How to Record Windows 10 Screen and Webcam Simultaneously

How to Record Windows 10 Screen and Webcam Simultaneously

Creating content is an excellent way to showcase beauty, promote and share knowledge. Some projects need more than one type of recording. For example, if you’re making a how-to video that may require you to show how to use a particular product, you may need to capture the screen flow to share the basics of the product. You’ll also need webcam footage to demonstrate how it works.

There are many Windows 10 screen recorder that allow you to capture the video and create high-quality content that your audience will find helpful.

This article will tell you how to record screens and webcam simultaneously on Windows 10.

The best tool to record Webcam and screen simultaneously:

You may want to record a video with all aspects, including screen, webcam, and audio. The next thing you need is to have to capture these components separately and put them together in one video.

Therefore, the best free video capture software that you can use to record a video that includes both screen and Webcam is the one that makes it easy to capture these aspects at the same time. 

In this regard, Wondershare DemoCreator is an ideal solution. It is a desktop capture tool that allows you to record the screen, edit it and export the video. It offers free updates and multiple features.

  • It allows you to create presentations and record screen-flow to record lectures.
  • Recording screen and Webcam simultaneously is the only matter of turning these options on in the settings.
  • It has a friendly user interface that makes it one of the most straightforward recording programs. 
  • It covers a full-fledged screen and comes with an editor interface that you can use to edit your videos.

Features of DemoCreator:

  • All-in-one screen recorder

It allows you to record screen, Webcam, and audio simultaneously. You can also edit your created content.

  • HD video quality

It provides high-quality videos up to the resolution of 2048*1080

  • Record with camera

It lets you record your screen with the camera simultaneously

  • Green screen technology

An advanced feature of DemoCreator; green screen technology allows you to change the background.

  • Record with microphone

You can also narrate the video by recording with a microphone.

  • Noise removal

It allows you to denoise the video, which optimizes the clearness of the sound of the content.

  • Cut and crop

You can cut or crop the video to keep the desired portion.

  • Annotations

DemoCreator allows you to add dialogue boxes, lines, arrows, and shapes to the video.

  • Stickers

Add stickers of animation effects to enhance the creativity of the video, such as gestures, background, education, game, social media, etc.

  • Cursor modifications

You can also change the opacity and sound of the cursor by adding a highlight and click sound to the cursor.

  • Multiple formats

It offers multiple formats that support your device, such as MP4, MOV, Avi, MP3, etc.

  • Video speed control

You can control the video’s speed by increasing or decreasing it.

  • Transitions

It lets your videos look natural and cool by adding transitions like erasing, evaporation, fading, and flashing.

  • Captions

You can add captions to the video such as subtitles, end credit, lower-third, etc.

How to use DemoCreator to record the screen and Webcam

You can record a video with this program. For this purpose, you need to download it.

  1. Visit DemoCreator website.
  2. Click on “Free download.”
  3. After downloading, install it.
  4. Run DemoCreator and click on “Start a recording project” to begin the process.
  1. It will show the number of options you can use to create the desired video. Enable microphone and Webcam. (Make sure it is well connected to the computer)
  1. After that, click on the big round button to start recording. While recording, you can use the screen drawing tool and spotlight tool. Once the recording is over, press the F10 key to stop it.

How to set webcam recording?

Let us tell you how to record your screen with the Webcam simultaneously.

For this,

  1. Open DemoCreator.
  2. A popup window will appear.
  3. Start a new project
  4. Enable Webcam.
  5. Go to settings to choose the Webcam with framerate.
  6. Click on the red round button to start recording.
  7. You can also pause the recording by pressing the F9 key.

How to set virtual Webcam?

Through this software, you can present virtually in your live sessions, Webinars, presentations, etc. You can Capture your screen with a webcam using one of the most excellent tools; DemoCreator.

  1. Launch DemoCreator.
  2. Click on “Virtual presenter.’
  3. Enable Webcam. 
  1. Click on “Virtual avatar.”
  2. Choose the avatar with whom you want to present in the video.

How to edit a video?

People attract more to visual content. It’s necessary to create engaging content. It may be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with DemoCreator, you can do that in a few clicks.

After recording the video, the next step you need to take is editing. DemoCreator has provided us with basic editing features that we can use to make the content creation.

Let us explain how to edit through this software.

  1. Open DemoCreator.
  2. Click on “Video editor.”
  3. You’ll see an Editor interface having four operating areas.
  • Media library

Where you can import images and videos.

  • Timeline

You can drag the media library videos and drop them to the Timeline to crop and cut them.

  • Preview window

You can view the changes you’re making to your content.

  • Properties window

You can change settings such as control speed, denoise, etc.

Add media files to Timeline:

  1. Click on the “+” icon to add files from your computer in the media library.
  1. There are two ways to add media files to timeline
  • Drag the file from the media library to the Timeline or the preview window.
  • Double-click the file and select “Add to the timeline at playhead.”

Trim/Crop video clips:

  1. In Timeline, select the video and then the cursor to the clip edge. Trim the video by dragging it forward and backward
  2. Click the “Crop” button above the Timeline to crop the clip.
  1. A popup window will appear. Change the portion of the clip you want to crop and then click “OK.”

Resize videos:

There are two ways to resize the clips.

  1. Click on the clip. On the preview board, drag the purple frame to resize the video.
  2. Go to the properties area and change the percentage of scale. 

Rotate video clips:

  1. Under the properties area, you can adjust the “Rotation” settings.

Change the speed of the video:

  1. Select the clip to increase or decrease the speed of the video.
  2. From the properties window, scroll down to the option”Speed.” Drag the slider forward and backward to increase or decrease it.

Delete unwanted media:

  1. Right-click on the clip and select delete.

Voice recorder:

You can also voiceover to narrate your recording, which is an excellent way of interacting with viewers and sharing knowledge.

  1. From the toolbar of the Timeline, click the Voiceover icon. 
  2. For this, ensure that your microphone is connected to the computer.
  1. Click on the red round button to start recording the voice.


You can add several effects such as Darken and color dodge. You can adjust the opacity of the image. DemoCreator allows you to access the feature of “Compositing” to add such effects.

  1. Go to the properties area and adjust blending mode and opacity.


After the editing is finished, you can export your video in multiple formats compatible with your device. DemoCreator allows you to export in multiple formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, GIF, etc. 

  1. Click “Export”
  2. Choose format.
  3. Name your video.
  4. Choose the location to store the exported file.
  5. You can also adjust your video’s
  • Resolution
  • Frame rate
  • Bitrate
  • Size
  • Preset
  1. Once you’ve finished settings, click on “Export.”

How to remove the background?

Sometimes unwanted objects like hair or harsh light, or even dust may appear in your background that can make your content worse. 

You’ll need a background remover to remove such unnecessary distractions to attract viewers. 

DemoCreator is the solution to your problem. It will help you to remove the background without using green screen technology.  

You’ll need a background remover to 

  • Make your visuals better
  • Adding objects to your video
  • Use the video for multiple purposes
  • Add special effects
  • Make content effective

Let’s get started.

  1. Open DemoCreator
  2. Click on “Start a new project.”
  3. Change recording settings. It will allow you to change the microphone and webcam settings and the frame.
  1.  Ensure that your camera is well connected to the computer. If you’re recording a face Cam, you’ll need to adjust the settings. 
  2. Go to the option under camera overlay; choose the third option from the left.
  3. You’ll see that your background is removed.

How to add a caption?

Caption allows you to connect with a larger audience. Anyone can view and understand your content, whether they are a deaf or hard-of-hearing problem. It makes your content easy to engage an audience without sound. It also improves the accessibility of your video.

Through DemoCreator, you can make your content more engaging.

  1. Click on “Caption”
  2. You’ll see the number of options, such as 
  • Auto caption
  • Opener
  • Subtitle
  • Lower-third
  • End credit


Video annotation helps you enhance your content by adding information, interactivity, and engagement. It increases the viewer’s understanding. It provides consistency and accuracy. 

For this,

  1. Click on “Annotation”
  2. You’ll see many options, such as
  • Text
  • Arrow&line
  • Shapes


Content should be entertaining, so the audience doesn’t get bored. For this purpose, DemoCreator has prepared a variety of stickers to use relevant to your content. 

It is an easy way to engage an audience and compel them.

  1. Click on “Stickers”
  2. You’ll see many categories, such as
  • Education
  • Gifs
  • Emoji
  • Game


Content creating is trending everywhere. It is an easy way to attract viewers and drive more traffic. Whether you’re a teacher, businessman, YouTuber, or gamer, you can create videos and post them on social media.But there are tons of desktop recording and editing software available. But it raises the question, which one is reliable? We are here to solve your confusion. DemoCreator is an all-in-one recording and editing tool that also offers multiple features. It is a web-based software that provides free updates as well. Download it and enjoy it.

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