How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16? A Complete Guide!

How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16

Are you exploring the new features of iOS 16 and wondering how to play the music big on full screen? In this article let us see how to make the music big on iOS.

On September 12, 2022, iOS 16. was made available to the general public, and the users were excited about its new updates. The topmost hit among them is the lock screen music feature that has caught the attention of all music lovers. 

To make the music big on iOS 16, Play music > Lock the screen > Click the album art > Music player is displayed in full size.

It is a visual treat to watch how the music player fits into the full screen creating a whole new listening experience. Continue reading further to understand the steps involved in it.

How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16?

Listening to music on a device with iOS 16 has given it a fresh feel. Previously, a music player widget with a miniature version of the album art would appear on your lock screen when you start listening to music along with controls for pausing, restart playback, and playing the previous or next track. 

With the iOS 16 lock screen update, you are now able to make the music big on iOS 16 by seeing a full-screen music player, with the album art being larger and positioned in the center and a separate, smaller audio player being displayed below it for playing control. This feature is applicable to any music streaming app like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc.

How To Make The Music Player Big On Lockscreen?

Play music > lock the screen > click the album art > music player is displayed in full size.

To make the music big on iOS 16, all you need is a device with Ios 16. Before you try out the feature, check for any updates and make sure your phone is updated.

Step 1: Open your preferred music streaming app. This might be Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or any.

Step 2: Play your favorite music.

Step 3: To view the lock Screen, lock and wake your iPhone, or just slide down from the top.

Step 4: In the audio player, click and hold the compact album art.

Step 5: On your iOS Lock Screen, the album image will now be displayed in its full size and the background color will be changed according to the color of the album art.

How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16 - music player big on lockscreen

With these steps, you can make the music big on iOS 16 which hides your phone’s wallpaper by modifying the Lock Screen’s entire background. To return to its previous form, just tap the full-screen album image to force iOS to return it to the compact version and the default wallpaper will reappear.

How To Update Your Device to iOS 16?

Go to Settings > software updates > automatic updates on > download & install.

You can see the recent iOS version downloaded on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > About on your device. Update it if it isn’t the most recent version.

To Update to the latest version,

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Click Software updates.

Step 3: Automatic updates must be toggled on.

Step 4: The latest update will appear, click “Download and install”.

Step 5: Click the “Agree” button to agree to its terms and conditions.

How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16 - update iOS

Other Features of iOS Lock Screen Music Player

  • You can simply tap and drag to move the song forward and backward and change the volume
  • You can see the background color changing as you move through the songs that have different artwork
  • You can change the output source of your music to your HomePod, Apple tv, AirPod – anything that supports Airplay
How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16 - output source
  • You can jump back to the music app just by tapping the name of the song
How To Make The Music Big On iOS 16 - background color artwork

Why Is Full-Screen Music Player Not Showing On iOS 16?

This might probably be due to a technical glitch if you are not able to make the music big on iOS 16, though your device is operating on iOS 16. However, you may try a few of our recommendations to see if the issue has been solved.

  • Uninstall and reinstall your music app
  • Restart your device
  • Use third-party tools to fix iOS glitches

If none of these methods work, you must wait patiently until iOS 16 resolves the bug.

Updates of iOS 16

The iOS 16 has come up with new, interesting features. We have listed a few of them here:

  • New notification design
  • Notification animations
  • Lock Screen Gallery
  • Lock Screen switching
  • Stylized date and time
  • Multilayered photo effect
  • Widgets on the Lock Screen
  • Photo shuffle
  • Apple collections
  • Smart sharing suggestions
  • SIM-based filtering
  • Rich link

Wrapping Up

From now on, users may not stick to old the miniature view of the music player. Instead, they can enjoy the new feature that creates a vibe for all the music addicts out there by displaying the music player on full screen. We hope this article has explained to you how to make the music big on iOS 16. For more such interesting and informative articles, follow us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Change The Layout Of Apple Music?

Ans. Yes! Playlists, Artists, Albums, Genres, and Downloaded Music are the default headings that are displayed at the top of the Library screen in the Apple Music app. The headings that are shown at the top of your library can be modified.

Q2. Does YouTube And YouTube Music Support The iOS 16 Music Lock Screen?

Ans. Yes! As long as you have a paid membership, you can utilize this function with YouTube and YouTube Music. To use the music player on your lock screen, you must be able to play music and videos in the background.

Q3. Which iPhone Will Get iOS 16?

Ans. For iPhone 8 and later, iOS 16 is a free software upgrade that is now accessible.

Q4. Can You Use A Full-Screen View By Default?

Ans. Yes! When you open the music app again, your iPhone will remember your prior preference for the lock screen music player’s size. So that it will be the default music player on your iPhone, you can just switch to the full-screen mode after quitting the app.

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