How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos? 4 Easy Steps!

How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos

If you are an active user on twitter and wonder why those auto-generated captions are appearing under every tweeted video and want to remove it permanently. Then your detailed guide on how to turn off captions on Twitter videos is waiting for you below.

Twitter is currently having over 206 million active users on a daily basis and still counting and managing to spread the numbers every day! Twitter’s unstoppable circle of content involves a million tweets, videos and pictures. Talking about videos, recently Twitter made an addition in its feature list which is an auto-generated captions for videos but that didn’t turn out useful for everyone hence ending up irritated. If you think so then learn how to turn off captions on Twitter videos with us.

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off and done! This was how to turn off captions on Twitter videos. If you ever had a change of mind and want to turn it on again then we have a solution for that too! 

This article is going to be all about how to turn off captions on Twitter videos and how to turn on captions on Twitter videos back again! If the CCs under your tweet video disturbs you! Read this to get rid of that!

How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos?

If you are not used to those auto-generated captions being displayed under your video on Twitter and get irritated easily by those then don’t tolerate anymore if your ears work perfectly to understand what the video is trying to say and switch off the captions from that video forever.

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If you are tense about how to turn off captions on Twitter videos then don’t worry anymore as we have a step-wise guide for you. However, those captions in Twitter videos helps you to understand the message better but sometimes it ends up distracting you from the main content, due to which many if you are searching for ways to turn off Twitter video captions which is absolutely okay.

So here’s are the instructions for how to turn off captions on Twitter videos in detail for you to take a follow up on: 

How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos – iPhone

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off

Step 01: Launch Twitter app on your device if already downloaded and if not then download right now from App Store.

Step 02: Login to your Twitter account by filling in your email address and password in their respective fields.

Step 03: From the home screen search and open the tweeted video of which you want to turn off the captions.

Step 04: Click on the Menu and hit the CC icon and your caption will be turned off instantly.

After hitting the CC icon the auto-captions will vanish instantly. In most of the iOS devices this icon is situated at the top right corner of the tweeted video. If you don’t find the CC icons anywhere then consider that you haven’t got the access to captions yet! 

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However, if you still find captions listed below the video then it means that the one who has posted the video has forcefully bombarded those captions separately into the video. In such cases, you have no control over them hence can’t remove them too.

How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos – Android

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off

Step 01: Open the Settings application on your device and scroll down till you find the Accessibility option.

Step 02: Once found, click on it and scroll down to search the Captions button.

Step 03: Once you observe the Captions option click on it after which you will land on a fresh page.

Step 04: On this page, toggle the switch to turn off the Use Captions.

So this was all about how to turn off captions on Twitter videos on both iOS and Android devices. If you ever feel like you find it difficult to understand the tweeted videos or if the tweeted video is in some other language which you can understand and feel the need to turn on captions once again on Twitter video then take a follow up on the next section.

How To Turn On Captions On Twitter Videos?

How To Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos

According to Twitter’s recent update that shows captions/CC/Subtitles under Twitter videos whenever you watch one is useful and a headache for many at the same time. The viewers can find these captions at the bottom of the video. This comes into play when you are at a peaceful place and cannot turn the volume on so you turn on the captions and understand the video even without the captions.

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However, sometimes users turn it off due to many reasons. But if you ever fall in any situation where you feel the need of captions in any video you can turn it on in a couple of seconds just by following the below given steps:

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off and done! This was how to turn off captions on Twitter videos

Step 01: Launch the application and login to your Twitter account.

Step 02: Next, open the video in which you want the captions to be turned on.

Step 03: Now click on the CC button once again after switching it off and it will be enabled.

Now, you can watch your videos even in noisy areas with the captions on.

NOTE: Many of the times settings may differ from device to device. As there are some glitches going on with the Twitter captions, which may make the CC icon disappear from video in your account. Don’t panic and update your application or try logging out and back in.

This huge platform has a number of social media features in its collection. The latest one is this auto-generated caption on Twitter videos which comes in 37 different languages in tweets. This feature has been in existence from a small time period now.  

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Remember that these auto-generated captions cannot be edited by anyone as these are generated automatically within the video. So if you find any bug in CCs, you cannot fix it on your own. However, this won’t be impossible for long.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is now letting users add auto-generated captions in their Twitter video posts. This feature will be accessible on the web version of Twitter, and on the iOS and Android versions of the Twitter app. These auto-generated captions can be in more than 30 languages, including English, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Chinese and many more.

In 2022, these closed captions are now appearing at the bottom line of the videos. These closed captions will pop-up on muted tweeted videos on both Android and iOS devices. One can turn these on when watching any video in a crowded area to understand the video better. 

To know more about how to turn off captions on Twitter videos and how to turn it back on you need to go through the entire article and share it with your Twitter friends online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Are There Subtitles On Twitter Desktop?

Subtitles are meant for better understanding of the content on any platform or media file. Users on Twitter now have been using this feature for so long. Hetes how to turn if caption on Twitter video on desktop:

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off and done! This was how to turn off captions on Twitter videos.

Q. How Do I Turn Off Subtitles On Twitter Android Mobile?

Open Twitter > Login > Open Video > CC > Turned Off.

Q. How Do I Turn Of Overlay?

You have to change Live Captions settings for this:

Settings > Sound > Live Captions > Settings > Turn Live Captions On Or Off > Hide Or Show Profanity > Hide Or Show Sound Labels.

Change Live Caption settings

  • On your device, open Settings .
  • Tap Sound. Live Caption.
  • Under Settings, you can find or change these settings: Turn Live Caption on or off. Hide or show profanity. Hide or show sound labels, such as laughter and applause. Hide or show the Live Caption icon in volume control.


How to turn off captions on Twitter videos? Here’s your guide to displaying or disabling captions while watching videos.


Twitter has been testing the toggle captions feature for some time now. It is available for a certain number of users. This means that you might have to wait for the feature to become available for your account as well.

Follow the simple steps below in order to make sure that your account has the feature. Here’s how you can disable captions on Twitter videos


In this guide, you’ll learn how to turn off or on captions on Twitter videos.

You might want to turn on captions if you are in a noisy area. Simply tap on the same button to toggle captions. Here’s a video for you to test out the feature yourself.

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