How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account | 2 Effective Methods!

How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account

Do you have a suspended Twitter account that you’re trying to regain access to? Well, In this article, let us see how to recover suspended Twitter account.

Knowing that your account has been suspended is really upsetting, especially if you use Twitter frequently. You are prevented from logging into your account and tweeting. However, in most cases, the ban might be temporary and you may easily recover your account with some simple steps.

Continue reading to understand the causes for the account suspension, the process of suspension, and how to recover suspended Twitter account.

How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account?

A Twitter account can be suspended either temporarily or permanently. It all depends on the intensity of violating Twitter rules. However, in both cases, you will be receiving a mail from Twitter’s official mail id stating that you have been suspended either temporarily or permanently.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything much to recover your permanently suspended account as it is the most severe action taken against the profile. All you have to do is to create a new account with a new username. Whereas, if your account is suspended temporarily due to fraudulent reasons or spam, the suspension may last up to 3 days, 5 days, or a maximum of up to 1 week. During this period, you may try any of these methods to recover your account. They are:

  • Recover your suspended Twitter account by verifying your details
  • Recover your suspended Twitter account by filing an appeal 

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Recover Your Suspended Twitter Account By Verifying Your Details

The simplest and quickest way to fix your account is to do it this way. Check for prompts requiring your phone number or email confirmation as you first try to log in. You should be able to restore access to your account by using one of these two methods to authenticate your account. The fastest way to restore a suspended account is via this procedure, which normally takes ten to twenty minutes.

In some cases, Twitter may also request other documents from you to verify if you are the original owner of the account. This may be usually due to the fact that somebody must have hacked and misused your account. To identify the real owner, Twitter may require additional documents from you.

How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account - verify login

Recover Your Suspended Twitter Account by Filing an Appeal 

If your account has been banned temporarily or permanently, and if the verification method doesn’t work, you may try filing an appeal

Step 1: Use your login information to access Twitter

Step 2: Try to follow someone else 

Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, there will be a message with the words “Learn More”; click on this

Step 4: Click “submit an appeal” after scrolling down

Step 5: Select a desktop browser and you can enter the description of the issue

Step 6: Verify if the account’s username and email are accurate

Step 7: Enter your phone number. After stating that you are not a robot, click proceed

Step 8: For the next steps, check your inbox in periodic intervals

How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account - filing an appeal

Twitter often needs a few days to process your request and get back to you because it has to make sure that the information you submitted is accurate. If prompted, reply to the email to verify that you have access to the account. If Twitter determines that the violation was genuine, the suspension will be automatically lifted as long as all of your data are accurate.

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Common Causes For Account Suspension


  • Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Abuse/harassment
  • Hateful conduct
  • Suicide or self-harm
  • Sensitive media including graphic violence and adult content
  • Illegal or certain regulated goods and services


  • Leaking other’s private information
  • Non-consensual nudity


  • Civic integrity
  • Platform manipulation and spam
  • Copyright and trademark
  • Misleading and deceptive identities
  • Synthetic and manipulated media

These are the most common causes for an account to get suspended. Violating these Twitter rules initiates Twitter to take strict action against the account.

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Wrapping Up

It is a good initiative by Twitter to ban an account that violates the app rules. However, there are situations where the suspension can be due to a false violation. In scenarios like this, you can recover your account within a few days. We hope this article has given you a detailed explanation of how to recover suspended Twitter account. For more such informative articles, check out our website Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Twitter Report To The Police?

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we may provide law enforcement with account information in response to a legitimate emergency disclosure request. Twitter assesses emergency disclosure requests individually in accordance with applicable law.

2. Can Twitter Track Your Ip Address?

Yes, Twitter acknowledges in its privacy statement that when you use Twitter, it receives information about your IP address, the device you’re using, and other personal data. You can read this article to find out how to alter your IP address so that Twitter won’t be able to view it.

3. Can Twitter Accounts Be Traced?

When someone uploads their contacts to Twitter, they might find your account if they have your email address or phone number in their list of contacts. If your email address or phone number is present among the contacts that others have provided, your account might also be displayed as a suggestion for others to follow.

4. How Long Do Twitter Appeals Take?

Twitter does not have a set timeframe for reviewing appeals and restoring accounts. Our account was reinstated around two weeks after filing an appeal because there was no breach of Twitter guidelines in our case.

5. How Can I Contact Twitter?

Open the Twitter app or log into your account online. Send your message to @TwitterSupport after creating it. Your mail should receive a prompt response from someone in support services. You should be aware that they can instruct you to complete a form through their assistance center. roughly two weeks following the appeal’s filing

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