How To Sell Crypto On FTX? Best Way To Get Your Funds Out!

How to sell crypto on FTX

Are you a crypto trader or have just started to put your hands into cryptocurrency? You must have heard of the FTX platform. It is a popular platform used by various cryptocurrency traders. Do you know that you can even sell your crypto on the FTX platform? Confused about how to sell crypto on FTX? Here is a post covering all the crucial details related to how to sell crypto on FTX.

FTX is a crypto exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. FTX being a popular platform not allows you to buy cryptocurrency but also sell your crypto. You can enjoy over 270 trading pairs on this crypto exchange. Want to get more details? Worry not! This complete guide will help you know how to sell crypto on FTX. 

It is not a difficult task to sell your crypto on FTX. To learn how to sell crypto on FTX, you need to follow some steps. There are two ways to sell your crypto on FTX. You can sell and directly convert your crypto to USD or SGD. But there is around a $75 fee if you withdraw less than $10,000. So, if you have a ton of cryptos to sell, you can choose it. Otherwise, for the second method, you can transfer crypto to another exchange and sell it to get your SGD.

This post is all about how can you sell your cryptocurrency using the FTX platform. So, let’s get into the post without any further delay.

How To Sell Crypto On FTX?

The best way to sell crypto on FTX is to transfer your crypto to some other exchange like, Gemini, etc., and then withdraw your money from there. Here is what you need to do for understanding how to sell crypto on FTX by transferring it to another exchange.

How to sell crypto on FTX
  1. Go to the official FTX website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the profile icon on the top right side.
  4. Press wallet.
  5. Scroll down and find the crypto you wish to sell.
  6. When you find your preferred crypto and click on withdraw on the right side.
  7. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw.
  8. Navigate to the exchange which you want to use for transferring.
  9. Log in to your account on that exchange.
  10. Click on the Transfer button on the top right side.
  11. Press on deposit into that exchange.
  12. Choose the crypto and copy the address.
  13. Go back to the FTX page and paste the address here.
  14. Choose a withdrawal method and type the 2FA code and click on withdraw.

You can now wait for some time for your crypto to arrive. It might take around 30 minutes to arrive. You can then go to the exchange where you want to withdraw.

  1. Look for the SGD pair or any other Fiat pair on the exchange.
  2. Sell the cryptocurrency as you do it normally.
  3. Once you’ve sold, click on the transfer button at the top.
  4. Press the withdraw button.
  5. Choose SGD or other currency.
  6. Press on Continue and choose your bank account.
  7. Complete the other formalities. 
  8. Press the Request withdrawal button.

That is the whole procedure to sell your crypto on the FTX platform. The money shall arrive in one or two business days. 


This was the complete step to step guide on how to sell crypto on FTX. We have provided you with all the necessary details and steps you need to follow to sell your crypto using the FTX platform. We hope you’ve got all your questions answered and have understood how to sell crypto on FTX. If you still have questions or queries, write them in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share the post and help them learn how to sell crypto on FTX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Sell USDT On FTX?

A. You can simply follow these steps.

  • Click on the asset you wish to sell and then press Convert. 
  • Now enter the asset you’d like to buy with it. 
  • Then, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction.

Q2. Can You Sell On FTX?

A. Yes, it is possible to sell on FTX. You can easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency using the FTX platform.

Q3. Is FTX Allowed In The USA?

A. No, FTX is not available for US residents. The residents of the United States of America are not allowed to trade on the FTX platform.

Q4. Is FTX Exchange Safe?

A. Yes, FTX is considered a safe exchange by various users. It is a legitimate crypto exchange launched in 2019.

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