How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Activity Without Letting Them Know?

How Can I Monitor My Child's Phone Activity Without Letting Them Know

In today’s modern era, kids have become addicted to their phones which causes countless concerns for parents. As we’ll know, there’s no limit to what a smartphone is capable of. From watching entertaining content to using social sites, the internet is like a never-ending ocean. Still, with the increasing number of cybercrime and hate crimes, parents feel a need to protect their kids from getting sabotaged.

Many tools and applications keep tabs on your kid’s phone activities. In today’s article, we’ll discuss one of the best parental control apps, WondershareFamiSafe, and its features.  

Part 1: Why Should You Check Your Child’s Phone Activities? An Overview of the Reasons

Why do parents feel a need to keep a check on their kid’s phone activities in the first place? We will discuss some critical factors leading to parents’ concern for their kids:

1. Online Bullying

Anyone can access the internet to share their views on anything, which rapidly increases the number of cyberbullying on the internet. Kids are not mature enough to be sensitive and mature about specific topics. Lately, many cases of online bullying and hate crimes concern the parents. Kids can easily be manipulated, which makes them vulnerable; they don’t know whom to talk to and whom to avoid. Sometimes these bullies drive kids to share their sensitive photos, videos, or text messages which they use against them later.

2. Social Media Addiction

There’s no doubt that social media has become a big part of our lives in today’s digital era. Social media is like a never-ending ocean, from entertaining to keeping us aware of every significant change in the world. Kids have no boundaries regarding their usage of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. They use it nonstop, which concerns their parents to keep a tab on their search history or what people they’re following on social platforms.

3. Inappropriate or Graphic Content

Another major reason parents prefer to keep an eye on their kid’s phone usage is that they want to keep their kids away from the inappropriate content that can mess up their minds. There are two types of content, terrible and good; the internet can not stop graphic content. Often while browsing the internet, many pop-up ads and webpages appear on the screen, which is not friendly for the young eyes.

4. Manipulative Content

As everyone has their perspective about everything, it is harder to believe the absolute truth. Many influencers and YouTube channels post manipulative and problematic stuff, by which they brainwash the young audience. Kids are immature, and they don’t know whom they should choose to get influenced on the internet. These fake influencers attract people by doing controversies and flexing their lifestyles.

5. To Protect their Mental Health

The internet is full of fake and manipulative people; of course, we’re not saying that the internet is a bad place, but it does have some flaws. As hate crimes and graphic content can mess up young minds, kids don’t know what they should prefer to get influenced. Parents must protect their kids from being exposed to harmful content that can play games with their minds. Knowing what type of content your kid is consuming on the internet has become necessary.

Part 2: Introducing WondershareFamiSafe – The Effective Parent Control App to Monitor, Your Child

Wondershare FamiSafe is one of the best parental control apps; its stylish design and easy-to-use interface makes it easy to navigate. This phone tracking app lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids’ phones to ensure their safety. Its valuable features, such as YouTube control, TikTok history, and activity report, keep you updated on what content your kid is consuming on their phones. You only need to link your and your kid’s phone with the FamiSafe app, and you’ll get the latest update regarding their activities directly from your phone.

How to Monitor Child's Phone Activity Without Letting Them Know

Undoubtedly, inappropriate content can come across your kids through ads or images. Still, with FamiSafe, you can block that type of content from appearing on your kid’s phone screen without letting them know. Helpful, right? Besides tracking your kid’s phone activities, FamiSafe can keep you updated with the location, so you can easily track down your kid in case of any emergency. Designed to counter the need of parents, this app should be every parent’s choice in case they want to monitor their kid’s phone.

Part 3: Overviewing the Important Features That Allow You to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activities with FamiSafe

What factors make the WondershareFamiSafe one of the top-notch phone tracking apps? Let’s discuss those exciting features of it that allow parents to monitor their kid’s phone activities right from their phones:

1. Screen Time

With FamiSafe, you can track down the screen time of your kids and can even set a screen time limit to control your child’s phone usage throughout the day. Enter the screen time limit, and you’ll get notified whenever the limit is exceeded.

2. Activity Report

Do you want to know what your child is doing daily on the phone? FamiSafeActivity Report feature offers a fully transparent report of your kid’s phone activities. So you can ensure what your kid is doing on their phone.

3. YouTube App Control

YouTube is a hub of video content, every sort of video content can be looked up on YouTube, which indeed raises concern for parents. FamiSafe provides a valuable YouTube Control feature by which you can easily control what your kid should or should not watch on YouTube. You can block specific words and channels, so your kid never gets exposed to them anywhere.

4.TikTok History

TikTok has become a global sensation, especially for young users; much video content on TikTok is far too sensitive for the younger audience, which raises an alarming situation. Even though TikTok has a strict policy to restrict inappropriate content, that sort of content can still be found on this famous platform. So what to do? With the FamiSafeTikTokHistory feature, you can keep an eye on your kid’s TikTok history to ensure they stay away from inappropriate content.

5. Explicit Content Detection

Whenever FamiSafe detects explicit content you’ve blocked on your kid’s phone, it notifies you immediately so you can take immediate precautions against it. This cool feature lets you keep control of your kid without even bothering to check their phone in the first place. Cool right?


Specially designed to target the needs of parent users, WondershareFamiSafe is a reliable app that lets you keep an eye on your kid’s phone activity without letting them know in the first place. Its easy-to-use interface and aesthetic design make navigating easier, so you can get the most out of its features. So, now keep a check on your kids with this exciting app.

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