How To Share TikTok To Facebook Story 2024?

How To Share TikTok To Facebook Story

Have you found cross-platform sharing more interesting? Want to share some content from TikTok to the Facebook reels seamlessly without any hassle? This article will highlight all the necessary detail to share TikTok to Facebook story

You can find interesting and relatable content on TikTok while scrolling. You might have the urge to share that content. In fact, that is also on another social media platform Facebook. Also if you are wondering where you must start and what things you should follow, give this article a thorough read to know how to share TikTok to Facebook story 2024.

If you want to know how to share TikTok to Facebook story you must follow a few steps. Open TikTok > locate the video > tap on their dots or the arrow icon > tap on Facebook option > select share to story > check your story. 

It’s time to know the details of those steps with some explanation. Are you ready for that? Then go ahead and read the article.

Why Can’t I Share A TikTok To My Facebook Story?

How To Share TikTok To Facebook Story

If you want to share a TikTok video to Facebook story, then you may encounter several issues. One of the major issues is not being able to share the content on the Facebook story from TikTok. If you are using an older version of TikTok then you might not be able to find that option.

Ideally, once you are using an older version of an app, then you may not get access to some features. Usually, it happens because a lot of features like cross-platform sharing are comparatively new to TikTok. So, you can’t get that in the older version. That is why you need to update the app, and then you can try to share the TikTok videos to the Facebook story.

Hence, you must ensure that the app version you are using is the updated one. The backdated version of their app will not allow you to add any TikTok story. So, consider updating the app, or else you might get no option to share TikTok to Facebook story too.

How To Share TikTok To Facebook Story? 

While sharing content from one platform to another you might find that a bit difficult. That can even be the same when trying to share TikTok posts on Facebook story. Still, you might want to do so, and you must not stop doing that. Once you get to know how to share Tiktok to Facebook story 2024,you can share the content on Facebook from Tiktok easily.

Step 1: Open TikTok

First of all, you need to open TikTok app on your device and then need to follow the next step. 

Step 2: Locate The Video

Now you must locate the video first. If that is from your profile, then you need to tap on your profile icon and then select the video.

If the video is on another profile, then you need to open that profile and choose the video. Also, you can choose a video from the list.

Step 3: Tap On Three Dots Or The Arrow Icon

If that is from your own profile, then you can find three dots or the meatball menu, and if that is on another’s profile, there will be an arrow that you need to tap,  and with that, you can get the next option.

Step 4: Tap On Facebook Option

In this list, there will be several options where you can share the video, and you need to locate Facebook and tap on that. 

Step 5: Select Share To Story

While on Facebook, you must select the option share to the story that can help you  with how to share TikTok video on Facebook.

Step 6: Check Your Story

Finally, you need to check that story by opening your Facebook account, You should get that on your story by that time. 

Reasons For Cross-Platform Sharing TikTok To Facebook 

Sharing social media content is fascinating, and you might also find the same. With the growing popularity of the social media industry, it has become common to showcase their skill on different platforms, they find ways to share them on other social media platforms. The following points are the other reasons why one loves to share content on other platforms.

  • You have made a TikTok video and want to share it on Facebook
  • The video you have got is not on Facebook
  • You have got a relatable video on TikTok only 
  • Want to show the same on your Facebook followers
  • Can’t create such videos on the Facebook

Wrapping Up

Sharing your TikTok video to Facebook is an effortless and quick process. If you are current encountering any issue regarding that,you can follow the simple steps that we mentioned earlier. Follow the step by step process to perform the process seamlessly without much hassle. It will surely help you to share a TikTok video to your Facebook story too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Add Videos To Facebook Stories?

Yes, you can add videos to Facebook stories, and for that, you just need to choose the video you want to share. Oce you tap on the add story option, you need to select the video then, and that can help you to add a video to your Facebook story.

2. Why Can’t I Repost A TikTok Video?

If you are not able to repost a TikTok video, then you must know that the app version you are using is the updated one. Also, you need to check if the repost version is available in your country or not.

3. Can You Post A TikTok Video On Facebook With Music?

You can share any TikTok video on any other platform, however, you can’t be able to use the music on any other platform than TikTok So, you can only share the video but not the music on any other platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram and and other apps. 

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