How To Use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature?

How To Use "Help Me Write" Google Bard Feature

Google Bard is bringing more to the table than we had imagined. From writing blogs to Python functional code, Google Bard is the nerdiest helping hand we can have. Talking about the Bard writing feature, do you know how to use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature?

If you think Google Bard’s writing skill is the same as ChatGPT, then think again! When you use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature, you will find that Google Bard is integrating with Google’s one of the most powerful tools – Google Docs. If you think that’s not enough, refresh the drafts and Bard will not only help you with generating content but also check spelling and grammar for you. 

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According to the latest news, “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature has been available to selective Google Bard users only. This upcoming feature will be found in the menu bar of Google Docs. However, when available, you need to tap on the ‘Help Me Write’ feature icon and share prompts for the blog. It will generate incredible blogs just in a few seconds. 

The integration of AI in almost every aspect of our life has become so intense that we can hardly think about our life without AI aid. Giving power to AI in terms of creativity is amazing on one side, on the other hand, it could be dangerous. Keeping the debate aside, for now, we can enjoy the blessings of supportive AI writing tools and learn how to use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature.

Is Google Help Me Write Feature Available?

No, Google Help Me Write feature is not available to all. However, this feature has been announced recently after Google Bard made its public appearance. As appeared on several news sites, this feature has been available to selective Google Bard users since March 2023 and might be rolled out in a couple of months for the common people. So, for now, we can only wait to use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature in the coming months. 

What Is “Help Me Write”? 

Help  Me Write is an amazing feature offered by Google Bard that can improve your writing capability by many folds. If you are struggling with your school or university assignments, Google Bard can help you just in minutes. 

For now, you have to open Google Bard in a separate tab to access it; however, when the Help Me Write feature will roll out, you do not need to be worried and by default, Google Bard will be integrated with your Google Docs. Then you will just need to click on the Help Me Write icon to use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature. The plan already sounds promising! 

How To Access The “Help Me Write” AI Feature? 

As per the google announcements, it is super easy to access and use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature. If you are not aware of the process yet, here is a jot-down for you!

Step 1: Open and Sign into your Google Account. 

Step 2: Open a new Google Doc and you will find the ‘Help Me Write’ button located on the taskbar/menu bar.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Help Me Write’ button to access the feature.

How To Use Google Help Me Write?

If you are unaware of the latest Google Bard update, Google is going to integrate Bard into almost every Google application and service including Google Docs, Sheets, PPT, and many more. To use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Find the ‘Help Me Write’ button on the upper menu bar on Google Docs and PPT. For Gmail, you will find the option at the bottom, and on Google Sheets click on any cell and use your prompt!

Step 2: Click on the ‘Help Me Write’ button as required based on the application you are using and you will be asked to add prompts. Add prompts in simple and short sentences. 

Step 3: Generate the content. 

How To Use The “Help Me Write” AI Feature In Google Docs? 

As mentioned earlier Help Me Write is a Bard integration with Google Documents, it’s more likely to happen like this:

Step 1: Log in to Gmail and open your Google Document.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Help Me Write’ button. 

Step 3: Add prompts as required in short sentences that describe your topic best. Put any information that you think is necessary for the writing.

Step 4: Generate the content. 

Step 5: Check grammar and spelling for your writings with this exclusive feature. 

How To Use The “Help Me Write” AI Feature In Gmail? 

Gmail is one of the most demanding features among working people and drafting mail is equally frustrating. Sometimes, we lost words; sometimes, responding to all mails kills more business hours than we can afford to. Automated Gmail reply is an amazing feature we are using for a long time in Gmail, but using Help Me Write is going to raise the bar of expectations. To use “Help Me Write” Google Bard Feature in Gmail, and watch generating automated AI replies to hundreds of emails just in a few minutes!

Step 1: Open a Gmail account and start composing a mail. 

Step 2: Find the “Help Me Write” button at the bottom of the composer. 

Step 3: Click on the “Help Me Write” button and the AI will start generating reply based on the previous mail context. 

Step 4: Enjoy AI-generated content!


Google is pushing users to use one personal Gmail account to access all of the Google apps and services. It is super helpful because they are also planning to integrate Google Bard with 25 Google apps and services. Although the feature is in the trial, people are already creating amazingly informative articles, as well as writing appropriate letters to bag their opportunities! Almost all of us secretly wished for such a writing aid who will structure our articles and mails and make all the necessary grammatical corrections. As it turns out, we finally got one! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will Google Help Me Write Feature Be A Free Service?

Yes, for now, Google Help Me Write Feature is limitedly available but a free feature that rolled out in March 2023. 

Q2: How To Enable Help Me Write In Gmail?

To enable Help Me Write in Gmail, tap on the Help Me Write button in the taskbar. Besides, make sure you have logged in to Google Bard with the same Gmail account that you were using to draft the mail. 

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