How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram? Easy Steps To Follow!

How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram?

A new feature was added by Instagram recently where you’ll be able to exchange gift messages through direct messaging with your friends. For that first, you’ve to learn how to send a gift message on Instagram.

You can use this feature and make your conversation more interesting and fun. This feature is highly customizable and diverse. It has stickers and fancy messages for almost every occasion and emotion. May now we developed some interest in you to learn how to send a gift message on Instagram.

These gift boxes look more special and attractive than the rest of the features. When the receiver taps on the gift box, it’ll burst up and display the message on the screen of your device with stickers popping out of it. The recipient won’t be able to view your message until they click on the gift box.

Without ado, let’s see how to send one on Instagram app.

What Is A Gift Message On Instagram?

Gift message is a unique and recently launched texting feature of Instagram. You can send this gift message to anyone you want from your friend list. The text will be delivered in a box gift-wrapped and when someone clicks on it, it’ll open up and display your message beautifully.

One can use these gift messages to wish their friends happy bdays, anniversaries, or on any such occasion through Instagram.

How To Send Gift Message On Instagram On Android & iPhone?

Sometimes sending a gift message can be difficult to find for beginners. To know how to send a gift message on Instagram, you can go through these steps : 

  1. Open Instagram and head to the User’s Chat where you want to send a gift message.
  1. Enter the Text Message that you want to send. For instance, happy birthday.
  1. Next, click on Search on the left of the text field.
  2. Choose the gift box from the top. 
  1. Next, Post tapping it’ll be delivered to the recipient by default.

You can view your delivered message by tapping on the gift message. The gift message will remain the same – wrapped for days, so you or the receiver can revisit your chat and view the gift message whenever you want.

Gift Message Not Showing On Instagram Issue

If you are unable to find the gift message feature or the magnifying glass tool in your chat box while writing a message in the Instagram DM box, then it means that your Android or iPhone has not been updated yet. You need to wait for the update or update it yourself by force. 

After knowing how to send a gift message on Instagram you are now prepared to deliver sweet and fancy messages to whomever you like. You can also use this update in form of birthday greetings on Instagram. They’ll y love it. Go check out now!

How To Fix Gift Message Not Showing?

We have brought you some fixes to enable the gift message feature on your device too. To enjoy the fun of the gift message feature and to know how to send a gift message on Instagram, pay attention! 

There might be some issues going on with your Instagram update status or message update version because of which your gift message isn’t appearing. You can Update Messaging and Switch Your Account Type to enable the gift message feature.

Update Messaging

  1. Open your Profile on Instagram and head to the Hamburger Menu.
  1. Click on Update Messaging from the base of the page.
  1. Next, click on Update.
  1. Now open Chat and check if the gift messages are available or not.

If it’s still not available then you need to switch your account to private to use this feature.

Switch Your Account Type

  1. Open Profile and click on Hamburger Menu from the top right corner of the page.
  2. Go to Settings and click on the Account option.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on Switch Account Type, and Toggle On Private Account.
  4. Now open Chat and check if the gift messages are available or not.

We hope now you’ll be able to use the gift message feature on your device.

Wrapping Up 

That’s all for how to send a Gift Message on Instagram.

Gift message is a feature of Instagram that came in the update of December 2022. Technically you can send messages to your loved ones in a much more fancy and impressive manner. The best part is that you can send four different gift messages on Instagram with different designs and colors. DM someone you want to surprise or impress and wait for their reaction and response.

We’ve resolved your doubts related to how to send a gift message on Instagram in this post. If you have any doubts still left, leave them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can One Enable Gift Messages On Instagram?

Ans. One can enable gift messages on their iPhone and Android devices by Updating The Messaging Systems from Instagram or by Switching Your Account Type.

Q2. What Does An Instagram Gift Message Looks Like?

Ans. After sending the gift message to the receiver, an icon will pop up in their chat looking like a gift package came from your end. The message will not appear at first, in order to read the message the receiver has to tap on the package in a very delightful and pleasant way.

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