How to Make an Animated Video in Under 15 mins? [Tutorial for Beginners]

How to Make an Animated Video in Under 15 mins

Do you have an idea that you think would be best represented using an animated video but lack the skills or are pressed for time? Whether for business or entertainment, animated videos can effectively engage your audience and turn them into paying customers and loyal subscribers. 

In this article, I will show you how to quickly make animated videos using Doratoon, the friendliest animated video maker for beginners. 

How to Make Animated Videos in Under 15 Minutes

Creating animated videos has become a walk in the park if you have the proper guidance and tools in your arsenal. Here is how to go about it:

Step one: Write a script

You need to have a script if you aim to gain traction with a cartoon video, as audiences can easily point out laziness and a lack of imagination on your part. A script will help concretize your objective, target audience, and message. This involves defining your characters, video length, the structure of the video, and writing a compelling call to action.

Step two: Produce the Animated video     

There are generally three ways you can create an animation video. You could build an in-house team, outsource the work, or go it alone. Of the three, only the last option promises not to put a dent in your pocket, especially if you take advantage of a tool like Doratoon.

Doratoon – A Top-Rated Animated Video Maker 

How to Make an Animated Video in Under 15 mins? [Tutorial for Beginners]

Doratoon is a free online animation video creator packed with endless elements, features, and effects that make it easy and fast to produce studio-quality animated videos, even as a newbie. 

How to animate a video in less than 15 minutes online with Doratoon

First, sign up for a free account or log in if you are already registered and use Doratoon to animate your videos as shown below:

  1. On the main page, Search for a template appropriate for your video or click Create to choose a worksheet or import a PPT.
  2. Next, start the editing process. 
  1. Select Templates. Every template comes as a project complete with content, context, and soundtrack. Your work will be to alter the elements and fiddle with features as per your needs, and then you can Publish.    
  2. Add Backgrounds. Easily add backgrounds by clicking Background on the left column and selecting from the innumerable options, whether working with a template or starting from scratch.  
  3. Add and Edit Text. Click Text on the left column to add titles, subtitles, and body text. Change text size, style, color, and opacity, and introduce animations and effects from the right column.
  4. Add and Personalize characters. Doratoon has thousands of characters depicting different states and situations in life, complete with distinctive body language and unique facial expressions to match your expectations. You can personalize these animated characters by clicking on them and using the Item Menu to change their actions, flip directions, and introduce movement. Also, you can animate and give your character special effects on the right column.
  5. Add/Delete/Duplicate a Scene. If you begin with a template, you will only need to make changes where necessary by clicking on the characters and texts. Otherwise, add as many scenes as you want from the left column and make appropriate changes. Additionally, you can duplicate or delete scenes.
  6. Adjust Scenes. By clicking on a template or element in your video, you can adjust its appearance time and dictate its duration on the timeline.
  7. Add/Change Soundtrack. Click Sound & Subtitle on the Canvas. You will be transferred to a new window. Go to the bottom left corner, click the music button, click Replace on the right column, and then select your preferred soundtrack.
  8. Preview the video. Click on the play button below your video to get an idea of how the final product will appear.     

Step Three: Export the Video

When you are done, click Publish to give your video a title, select cover, and remove or keep the watermark. Furthermore, you will choose a file type between MP4 and PPT and quality between HD 720P and Ultra-HD 1080P, and click Export. You can also share the animated video directly on social media or copy the link to paste it elsewhere. 

Types of Animated Videos You Can Make in 15 Minutes 

How to Make an Animated Video in Under 15 mins? [Tutorial for Beginners]

Animated videos serve a host of purposes elegantly and cost-effectively, as shown below:

Explainer videos. Animated videos make great explainer videos, especially for sales and marketing purposes.

Short films. These are short enough animated videos generally accepted to last thirty minutes or less.

Video resumes. This refers to a video presentation used in job applications to add appeal or when companies specifically ask for them.

Advertisements. Short animated advertisement videos are compelling because they appeal to all demographics.

Special party invitations. You can surprise your family and friends with a special invite requesting their presence at your parties.

Why Use Doratoon 

Doratoon is the fastest tool with which you can make animated videos if you are a newbie and time is not on your side for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use. This cartoon animation video creator has a user-friendly interface which makes navigation a joy on the site.
  • Unlimited resources. Doratoon comes with thousands of elements, features, motion graphics, and advanced effects to spice up your video.  
  • Pocket friendly. It has a free option to help you get started easily and later upgrade to enjoy its full benefits. 
  • Web-based. There is no need to download this animated video creator to enjoy its functionalities.


You have now witnessed how easy it is to create your own animated videos. Gone are the days of complicated software for editing videos that made it impossible for beginners to come up with their creations. With a tool like Doratoon, you can quickly produce studio-quality animations irrespective of your skill level.     

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