few can be harmful to add as they can hack, spam or leak data from your server. If any bot asks you for your email address and phone number – avoid sharing as they can directly share it with the bot developer.

Q. Are There Fake Bots In Discord?

Unfortunately, there are a few. But Discord had no intention to allow someone to create fake bots or offer you free products! So if anyone grants you these kindly avoid them as you may get into trouble!

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