How To Play pubg Mobile for Fresher Without Lag(Beginners Tips and Tricks)

How to Play pubg mobile for beginner

Are you a new pubg user or are you just a poor player with no ideas on how to improve your gameplay? So do you want to know how to play pubg mobile for fresher if yes then you are in the right place? The guide below will show you all the tips and tricks for beginners and helps you become a  good pubg player. If you completely follow this guidance then you can also make your chicken dinner easily. This article will also solve your game lagging problem.

 Basic Guidance Of Pubg Mobile For Fresher

Let’s start with some basic guidelines while starting the game.

Selecting  Easy Mode and Safe Map

So do you want to know how to play pubg mobile for fresher if yes then you are in right place. The guide below will show you all the tips and tricks for

First of all, we have to select easy mode and a safe map to play. Avoid all the arcade modes and choose classic mode for playing because arcade mode includes less space and more enemies in the game while classic mode has more space and it also includes some bots in the game. And if I talk about a safe map always choose the Erangel map instead of Sanhok and Miramar. Sanhok map includes very small area and more enemies while Miramar map is only for good snipers but you are not. So my advice to you is always choosing the Erangel map.  

Landing And Picking Your Spots Carefully

Know Your Weapons

While playing choose your weapons carefully. Always use Assault Rifles as your primary weapons and a Sniper as your secondary Weapons.Keep minimum use of SMGs, Pistols, and Shotguns. Because  Pistols and Shotguns are only good in close range.Where rifles and snipers are good in close as well as far away ranges.

Picking Right Scopes for Rifles

Choosing a good scope is most important in the game because scopes help us to find our enemy and handle our shoot too. If you are just a new player you must use a Red Dot,4x Scope and 8x scope for snipers if you want to.

These are some basic guidelines of pubg mobile for freshers, especially for noob players. Now talk about tips and tricks of pubg mobile for fresher.

Tips And Tricks Of Pubg Mobile For Fresher

I have some basic tricks which you can use while playing the game.

1. Do not use vehicles in a small zone and near the houses. Because  most of the enemies are found In the houses and in small zone areas

2. Always use a suppressor while firing because suppressor reduces the sound on firing.

3. Keep your health 100 percent. Med Kits fill your health up to 75 percent in order to keep you health full your energy drinks and painkillers.

4. Always carry energy drinks and painkillers with you. They help you to run faster and increases your stamina too.

5. Use minimap for finding your teammates and see you, enemies, where they are firing from.

6. Always carry a bag, helmet, and a vest with you to avoid damage.

7. Avoid going near the airdrop supplies because most of the enemies are found near the airdrop supplies.

8. Use headphones while playing the game to listen carefully.

These are some basic tips for pubg mobile for fresher. There are so many other tips in the game which you can find while playing the game.

How To Play Pubg Mobile For Fresher Without Lag

Now I will give you some advice to play pubg Mobile For Fresher without lag.

  1. Open task manager and clear all the running apps and data to play a smooth game.
  2. Go to settings then turn airplane mode on then off. This will give you good internet speed. Or you can also restart your device.
  3. Turn your mobile power mood off.
  4. Make sure your device has enough storage space.
  5.  Make sure you have downloaded the latest update of the game.

Basic Guidance Of Pubg Mobile For Fresher Youtube Video

So these were all the guidance ,tipps and tricks of pubg mobile for fresher which you can apply to become a good player.Always  stay tuned to deasilex  for more pubg mobile guides.In our next blog we will explain how unlock pubg  game achievements and rewards easily.

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