How To Make ChatGPT Give MBA Exam? A Quick Guide!

How To Make ChatGPT Give MBA Exam

Do you know that ChatGPT has recently given an MBA exam? Well, In this article, let us see how to make ChatGPT give MBA exam. 

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT as a chatbot in November 2022. It is constructed on top of the GPT-3 series of big language models from OpenAI. In today’s AI world, ChatGPT has drawn the most attention. It will contain all of the answers to the users’ queries regarding telling stories, reading articles, and writing songs. This is how ChatGPT works.

ChatGPT recently took an MBA test and passed the exam with B and B- grades. But, it is uncertain what particular MBA curriculum the chatbot was tested on or how to make ChatGPT give MBA exams.

Continue reading further to understand in detail about how to make ChatGPT give MBA exam and what steps are involved in it. 

Can AI Chatbot Pass MBA Exam?

ChatGPT recently took an MBA test and passed the exam with B and B- grade. But, it is uncertain what particular MBA curriculum the chatbot was tested on or how to make ChatGPT give MBA exams.

An American professor, Christian Terwiesch, at the Warton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania has planned to make ChatGPT give MBA exams to gauge its performance. He put ChatGPT to the test by asking questions on the MBA-related course. Operations management was the subject of the test and the responses provided by this chatbot were accurate.

The professor discovered that ChatGPT could answer simple operations management and process analysis questions, including those based on case studies, amazingly well but it could not handle “more advanced process analysis problems,”. But, the AI chatbot received a B to B- grade on the test. Christian Terwiesch, claims that ChatGPT outperformed many other pupils on the test and he continued, it has done well in the creation of legal papers, and some feel that the future version of this technology i.e GPT-4 would even be able to pass the bar test. But, what specific MBA curriculum the chatbot was tested on and how to make ChatGPT give MBA exam is unknown. 

Due to worries that students would harm their education by using ChatGPT, the New York City Department of Education earlier this month prohibited its usage on public school networks and devices. Exam questions that were used in a final exam situation were uploaded and graded. Following is a summary of Chat GPT3’s academic performance.

It’s crucial to take into account ChatGPT’s effects on human employment and education as well as the technology’s effectiveness while evaluating its consequences. Although technology is still in its infancy, it is feasible that it will eventually play a crucial role in the contemporary workplace.

Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post on how to make ChatGPT give MBA exam and this article has explained to you clearly that you can make ChatGPT give MBA exam but the steps to execute it are temporarily unknown. For more such informative and interesting articles, check our website at Deasilex. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Chatbot Safe?

Ans. Chatbots are typically trustworthy and just as secure as any other apps or websites. Information is kept secure on chatbots by security mechanisms like encryption, data redaction, multi-factor authentication, and cookies.

Q2. Who Owns OpenAI?

Ans. Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and others launched the nonprofit in San Francisco at the end of 2015, pledging a total of $1 billion USD. Musk left the board in 2018, but he continued to give money. Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI LP in the year 2019.

Q3. Can I Make Money From Chatbot?

Ans. Affiliate marketing can be utilized with chatbots to generate revenue. You can direct users who interact with the chatbot and ask where to find particular things to an affiliate link, and if they make a purchase, you will receive an affiliate commission.

Q4. How To Get GPT-3 For Free?

Ans. Try GPT-3, the well-known language model that can write so well that it can trick most people into thinking it’s a human author, even if you aren’t a software professional. Anyone can try it out for three months for free through OpenAI Playground, which is open to the general public.

Q5. How Much RAM Do I Need For GPT-3?

Ans. 700GB of RAM is required to store 175 billion parameters (each parameter takes 4 Bytes), which is more than 10 times the maximum memory of a single GPU.

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