How To See Someone’s Deleted Messages On Snapchat?

How To See Someone’s Deleted Messages On Snapchat?

Have you come across these situations while using Snapchat, where messages get deleted before you read them? It’s very frustrating if you eagerly want to know the content of the deleted message.

It’s no secret that Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps. The one thing that made Snapchat different from the rest is its disappearing messages. But, what if you want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend’s deleted messages? Is there a way to do that? Well, yes! You can see someone’s deleted messages on Snapchat with a professional tool like FamiGuard Pro for Android. It is a professional tool that lets you read Snapchat messages without opening them.

If you are looking for how to read Snapchat messages without opening them, stick to this article till the very last. In this article, we’ll mention two effective ways how to see deleted messages on Snapchat. Alright! Let’s get started.

How To See Someone’s Deleted Messages On Snapchat?

In 2022, Snapchat’s user base has grown exponentially. Every other user uses the “Snaps” feature to send photos or videos to their friends, be they, youngsters or adults. No one is left behind when it comes to Snapchat. However, the distinguishing feature is after being viewed, these Snaps disappear. So, if you want to see someone’s deleted messages on Snapchat, here are two effective ways for you. 

Way 1: Use Professional Tools Like FamiGuard Pro for Android

To see someone’s deleted messages on Snapchat, try using a professional tool such as FamiGuard Pro for Android. This tool can record the deleted messages for you and allow you to read them on Snapchat at any time. You can try it yourself. 

Follow these troubleshooting steps and you are good to go.

Step 1: Create an account with your valid email address. 

Step 2:  Download the FamiGuard Pro assistant on your Android device and click on the Monitor Now button to register for FamiGuard Pro account. Then click on the Add New button.

Step 3:  Now you need to purchase a premium plan in order to use all advanced monitoring features. After that, install FamiGuard Pro & complete some necessary settings on your device.

Step 4: Log into Famiguard Pro for Android online dashboard and click on Dashboard to check the phone activities and data. If you want to read the deleted messages, just click social apps and then choose Snapchat.

That’s it! It’s that easy to see someone’s deleted messages on Snapchat. You just have to pay a little price. You can choose a 1-month plan, 3-month plan, or 1-year plan. The pricing will vary accordingly. Why not spend a little money if you can have just a straightforward solution rather than wandering around and stressing over that deleted message? 

What Can FamiGuard Pro For Android Do To See Someone’s Deleted Messages On Snapchat?

  • Check phone files: You can access all phone files including Messages, Call Logs, Contacts, Keylogger, Photos, Video Thumbnails, App Activities, Browser History, and Calendars.
  • Track social apps: With its premium features, you can access all social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Line, and Viber.
  • Location tracking: Our inbuilt GPS and Wifi location tracking system enables you to keep monitoring the location of someone. Moreover, it gives you the option of setting up a Geo-Fence.
  • Remote control: Without any hassle, you can record calls of the target phone, take screenshots, and capture secret photos.

Other Advantages Of FamiGuard Pro for Android

  • Real-time location monitoring

Thanks to the app’s exclusive usage of GPS location trackers, you can receive precise, real-time information about anyone’s location.

  • Access To everything on Phones

You can view all of the phone’s contents including Snapchat activity when FamiGuard Pro for Android is set.

  • Hidden-camera images

Since FamiGuard Pro for Android allows you access to the camera, you can also take images with it.

  • Keylogger function

Apart from recording the messages deleted by senders, the most amazing part of this app is its keylogger function. With this function, you can see the messages deliberately deleted by your boyfriend or girlfriend and know his secret. The green parts are all messages typed by your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Way 2: Read Deleted Snapchat Messages With Notification Log

Another way to read Snapchat messages without opening them is via a Notification log. Wondering how is it possible? Don’t worry, we will tell you how. 

First things first, if you are using an Android phone then you are in luck. Android phones’ built-in notification log can record Snapchat messages even though they have been deleted by the sender. Did you know that? I guess not!

To access this feature follow these  troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Unlock your Android device and go to the settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Now, tap on Notifications and then select advanced settings.

Step 3: After that, scroll down to the Notification History section.

Step 4. Tap view history and you will be able to see a list of all of the notifications that have been displayed on your phone including deleted Snapchat messages.

Note: This method will only work if you have not cleared your notification history so if you have recently cleared your notification history then this method will not work. 

Wrap up

Now that you know how to see someone’s deleted messages on Snapchat, it’s time to put the methods into practice and choose which one works best for you. You may also think about utilizing FamiGuard Pro for Android to get a quick and effective solution that can help you recover deleted Snapchat messages and also give you detailed information about the deleted Snapchat data. Just pay a little price and FamiGuard Pro for Android is all yours.

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