How To Make Money On 8 Methods!

How To Make Money On

Are you wondering how to make money on Well, you have come to the right place and in this article, let us see how to make money on 

Regarded as the biggest cryptocurrency app, with over 10 Million+ downloads, is a cryptocurrency exchange company that allows users to trade, buy, and sell over 250 different cryptocurrencies.

Use a specific app feature, a trading program, cryptocurrency trading, missions, a visa card, crypto pay, crypto earn, and referral codes to make money on

Continue reading further to understand the ways involved in how to make money on

How To Make Money On Crypto.Com?

Use a specific app feature, a trading program, cryptocurrency trading, missions, a visa card, crypto pay, crypto earn, and referral codes to make money on

Apart from buying and selling cryptocurrencies and making money out of them, there are a few other proven ways in which you can make money for sure. Let us have a look at them one by one:

1. Use A Specific Feature In The App

You can make money by using a specific feature on the app. You can know about the feature by following the Twitter page and by monitoring their tweets. Their tweet contains the tasks to be performed along with the link to their website and blog that contains more information about this. You can complete the mentioned tasks and earn rewards. 

How To Make Money On - using a feature

Also, there are many promotional campaigns. You can join the campaign from the tweet link and follow the instructions by downloading the app. By this, you can make money on and you can convert the cash into bitcoins, dollars e.t.c.

2. Use Specific Trading Program To Make Money On Crypto.Com

New trading programs will be released every now and then by the app and you can use these trading programs to make money on As an example, the “Margin trading race” is a trading program that has exclusive rewards including $25000 prize money, tickets for a football match, autographed jersey, and much more. The tweet has a link to their website and blog that contains more information on the step-by-step procedure that are need to be followed to participate in the trading program.

How To Make Money On - margin trading race

3. Trade A Specific Cryptocurrency To Make Money On Crypto.Com

You can make money on `by trading a specific cryptocurrency. Example: Trade Shiba token (SHIB) to win a share of USD 100,000. The rewards may also include Formula 1 passes, cash prizes for travel, and much more.

4. Use The Mission Section In The App To Make Money On Crypto.Com

Install app > Center button > Missions > Rewards > Daily and Exploration section > Diamond Vault.

You can make money on Crypto by using the mission section in the app. You have to earn diamonds in the mission section to make money. After earning enough diamonds, store them and turn those diamonds into mystery boxes. 

To Earn Diamonds:

Step 1: Install the app.

Step 2: Click the center button from the list of icons in the lower panel.

Step 3: Go to “Missions” by clicking on “Rewards”.

Step 4: You will find the “Daily” and “Exploration” sections.

Step 5: In the Daily section, you may watch videos through crypto masters and earn diamonds.

Step 6: In Exploration, you can add your account security by enabling two-factor Authentication and anti-phishing code and earn diamonds.

Step 7: The collected diamonds are stored in the “Diamond Vault”.

How To Make Money On  - diamond vault

Step 8: With the collected diamonds, you can buy mystery box to get money.

How To Make Money On - mystery box

There are platinum, gold, silver, and bronze boxes available. You will get any one of the boxes and you can redeem them to see how much money have you earned. You can cash this out by going to “My Rewards” to see the total money and withdraw it by clicking on the “Withdraw” button.

How To Make Money On - using a feature - types of mystery boxes

And you can convert the CRO ( coin) earned into any currency you want like USD, Bitcoin, Euros e.t.c. and you will not be charged any transaction fee. You can also use the earned money to buy anything that you want in real life by using a Visa card. 

How To Make Money On - using a fea- CRO

5. Use Visa Card To Make Money On Crypto.Com

When using a Master card or other old bank cards, you need to pay a transactional fee for shopping. But, a Visa card allows you to make money by getting cash backs with no transaction fees. There are many types of Visa cards and among them, the “Midnight Blue” card can be brought for free of cost.

6. Use Crypto Pay To Make Money On Crypto.Com

Using Crypto pay, you can send money to your friends and families without fees unless your friends are also using You can also buy gift cards and then give you 10% cashback. By selecting the country, you can buy gift cards from the variety of stores available for your countries like Amazon, Starbucks, and many more. 

7. Use Crypto Earn To Make Money On Crypto.Com

Launch the app> Go to Accounts > Click plus icon > Select cryptocurrency > Select term > Deposit the bitcoin.

Crypto Earn is one of the easiest ways to make money where you can make money by simply relaxing at your home. To do so:

Step 1: Launch the app.

Step 2: Go to “Accounts” and click the plus icon.

Step 3: Select your desired cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Select a term from Flexible, 1 month, or 3 months; with 3 months term u can earn 6.5%interest.

How To Make Money On - terms for crypto earn

Step 5: Deposit the bitcoins and start earning interest.

In Crypto earn, you can earn money when the price of bitcoin goes up, also, you can earn interest money. And you can earn money every single day automatically. 

8. Use Referral Codes To Make Money On Crypto.Com

This method is also 100% free where you can refer someone and get 25$. To do this, click on the “Refer and get 25 USD” button and you will receive your referral code. You can share the referral link with your friends and both of you can earn a 25$ bonus. 

Wrapping Up

With the support for a variety of crypto assets and blockchain-related products, is the most popular among its users with relatively low trading fees. We hope this article has explained to you the tips and tricks on how to make money on For more such informative and interesting articles, check out us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Cro Worth Buying?

Ans. According to statistics, CRO will be a successful investment in 2022, and forecasts for the upcoming years indicate that the coin price will rise. CRO may rank among the top coins in the coming years, according to price forecasts. 

Q2. Is Crypto Better Than Money?

Ans. With Bitcoin, users have the freedom to trade value without the use of middlemen, which translates to more control over their money and reduced fees. Bitcoin is digital and decentralized. It is also more secure, immutable, and speedier. Banks control cash, whereas owners own bitcoin.

Q3. Should I Sell All Crypto?

Ans. Depending on your financial objectives, you might not want to sell off the entirety of your cryptocurrency holdings at once. You can think about taking a profit and just selling the increase from your investment if you have observed significant profits being made on a particular coin.

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