Useful Tips On How To Make Cool Videos For Instagram

Useful Tips On How To Make Cool Videos For Instagram

More recently, scientists have discovered that the human brain responds better to video than to a static image or text. Thanks to this finding, we finally understand why we did not like to study at school and preferred to watch cartoons instead of homework. Every second there are millions of videos on a variety of topics, shot by both professional studios and ordinary users. It used to take perfect looks to become a YouTube star and start filming yourself. Today naturalness is trending, so you can record videos even without makeup and perfectly white teeth.

Let’s look at 5 secrets that will help you make really cool videos for your social networks.

Tip #1 – Make An Inspiration List 

To start shooting your own videos, you need to train your eye. To do this, regularly set aside time to watch videos of influencers. If you are planning a travel blog, look for similar people and analyze what they are talking about, how they behave on camera, what they show, and what they avoid. By the way, you can watch videos not only online. You can download Instagram videos iPhone with a free tool from Inflact. Just use an Instagram video downloader to save the most inspiring clips to your smartphone, so you can explore them later in peace.

Tip #2 – The More Content The Better

One of the main rules of success is regular shooting. This applies to Instagram posts, Stories, and YouTube videos. Don’t be afraid to post every day, even multiple times a day. Of course, you can’t shoot a perfect video if you don’t have a team and expensive equipment, as well as edit videos for too long. The quality will be far from professional, but that’s the beauty of it! Your Instagram followers will appreciate your naturalness. Just show backstage, raw materials, share highlights from your life. This way you let your subscribers into your living, and you form warm trusting relationships.

Tip #3 – Get Close To People

It is very useful to interact with subscribers by marking the most active users in publications. You can increase the involvement of your community with the help of questions and answers or public comments. The easiest way to boost engagement is to ask users for advice. You probably noticed how some bloggers ask something like, please recommend me a good face cream or a store where you can buy a sports uniform, etc. Trust me, they already know the answer. They just shoot this video to make you interact.

Tip #4 – Show Not Only The Success Story But Also The Failures.

The amazing fact is that people are tired of glossy reality. If you publish two videos where one will have a perfect biscuit, and in the second your cake will be literally destroyed in the oven, believe me, the latter will gain much more views and likes. This is because in real life there are more failures than ideal situations. Someone else’s perfect life is annoying, while mistakes help to understand that you have the same living person in front of you.

Tip #5 – Tell Long Stories

Of course, everyone knows about the 15 seconds rule. However, you can upload videos up to 1 minute long to Instagram Stories. The application itself will cut them into four consecutive videos in which you can tell a longer story. Shoot content that will make your audience feel like they are right next to you. You can tell stories about what you see, for example, walking around the city to tell the story of a building or some landmark, but this is not necessary. For example, sitting in a hairdresser, you can suddenly remember some story from your childhood. The video doesn’t always have to match your story.

Technical Aspects Of Shooting Instagram Video On Your iPhone

First, pay attention to the light. You need a lot of light to shoot with your phone. Consider the capabilities of the device and the effect you want to implement. The light should preferably be soft and even so that the camera matrix transmits the best color gamut of the image.

Second, explore camera settings. When shooting a video with your phone, select the highest quality of the saved video. Follow the focus, do not let it go away from the subject being shot. Forced focus adjustment on the phone occurs by clicking on the screen in the right place.

Don’t forget the sound quality. If you don’t plan on overlaying music instead of speech, try to make your voice as clear as possible, so your followers don’t have to strain their ears. Hold your phone near the sound source to get rid of extra noise. If it is possible to connect an external microphone – connect it! This is the basis of proper video shooting for Instagram.

The phone is much lighter and simpler than a professional camera, you can start shooting in a matter of seconds. If shooting on a mobile phone is something more than a hobby for you, consider buying a tripod, various lenses, and other gadgets so that shooting video on your phone turns into a professional activity!

Experiment with different angles and tricks to shoot a beautiful video for Instagram. In fact, there are a lot of such ideas, even in the public domain, craftsmen post their tips for creating videos. When watching cool videos, think about where the operator was standing at that time and how he moved.

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