How To Make An AFK Channel In Discord 2022 | Few Easy Steps!

AFK Channel In Discord?

No doubt Discord is one of the most popular gaming platforms for all the gamers out there where you get so many interesting features. You get the opportunity to create channels that you want and create as many as you like on this server. But, though many know how to make channels on Discord sever, many don’t. Do you know how to make an AFK Channel in Discord 2022?

Well, if you belong to one of those who don’t know how to use AFK channels then don’t worry. Firstly, the Discord server needs to have proper channels and AFK belongs to one of these categories. It is the AKF Channel that will move the members to this channel when they are not active.

This channel will keep away the lurkers from the active voice channels. If any users are present in your chat channel for some time and have not spoken then those users will automatically get into the AFK channel. So, if you don’t know how to make an AFK channel in Discord 2022 then this post is just for you.

Let’s understand what are AFK channels on Discord, how AFKs work, and how to create an AFK Discord channel below!

What Is The AFK Channel On Discord?

What Is The AFK Channel On Discord?

Before we go on to discuss how to make an AFK Channel in Discord, let’s discuss what is an AFK.

Well, AFK is the short form of Away from Keyboard. So, the AFK channel is for those members who are not present on their computers for a long period of time. The Discord AFK channel will be useful when the member is online but is not interested in the community in that they are present.

When the member is not active for a certain amount of time then Discord will add those members to the AFK channel. This period is set by the owner of the server.

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How Do AFK Work?

When you have created an AFK channel then it will automatically transfer the members after some time. Make sure that you don’t make this time too brief. After all, no one will like to be taken away from their channel just to make coffee or to get some food.

How Will Discord Know That You Are AFK?

How To Make An AFK Channel In Discord 2022?

This technology has not been disclosed to the public. But, we can say that the main function is of the AFK bots. When you start the AFK channel then the Discord AFK bot also joins. It will monitor your server and will check the behavior of the users. Also, they will use the internal timers to know whether the users were active or not.

If the countdown is running out, then the bot will detect no activity and it will transfer the user to the AFK channel. If such a thing happens, then you can try to close and then again open the Discord and see if it has stopped or not. Since the bot is not tracking your activities and it still believes that you are AFK. If you still struggle with this issue, then you can contact the owner of the server or the administrator and request an investigation.

Now let us know how to make an AFK Channel in Discord 2022

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How To Make An AFK Channel On Discord On The Computer?

How To Make An AFK Channel On Discord On The Computer?

 If you don’t know how to make an AFK channel in Discord 2022 on your computer then here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  1. Use the Discord application on your computer and then connect to your server.
  2. To make a new channel click on the +sign, on the right-hand side of the Voice channels option.
  3. Now choose the type of the channel and then convert it to the voice channel.
  4. To make the channel enter the name of the channel as AFK and then click on the create button.
  5. See if your server’s voice channel list also includes the AFK channel or not.
  6. Next at the top of the screen, you need to press on the Server Name and then on the Server configuration.
  7. Scroll down to the overview area and then choose the AFK channel
  8. To get access to the drop-down list chooses the AFK channel by choosing the AFK channel.
  9. Now choose the AFK time and then click on the Save changes button.

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How To Make An AFK Channel On Discord On A Mobile Device?

How To Make An AFK Channel On Discord On A Mobile Device?

To know how to make an AFK channel in Discord 2022 on your mobile device here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Select the channel which will be the AFK channel.
  2. If you want to create a new AFK channel then just click on the +sign from the channel list.
  3. Give this channel a name and select Voice channel. Save it by clicking on the check at the highest point option.
  4. On that same sever choose the menu button. Now select three dots adjacent to the name of the server.
  5. Go to the settings option and then click on overview.
  6. Select the channel that you want to deactivate under the Inactive sections option.
  7. Now, set the inactive timeout and the time the user will be inactive.
  8. To save the changes press the floppy disc icon.

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Wrapping Up:

So that’s how to make an AFK channel on Discord. The steps are pretty simple and you will not face any difficulty while following them. Just make sure that you follow the steps as is mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Get Out Of The AFK Channel On Discord?

If you want to get out of the AFK channel then you have to click on another channel. In this way, your channel will be switched right over. But you need to have permission to connect to the new channel that you want to get.

Q. How To Mute And Deafen The AFK Channel On Discord?

You can assign the channel as the main AFK channel on the Discord server settings. You can even specify the idle time for the users which will be transferred to the AFK channel. Everyone even the administrator will be muted on this channel. You don’t have to give AFK channel any extra rights to do this.

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