How To Move To Another Instance On Mastodon? Complete Guide!

How To Move To Another Instance On Mastodon

Mastodon continues to draw in newbies and groups that are yearning for a social environment free from the constraints and censorship of large corporations. Mastodon is not a Twitter clone. To some, it’s better than that. Considering the interface of this new social media, Mastodon works completely differently from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. For instance, switching instances on Mastodon is complicated for some users. If you are one of those who are looking for an answer on how to move to another instance on Mastodon, this article is dedicated to you. 

A social media platform called Mastodon does not exist! Mastodon Instances, which number in the thousands, are autonomous social networks. Each instance includes its own server, community, set of guidelines, administrators, and moderators. Users on different instances of Mastodon can communicate with each other from their own instances. In this article, we will show you how to move to another instance on Mastodon. 

How to move to another instance on Mastodon? Create a new account on Mastodon, log into the account > Settings > Account > Moving from a different account. Enter the ID (@[email protected]) of the account you want to move from. Log in with the account you want to move FROM, go to Settings > Account > Move to a different account. Enter the ID and password of the account you want to move TO and hit “Move Followers”. You are Done! 

How To Move To Another Instance On Mastodon?

You’ve gained some Fediverse experience, but you’re not satisfied with the instance that you are on. Perhaps you don’t like the program and wish to switch, for example, from Mastodon to Pixelfed, or the instance’s policies are too lax and you continue viewing content that makes you uncomfortable. Then switching to a different instance of your account may be necessary. The good news is that you won’t lose any followers or individuals you follow if you switch Mastodon (or Mastodon fork) instances. The bad news is that nobody else in the Fediverse has access to it, and your posts won’t be relocated even if you go from one Masto to another.

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How To Move To Another Instance On Mastodon | Mastodon To Mastodon Instance

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you haven’t already, create the new account you want to transfer to. It’s not required to be a brand-new account.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Account > Transferring from a different account after logging into the account you wish to move TO.

Step 3: The account you want to migrate FROM’s handle (@[email protected]) should be entered there.

Step 4: Go to Settings > Account > Switch to a different account after signing in with the account you wish to move FROM.

Step 5: Then click “Move Followers” after entering the handle and password of the account you want to move followers TO.

Step 6: When the followers start to move, you’re done.

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How To Move To Another Instance On Mastodon | Mastodon To A Non-Mastodon Instance

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: To let your followers know you’re moving, announce it on your former account.

Step 2: Make a brand-new account.

Step 3: Your old account should now be called “profilename (old)”, “profilename (moved),” or something similar.

Step 4: Make a post letting your fans know that you have migrated to your former account. Pin the post to your profile and make sure to prominently display the username of the new account in it.

Step 5: Put that statement in the former account’s profile description as well.

Step 6: Write an introduction post with your new account and some previous hashtags.

Step 7: Allow a few weeks for your previous followers to return. You can repeat point 4 once or twice throughout that period.

Step 8: Go through the list of your followers and manually let those who stopped following you know. 

Step 9: To your new profile, repost a few of your best posts. Use the hashtag #RecycledToot to do this.

Pro Tips

Although we have already discussed how to move to another instance on Mastodon in this article, you should understand that the process of how to move to another instance on Mastodon is still “almost.” Here are some of the pro tips to help you:

#1 Tip: The account you transferred from will simply be deactivated and redirected to the second account (the new account); it won’t be erased. 

#2 Tip: Later, you can reactivate the account, but no longer will you have any followers (moved to the other account).

#3 Tip: A few followers on non-Mastodon instances may not move. Anyone can combine multiple accounts by moving from one to the other or by transferring both/all to a new one.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this article helped you with how to move to another instance on Mastodon. As mentioned earlier, the process to move to another instance on Mastodon is complicated. Also, the process does not let you transfer the account completely (not the posts)! Let’s hope Mastodon should come up with new features to resolve the issue. Till then keep following Deasilex for more updates on Mastodon

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How To Do Mastodon Verification?

Follow the steps below to perform a Mastodon verification:

Step 1: Open Mastodon on your device in step 1.

Step 1: Go to your username in step two.

Step 3: Next to your username, click Edit info.

Step 4: 4th Step: Next, select About.

Step 5: Now, under your profile, add:verified: after your name.

Step 6: Select “Done.”

After having your Mastodon authenticated, you are ready to go.

Q2. How To Get Mastodon Verification Link?

Mastodon verification link: In the background, Mastodon examines the rel=”me” portion of the link back. Mastodon does something similar by adding rel=”me” to profile metadata links.

Q3. What Is Mastodon Verified?

If a link you included within your profile metadata leads back to your Mastodon profile, that link is considered to be “Mastodon confirmed.” If so, a verification tick is placed next to the link identifying you as the link’s owner.

Q4. How To Get A Mastodon Blue Check?

how to obtain a Mastodon blue check Verification of Mastodon > Launch Mastodon. Log in using your Username. By selecting Edit info > About, After your username, add a checkmark emoji. Select Done. Mastodon Blue Check will appear in front of your account.

Q5. What Causes A 403 Forbidden Error?

Two key causes could be to blame for the 403 Mastodon error. It can be the fault of the web server’s owner or a problem with access to the website. Mastodon Error 403 – Forbidden cannot be fixed without the owner’s consent; access has been denied. Or, it can be because you have altered the default settings, which prevents access to pertinent content. 

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