How To Share ChatGPT Conversation?

How To Share ChatGPT Conversation

With a new tool named ShareGPT, sharing conversations with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI is no longer restricted to screenshots. Instead, the ChatGPT dialogues are converted into URLs that users may share as links. How to share ChatGPT conversation? We will discuss all about the ChatGPT chrome extension in this article. 

The ChatGPT bot from OpenAI is the hottest new thing in technology, attracting over a million users just days after its introduction. The chatbot is providing replies to a variety of queries, surprising many with its knowledge and quickness while occasionally having left many puzzled and bemused by its perspective. If you are one of those who frequently share ChatGPT conversation, it’s time to be introduced with ShareGPT. How to share ChatGPT conversation? Let’s learn in this blog. 

How to share ChatGPT conversation? Visit the ChatGPT page to start a chat with the bot after installing the Chrome extension. A Share option will appear at the bottom once you have the response. You have the option of carrying on the conversation or creating a URL for it by selecting the Share button.

How To Share ChatGPT Conversation?

Having a discussion is ChatGPT? Most of the developers and tech enthusiasts are having a conversation with ChatGPT on a different topic. When many are having a conversation on a research topic, there are many who are interested in exploring funny topics with ChatGPT. Whatever it is, one thing is common people are taking screenshots of their ChatGPT conversations and flooding our timeline! What if you do not need to take screenshots anymore? 

To make it simpler to record and disseminate the AI’s responses, two developers, Dom Eccleston and Steven Tey, created the ShareGPT Chrome plugin. With ChatGPT, ShareGPT records the entire chat and creates a URL to share it with others. You can share the URL instead of repeatedly taking screenshots of the AI chatbot dialogue. Visit the ChatGPT page to start a discussion with the bot after installing the Chrome extension. A Share option will appear at the bottom once you have the response. You have the option of carrying on the discussion or creating a URL for it by selecting the Share button.

How To Share ChatGPT Conversation? Introducing ShareGPT

With only one click, you can share your wildest ChatGPT chats thanks to the ShareGPT Chrome plugin. With 4000+ users and 17,926 (and counting) shared conversation, this extension has proved its potential. 

By replicating a conversation as a shareable URL, ShareGPT eliminates the need for several photos and makes it much simpler to browse through a chat. Users can chat with ChatGPT as usual after downloading the free Chrome or Safari extension, then click the “share” icon at the bottom of the page to generate a URL for the conversation. A quick summary of the interaction, including images, can be seen on Twitter when sharing the link, which can also be done directly or via social media.

The ShareGPT website displays ChatGPT conversations that have been converted into webpages, some of which have received thousands of hits. It’s both a fascinating look at how the technology is being utilized and could be useful to those searching for fresh approaches to ChatGPT engagement. For example, the most popular sites include demands for ChatGPT to make an image of the American flag, elucidate the purpose of life in five words, and even launch a text-based Harry Potter video game with multiple-choice questions at the conclusion of each scene.

Wrapping Up

How to share ChatGPT conversation? Using the ShareGPT Chrome extension is the best answer you are looking for. Considering the increasing number of SahreGPT extension users, we can easily assume the craze about this app. Use the extension today and share your crazy awesome conversation with ChatGPT among your friends.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1. Is There A Chat GPT App?

I’ve been enjoying using the chatgpt3 app ever since I first started using it. The user interface of the program is simple and intuitive, and it is really simple to use. With an AI bot that can comprehend your chats and offer insightful responses, it offers a fantastic method to connect with friends and family.

Q2. How Expensive Is ChatGPT?

Considering that ChatGPT’s responses typically contain at least 30 words, the cost of each one to the business is at least one cent. According to estimates, OpenAI currently spends at least $100K daily, or $3 million monthly, on operating expenses.

Q3. Can GPT-3 Answer Questions?

We discover that the pre-trained GPT-3 model is capable of answering lookup queries and basic comparison inquiries in natural language without the need for further tuning. It can also zero-shortly learn the table structure from a serialized JSON array-of-arrays representation.

Q4. How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT has been improved from GPT-3.5, a language model that has been taught to generate text. Utilizing Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), which directs the model toward desired behavior, ChatGPT was made to be dialogue-optimized.

Q5. Can I Trust That The AI Is Telling Me The Truth?

Because ChatGPT is not internet-connected, it occasionally gives false results. The world and events beyond 2021 are largely unknown to it, and it occasionally offers damaging advice or biased content.

We advise verifying whether the model’s predictions are correct. Please use the “Thumbs Down” option to let us know if an answer is wrong.

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