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How To Turn On Keyboard Light? Try These 2 Secret Keys!!

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What difference can a backlit keyboard offer? Ask this to a gamer and get funky answers in return. I mean the backlit keyboard has turned on the whole ambiance for streamers like crazy. If you are a night owl or into PC Gaming, you know the importance of a backlit keyboard. If you got a new PC and can’t figure out how to turn on the keyboard light, then go ahead and read the steps.

There are so many shortcut keys to do so. Some settings are even available for a single press on a single keyboard key. There are a variety of colors that you can use for your backlit keyboard. Want to know the shortcuts on how to turn on the keyboard light? This post is framed very much for that purpose.

In this post, we have covered some really quick steps and shortcut clicks on:

  1. How To Turn On Keyboard Light?
  2. How To Turn Off a Backlit Keyboard?
  3. How To Change The Color Of A Backlit Keyboard?
  4. How To Adjust Brightness On A Backlit Keyboard?
  5. Can I Install A Backlit Keyboard On My Laptop?

Now that you know what you’re gonna get, let’s not wait further and head towards the steps to turn on the backlit keyboard.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light? – Backlit Keyboard

How To Turn On Keyboard Light; How To Turn On Keyboard Light
Source: TechLoris

If your laptop has a backlit keyboard, you need to search for the F5 button on the keyboard. To make it easy for you, the F5 button even contains a backlight icon on it.

What you need to do is simply press the F5 button and the Fn button (available at the left button) together and your keyboard will light up.

So, simple, right? You can even adjust the brightness of the keyboard lighting on some laptop models like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, etc.

How To Turn Off a Backlit Keyboard?

How To Turn On Keyboard Light; How To Turn Off a Backlit Keyboard
Source: Next Century Support

We don’t always want our keyboard’s backlight to be turned on all the time. Like during the daytime or when enjoying a late-night movie, just turn off the backlit keyboard. Turning off the backlights is as easy as turning them on.

All you need to do is, simply press F5 and F9 keys together.

Or long-press the F11 key on your keyboard.

Or the third way is by pressing the Fn + F5, F9, or F11 keys together.

Simple, right??

How To Change The Color Of A Backlit Keyboard?

Ahh!! This feature holds a whole different vibe. Especially for gamers!! Change the background lighting of your keyboard and enjoy some really funky and cool gaming experiences.

Zoned Backlighting

Many laptops like HP OMEN Laptop, Acer Swift 3, Dell XPS 15, Apple MacBook Pro, etc. have this feature of zoned backlighting. This feature enables the users to modify and select different colors for the backlight of keyboard keys. 

The Zoned Backlighting feature is highly useful for gamers as they can keep track of different keys while playing games through different color keys. 

Now, how to apply this feature on your keyboard? Follow these simple steps:

  1. If you are an HP user, go to OMEN Command Center. If you are using any other laptop go to that model’s command center from your windows taskbar..
  2. You’ll find the “lighting” option on the left side of the screen. Click on it.
  3. Select “Keyboard”  from the top right corner.  You’ll be provided with three different modes on screen: Automatic, Static & Off.
  4. Click on “Static”. A drop-down menu showing 6 different color templates will appear along with a custom option. These templates include WASD, MMO, FPS, P1-P6, MOBA, and All Keys pre-existed in the system.
  5. Select any desired template. A color guide will appear at the bottom of the command center. From this color guide, you can choose different colors for different keys of your own choice.
  6. Press “Apply” on the desired colors and enjoy the colorful backlit keyboard.

How To Adjust Brightness on a Backlit Keyboard?

How To Turn On Keyboard Light; How To Adjust Brightness on a Backlit Keyboard
Source: Wccftech

Keyboard brightness is important for many aspects like your eyes sensitivity, for maintaining gaming flow, etc. 

To adjust the brightness on a backlit keyboard you need to press the “backlight” function key a few times until you are satisfied with the brightness level. Usually, the “F11” button is for decreasing the brightness and “F12” is for increasing the brightness. This single button can help you adjust the brightness easily.

Can I Install a Backlit Keyboard On My Laptop?

If you have a keyboard containing the backlit feature, then it’s not at all a hard hard job to do so. But if not then it’s hard to activate this feature. In short, it’s impossible to install a backlit keyboard until and unless you are an expert computer engineer or something. 

There are so many components to be looked after then, those having this feature pre-installed in their laptops, there are so many components to be looked after.

Hope now you know how to turn on Keyboard lights. Apply these simple steps and shortcut keys and enjoy the colorful backlit keyboard. Whatever company’s PC you’re having, HP, Lenovo, Aser, Mac, etc. these shortcuts work for almost every PC having a backlit feature for their keyboards.

Featured Image Credits: TechSupportAll

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