How To Use Laifu Bot Discord? Everything That You Need To Know

How To Use Laifu Bot Discord | All You Need To Know

Discord is a platform that is growing spontaneously because of the features that provide them a stage to hang out with communities and friends, keeping in touch with their loved ones through voice and video calls, texts, and many more. We think these reasons are enough to make you eager to know how to use Laifu bot Discord.

Custom channels can be created on Discord on different subjects they love to surf. Discord is especially popular among youngsters and gamers. Gamers can discover hundreds and thousands of Discord bots throughout the world via a collection of bots and their favorite servers making it easier to operate. 

Learning how to use Laifu bot Discord can also make you watch who is playing and hanging out with whom and also allows you to join them without creating any room or calling any community to continue the communication on Phone and PC.

You can also execute your bot on the application and keep up to date on the biggest bot community. From the list of biggest and most loved bot communities, LAIFU BOT is one. So come, let’s know how to use Laifu bot Discord.

What Are Laifu Bot Discord Commands?

What Are Laifu Bot Discord Commands

Here are some most common Laifu Bot Discord Commands that 

1) .Profile 

This lets you observe and see your profile data. It’ll present data like :

  1. Total Character Number
  2. Burn % 
  3. Level EXP
  4. Arena Stats

2) .cds

This will display all the command cooldowns to the gamer.

3) .daily 

An actionable text message to be sent daily Lawstones.

The cooldown is 23 hours.

4) .vote 

It shows a link to vote for the bot so that the gamer with Lawstones gets rewarded.

The cooldown is 12 hours.

5) .drop 

It displays a Drop code to type for Lawstone assemblage collection, 4-5 characters long, and ends in 14 seconds. 

It provides 1-5 stones, a probability of critical hit that provides you pair of stones once after whit one gets to a particular arena with more than 50 nightwares which will digest 50 to provide exp. to reach the next level and a possibility of bloodlust, giving stats.

The cooldown is 6 minutes.

6) . gacha

It’s the command for spinning the latest characters utilizing Lawstones, digests up to 5 Lawstones, particular spinning for a probability of 5 different categories : 

  1. Alpha
  2. Gamma 
  3. Delta  
  4. Epsilon 
  5. Zeta
  6. Ultra

Alpha and Beta are the most common ones, whereas Ultra is the rarest ones. These are cards that are getting expensive, especially the ones that have high influence and are high in demand. 

How To Use Laifu Bot Discord?

How To Use Laifu Bot Commands

Now the biggest question arising is How To Use Laifu Bot Discord?

Well, It’s a collection of cards that are made by users entirely dependent on hundreds and thousands of anime characters. Users try to make a collection of their all favorites which should be rarest among all, or you can gather all you get, GIFs and their images.

After this, you can upgrade them, or rare badges can help you in shining out even more. You might enjoy the wealth and economy! Doesn’t matter if you’re a fresher, Laifu bot makes sure the fairness of the game in the field, and every gamer gets equal chances to play to gain wealth without any print numbers.

You can start today with a spontaneous populating community and can own an empire full of your characters.

Till then, here are the characteristics of the Laifu bot that make it special : 

  1. Easy to operate and enjoy.
  2. Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest, cards can be unique.
  3. Rare gacha mechanic.
  4. Community-based database letting members include their favorite pictures.
  5. A number of versions of specific characters involving GIFs!
  6. Badges and character updating.
  7. A global economy.
  8. Increasing established community.
  9. Friendly surrounding.
  10. Gaining stats and leveling.
  11. Rare arena PVP system between players.

What Are The Benefits Of Laifu Discord Bot?

What Are The Benefits Of Laifu Discord Bot

Now you are aware of how to use Laifu Bot Discord, let’s see why you ned to use them.

Make sure you balance a global economy by falsifying its forte with the development of the execution of community and a familiar environment. It will allow you to receive goodies every mid of the day if you support Laifu not. In addition, you can gather gacha stones every day and drop a case file down, which you can redeem after every six minutes this makes sure that the bot has a number of players worldwide. 

Being familiar to the user, it has gained statistics and leveled up with a rare and big arena PVP mechanics among the gamers where you can observe your cooldown and all other events happening out there. So, start trading today quickly with the developing community of Laifu bot by creating an empire of characteristics with the best GIFs and extracting the soul into the most popular and liked anime character.

What To Do When Laifu Bot Not Working?

What Are The Benefits Of Laifu Discord Bot

A few times there might be some issues going on with the Laifu bot like sometimes it may stop responding and it may get offline. This may occur due to some mishappening with your bot server due to some reasons. If you suffer from this issue, cross-check in the Invite Tracker Supporter Community Server.

Also remember that you have given enough authorization to the Invite Tracker Bot, which can be executed by heading to the Settings page.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to use Laifu Bot Discord.

Laifu bot is an amazing bot. Popular for collecting cards of rare and unique anime characters where you need to collect their GIFs, unique badges, and images and then update them. Hence, it always takes place itself in heart of all anime fans because the characters bring joy to animes via GIFs and get enthusiastic by the need to collect all the stuff of their favorite animes. 

This bot has pretty simple features that are easy to understand and enjoy by playing hence, users of every age group find it interesting. To keep maintaining the interest of the gamers the bot has a number of versions of particular characters, badges, and GIFs too! The main benefit of this bot is that it doesn’t matter if the gamer is a fresher or a pro player, they’ve to play a fair game because here every gamer gets a uniform possibility. 

To add even more spice, Laifu has a community gathered database letting members involve their most loved and desired images with the rare gacha mechanic system making it a solid form of the other boys and leveling up of comparison among the gamers of the community. 


Q1. What Are The Best Discord Bot?

Ans. Discord is a free-of-cost platform for the public for video, audio, and text communication application. Here are the top Discord bots : 

  1. MEE6
  2. Dank Memer
  4. ProBot
  5. IdleRPG
  6. Community Hubs
  8. Double Counter

Q2. How Do You Trade In Laifu Bot?

Ans. The user has to accept the invitation to start the trade. Add a card next. 5 cards are required per trade and after that, each user has to accept for it to continue.

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