How To Transfer Snapchat Photos From iPhone To PC?

How To Transfer Snapchat Photos From iPhone To PC?

Are you too an active Snapchat user? This means you must be capturing hundreds of snaps every day. But the thing is that you have captured and stored those snaps on your iPhone in bulk. And now, you neither wish to delete them from your iPhone because they hold your precious memories, nor can you keep all of them because they are taking up too much space. In such a situation, you try to find the answer to the question: How to transfer Snapchat photos from iPhone to PC? 

Snapchat is an extensively used social media application, and, since the app itself is built for the purpose of taking snaps, those who have Snapchat always open this very app when it comes to taking pictures. More importantly because of the amazing filters it provides, everyone loves to take pictures here. Another aspect is the instant sharing of the photos right after clicking them to any of your friends. All these reasons make Snapchat the first app that comes to our minds whenever we decide to take a picture. 

But, sometimes we feel keeping some pictures for us permanently. And in order to achieve this, we need to transfer the Snapchat pictures to our PC. there must be a lot of ways for Android users, but for iPhone users, it gets quite harder to find out how Snapchat photos can be transferred from our iPhone to PC. 

This is why we are here. In this post, we will find out how to transfer your Snapchat photos from your iPhone to PC so that you can retain all your memories without the fear of losing them one day because of the rapidly occupied storage of your iPhone. 

Can You Transfer Snapchat Photos From iPhone To PC?

Yes, it is possible to send Snapchat photos from your iPhone to your PC, but there are definitely some must-haves and not a lot of methods of doing this.

Let us know how to transfer Snapchat Photos from iPhone to PC.

What Do You Need To Transfer Snapchat Videos From iPhone To PC?

There is a transfer software namely WinX MediaTrans, which proves to be quite helpful when it comes to transferring photos. This software can not only be used for transferring Snapchat photos but also the Whatsapp or Camera Roll pictures from your iPhone to your PC. You can transfer pictures in bulk, whether they are HDR photos or 4K images. And the best part is that it is one of the safest applications for transferring media. The important thing you need to know about this software is that it is compatible only if your PC has been installed with Windows 11 or Windows 10 software. For the rest, this software will not work at all. 

In order to be able to transfer your Snapchat photos from your iPhone to your PC, you will first have to make sure that your Snapchat photos are being stored in your iPhone’s storage. If not, then you need to perform the given steps to save your Snapchat pics to your iPhone. 

How To Save Snapchat Photos To iPhone? 

Before jumping on how to transfer Snapchat Photos from iPhone to PC, here are some easy steps on how to save Snapchat photos to your iPhone, that you will be able to follow without any trouble.

  1. Open your Snapchat application on your device. 
  2. Tap on the gear icon present at the top right of your screen.
  3. Scroll through and tap on the “Memories” menu.
  4. Tape on the “Save To” option.
  5. Three options will appear on your screen, that is, the “Memories”, “Memories & Camera Roll”, and “Camera Roll Only” option. 
  6. You can either select the second or third option out of these three. 
  7. Now go back to the home screen of your app. 
  8. Capture whichever photo you want to.
  9. Tap on the Save option at the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  10. Now you can check in the Photos app on your iPhone, a new album as Snapchat will be formed in which you will find the photo you just clicked. 

The Snaps are saved. But what next? You also need to know how to transfer them to your PC so that you can free up your iPhone’s storage that would be flooded with your Snapchat pictures. 

How To Transfer Snapchat Photos From iPhone To PC?

Here are the steps on how to transfer Snapchat photos from iPhone to PC.

  1. Install the WinX MediaTrans software on your PC. 
  2. Now connect your iPhone to your PC by plugging it into the PC.
  3. Launch the WinX MediaTrans software.
  4. Once your iPhone gets connected to your PC successfully, you will be able to see your iPhone name, storage, and power info that will appear at the top left corner of your PC screen. 
  5. Now, on your PC, click on the “Photo Transfer” button available on the main interface. 
  6. A new page will pop up on your screen. On this page, albums will be listed on the left sidebar. In this list select the Snapchat album.
  7. Now select all the photos that you want to transfer to your PC.
  8. Click on the “Export” option. 

Now, all the photos that you chose, will be transferred to your PC. On a successful transfer, a folder will pop up where all your Snapchat photos will be copied to your PC. From here, you can organize your collection as you like to. 

Remember one thing, through the WinXd MediaTrans software, you can only copy 30 photos from your iPhone to your PC for free in a day. In order to transfer more photos on the same day, you will have to pay the application. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to transfer Snapchat photos from iPhone to PC.

We hope you got the solution to the issue of transferring Snapchat photos from your iPhone to your PC through our article. For more of such queries, you can always visit our page and get your answers from there. 


Q. Where Are Snapchat Photos Saved?

The Snapchat photos that you click, are saved in the Memories of your Snapchat app. You can open it by tapping on the smaller white circle present below the shutter button on the home screen of Snapchat. 

Q. Can Snapchat Photos Be Recovered?

There is no official method available on Snapchat through which you can restore the Snapchat photos that you have deleted. The snaps that have either been opened or expired cannot be retrieved in any way. 

Q. Is Snapchat My Eyes Only Safe?

The “My Eyes Only” feature on Snapchat is completely safe to use. Under this feature, you can rest assured that all your snaps are safe and encrypted. Even if someone else gets access to your Snapchat, those private snaps will still remain protected under your chosen password. 

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