How To Use Loritta Bot Discord? Loritta Bot Commands Guide!

how to use Loritta Bot Discord

Continuously gaining love and fame this bot is making its way to the top rank in the board. Eager to know the name? It’s Loritta Bot. Its high-quality bots and excellent service are winning hearts of users. If you also want to discover more about how to use Loritta Bot Discord.

This bot is also popular by the name of “Lori”. It’s a source of sole entertainment. It has a vast variety of servers, almost 1.76 M all around the world. It has a rare feature which you’ll not find anywhere else. It requires use of a number of funny commands to use the premium features and the regular ones. These keep the users active for a long time with fun and entertainment.

Fun time is everyone’s time, maybe that’s why you are here. To learn how to use Loritta Bot Discord. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you that too but first, set up. Set-up of the Loritta Bot and for that you have to visit Loritta Bot website >> Add To Server >> Sign-in >> select Server >> Authorization >> Add Bot To A Server >> Authorization >> Apply Command. And done! But, as said, many things are still left.

We heard you and prepared a detailed manual for you. Get ready to expertise in this bot. This guide will ride you through features, commands, using manual, creating your own Loritta bot and many more. So go, before you lag!

Features Of Loritta Bot

Features Of Loritta Bot

No no, not that “how to use Loritta Bot Discord” section, First basics, and then the main step. So, the entertainment gets higher when your companions are around, doesn’t matter online or offline. And to keep that fun and excitement up, the bot makes sure that users are getting every feature and facility they expect from a bot.  And few of those amazing features are mentioned below:

  1. Easy to use interface. The bot lets users customize the interface their way.
  1. Zero percent limitations over any kind of customizations.
  1. Turn on and off any command on the server.
  1. Altering prefixes.
  1. Bot have Custom appearances which makes this fun and attractive.
  1. Available in English language also, because of this users from every corner can enjoy this bot.
  1. Add memes to your Discord servers.

Hence, being an old one it’s still very advanced and effective. The ones who developed the bot are also active on the bot because the bot is completing the users demands.

Loritta Bot Discord Commands

Loritta Bot Discord Commands

It requires the use of multiple commands to run a few of the amazing features, whether it’s a prime feature or the regular ones.  Here is the collection of all the Lorrita bot Discord commands:

  1. /achievements

To socially show your achievements and your hard work.

  1. /afk on

Depicts you won’t be able to text back because of some reasons.

  1. /afk off

Depicts you are well and available to reply.

  1. /anagram

Anagram is created by utilities from a text which keeps you anonymous.

  1. /art

Beautiful images.

  1. /attackonheart

Make a video of your choice.

  1. /bobburningpaper

Burn waste images in firewood instead of throwing them in the bin.

  1. /brmemes bolsonaro tv

Images, what’s going on bolsonaro’s tv. Fake news most probably!

  1. /brmemes bolsonaro tv2

Images, what’s going on bolsonaro’s tv. Fake news most probably!

  1. /brmemes bolsonaro frame

Kay, see this picture!!

  1. /brmemes ata monica

Monica saw and reacted her best at one of your pictures.

  1. /brmemes ata chico

Images Chico Bento saw and reacted its best to one of your pictures.

  1. /brmemes ata lori

Images, we’ve seen and reacted our best at one of your pictures.

  1. /brmemes ata gessy

Images Gessy saw and reacted its best at one of your pictures.

We have successfully learnt the Loritta Bot Discord commands, now its turn to hop on how to use Loritta Bot Discord.

How To Use Loritta Bot Discord?

How To Use Loritta Bot Discord

Loritta bot is another most popular and widely used bot all over the world. Loritta Bot has successfully controlled the memes. Yes it has other amazing features, which makes it deserve a place in your server. So add it up to your Discord server, here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the Loritta Bot Website on Chrome/Safari.
  1. Tap on the Add To Server button.
  1. After that, Login to your Discord account.
  1. Now, select the Server where you want to see your Loritta Bot.
  1. Allow Authorization to control the server.
  1. Check on the Add Bot To A Server option.
  1. Apply the Commands and go for the Customisation procedure.

And here you are done with the set-up process and ready for using the Loritta bot.

How To Create Your Own Loritta Bot? 

How To Create Your Own Loritta Bot 

Here you will learn how to create your own Loritta Bot without any coding. It’s very simple and easy to follow. Here are the instructions of your own Loritta Bot:

  1. Create an Application on Discord Developers.
  1. Enter the Name of your application.
  1. Tap on Create to save.

After this, one more bot will be added to your list. From here, you’re allowed to set a bot’s profile photo and display name.

Wrapping Up

The bot offers amazing features and trending memes. This makes more and more users join this server. Other features also involve few of the most famous social features which have reputation and XPs. These are achieved by server members according to their activity and performance on the server. However, XPs and Reputations have become ordinary today in the Discord community, still the Loritta bot was the first one to launch such features on Discord.

We hope, this guide helped you learning how to use Loritta Bot Discord successfully. If there’s anything left from our end or you have any doubt or query, remember our comment section is always open for you.


Q1. What Is A Verified Bot?

Ans. It means, it’s been verified by Discord and has extra APU permissions.

Q2. How To Get A Tupperbox?

Ans. Open the link >> login >> list of tuppers >> tap on “+” >> add Tupper >> set a name and brackets>> save changes.

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