How To Play Music In Discord With and Without a Bot

How To Play Music In Discord

When it comes to chatting with your friends, there’s no better place than discord. Discord isn’t just a better messaging client than Skype or Google Hangouts, it’s also much more fun. What started as a simple way to communicate with your friends has now become a meeting ground for all sorts of people. And that is why being able to share and play music in discord is such a big deal. 

From video calling with our college friends to chatting with strangers on a discord server, it provides every aspect for entertainment. In order to properly play music in discord, you’ll have to add a music bot to your server. There are several fantastic music bots for discord including Groovy, Fred Boat, Vic Syria, and Rhythm. You can basically choose the one that’s right for you.

However, of these four, my favorite music bot is Groovy because it lets you play and share your Spotify playlist right within discord for you and all of your friends to hear and share. In this post, you’ll find simple and easy ways to Play Music in Discord and How to add music bots to discord.

Let’s head forward and find out the basic steps to listen to music while on discord. Now you can have fun with your friends by sharing your favorite songs with them via discord. 

How To Play Music In Discord

While most music apps can handle YouTube or SoundCloud, Groovy is one of the few that makes it super easy to play from your Spotify library.

How to Share Spotify Music in Discord

How to share Spotify Music in Discord
Source: Sidify

Follow these 7 simple steps and enjoy your favorite music playlist together with your friends.

  1. Once you have set it up on your server you will need to open up both discord and Spotify on your PC. 
  2. If you haven’t already signed up for a Spotify account, make sure you do that.
  3. In order to play Spotify in Groovy, you’ll need to load your songs or album into a playlist. Groovy supports Spotify playlist natively. So load your favorite songs into a playlist and make sure the playlist is public, by clicking the triple dotted menu icon and selecting make public.
  4. Now using that same triple dotted menu, click on share. 
  5. Then select the copy playlist link and head back to your discord server. If you’re familiar with Groovy’s basic commands, you probably know where this is going.
  6. Type “-play” and paste the link you just copied from Spotify. Then send your command. 
  7. You’ll be rocking up to your favorite command in no time. 

And since there are several hidden Spotify features, like Spotify playlist can be collaborative, you can even share the link to let all your friends add music right within Spotify.

How to Add a Music Bot in Discord – Groovy

How to Add a Music Bot in Discord - Groovy
Source: YouTube

One of the coolest things you can do with discord bots is adding music to your chat or channel. This helps in lighting things up or setting the mood when you’re just hanging out at night. Here’s how to add a music bot to discord.

Out of the thousands of discord bots, you could potentially download for your own use. Dozens of them focus on adding music to your channel. You can use any trusted music bot for this process including Rhythm, Fred Boat, Groov, or Vex Syria. In this guide, we’ll be talking about Groovy.

Groovy isn’t just the most popular music bot on discord in 2021, it’s also the easiest to use. Follow these steps and add Groovy to your discord account.

  1. Head over to Groovy’s website, you’ll find a link in the video description. Click on the “add to discord” button.
  2. When you’re prompted to log in to discord, make sure you use the account that has admin privileges for the channel you’re modifying. If you don’t have admin privileges, groovy won’t be added to your discord channel.
  3. Once you’re logged in, Groovy will prompt you with the necessary permissions, you’ll need to allow in order for the bot to properly work.
  4. Hit “authorize” at the bottom of the menu. Fill out the CAPTCHA if one appears and that’s it. Groovy will be live into your discord channel.

No matter which discords music bot you choose, you’ll have to make sure you read up on the commands individually. But typically the play command followed by a song name will let groovy or the music bot of your choice.

How to Play Music in Discord Without a Bot

How to Play Music in Discord Without a Bot
Source: Gamer Tweak

Many users don’t wish to use any bot to play music in discord. For all those, here’s a quick guide on how to play music in discord without a Bot. Follow these steps:

  1. Open discord on your web browser. Now go to the “user settings” option.
  2. Select “connections” and look for the ‘Spotify’ icon under the “connect your account” key.
  3. Once you spot the Spotify icon, click on it and you’ll be redirected to the Spotify homepage. Here you need to log in to your Spotify account.
  4. Add your account details and log in by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Spotify app.
  5. Once you’ve successfully logged in to your Spotify account, you’ll receive a notification saying, “Connected your Spotify Account to Discord”.
  6. Now go back to discord and check the internet connection. That’s it, you can not start listening to any of the songs you want on discord with a bot.

Best Discord Alternatives

Best Discord Alternatives
Source: Startup Stash

Why use an alternative to discord? Discord is the best platform for gamers. But there can be so many reasons why someone might opt. For an alternative to discord like chat bombarding, server raids, privacy issues, etc. Here are the top 10 discord alternatives  you can try for the best experience:

  1. TeamSpeak
  2. Troop Messenger
  3. Slack
  4. Chanty
  5. Flock
  6. Raidcall
  7. Wire
  8. Steam Chat
  9. Mumble
  10. Overtone

So, you see it’s not that hard to play music on discord with a bot and without a bot too. You just have to follow a few steps and you are good to go. No doubt discord is such a popular app used by many people out there, particularly gamers. However, there are ample options for you if you’re looking for Discord Alternatives. 

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