How To Reply Instagram Story With Voice Notes?

How To Reply Instagram Story With Voice Notes

Isn’t the voice note feature the best? Just record and send! Instead of typing a wholesome paragraph with grammar errors, simply record a voice message and send it on the go. We all pretty much enjoyed sending voice notes in WhatsApp, Snapchat and on Instagram DMS. But do you know that Instagram is soon going to launch a new feature using which you can easily reply to Instagram stories with voice notes. Are you also curious to know how to reply Instagram story with voice notes?

Luckily, you are reading the right post, as we are about to disclose everything about this upcoming feature on Instagram stories. Now you can express your anger, happiness, sadness, and other views via recording voice messages as response to someone’s Insta story. Isn’t it very convenient?

Earlier this year Instagram introduced a feature to like the IG stories with a heart. Now moving one step ahead, users will be allowed to reply to stories with voice messages. No doubt the reverse engineering features introduced by the creators are cool and easy. Wish to find out how to reply Instagram story with voice notes?

Keep reading till the end to know in depth about the new feature!

Can You Reply To Instagram Story With Voice Message

As of now, there’s no such feature that allows you to respond to a story with voice message. As per the screenshots shared on Twitter last Saturday by Alessandro Paluzzi, it’s clear that Instagram will soon let you reply to a story with voice notes.

Isn’t that captivating? Yeah it sure is!

The best part is this feature will make it convenient to reply to a story quickly on the go, saving all the heck of typing with so many typos! Now express your emotions freely with this newly added feature on IG.

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Where To Find Voice Reply Option On Instagram Story

Where To Find Voice Reply Option On Instagram Story

You must be wondering that how the voice note feature on Instagram stories work? Most importantly, where can you find the option to share a voice reply to stories?

Well, just like the previous addition to Instagram stories of replying stories with a heart option, this new feature will be added at the bottom of the story. You can easily spot a ‘microphone‘ icon just next to the ‘heart‘ icon.

Pressing this microphone icon will allow you to share a voice note as response to someone’s Instagram story.

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How To Reply Instagram Story With Voice Notes

How To Reply Instagram Story With Voice Notes

Now that we know that soon this option to reply to Instagram stories with voice notes will be made possible for the users, let’s understand how it works and how to use it. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started (applicable after the feature rolls out).

  1. Open your Instagram app. Make sure your account is logged in.
  2. Now click on any story that you wish to respond with voice message.
  3. As soon as the story opens, you’ll see that a mini microphone icon will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in between ‘send a message‘ and ‘heart icon‘.
  4. You simply have to long press the microphone icon and start recording your message. When you finish recording, click on send arrow.
  5. Your story reply will be shared in the form of voice note to the receiver.

Simple, right?

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Wrap Up

So, this is how to reply Instagram story with voice notes. What’s your take on this Instagram updated feature? Are you excited to use it? Do share your views in the comment box below. If you found the post helpful, don’t forget to share it with your near and dear ones.

Happy Instagraming!

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