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Best Discord Server For Memes

In today’s generation, memes are the biggest source of entertainment. Social media are running or getting popular because of their meme content. Users get attracted to memes mostly in terms of engagement. You too take advantage and know which are the best Discord Server for memes.

Gamers desire to make memes from games. This requirement for meme content led to the development of Discord Meme Servers. These servers offer the hottest trending gaming memes. You can add Discord memes to your chat box with the help of the Discord GIF Picker tool. 

If you want to know the best Discord servers for memes then you need to go through the entire piece. Here are a few of the popular servers for memes: Dank Cafe, Omegle Community, Memer’s Den, Cartoon Carnation, and The Vent.

These servers don’t disappoint their users, in terms of the amount of laughter, entertainment, and nonstop fun. We suggest you add these servers to your Discord. and have a ha-ha-ha-full day! Convinced? Now go, you know what to do next.

What Are The Best Discord Meme Servers?

What Are The Best Discord Meme Servers?

Memes are a major part of today’s culture. Many users out there create brand new memes daily on different subjects, which goes off trend another day. That one meme of the day gives us enough laughter. 

To learn what is best Discord Server for memes here, in this section:


Seeking for Me-Time? And wanna enjoy, get into a friend circle, events, or take part in giveaways and mini-games? Then, the Lounge is the perfect place for you then. 


  1. Self Roles The server has specific channels for distributing a set of roles to themselves.
  1. Fun Section – This involves Meme channels, art channels, media channels, etc.
  1. Meet-The-Staff – Here you’ll get an intro to each staff member.
  1. Support Channels – Here you can create a ticket, file complaints against users, give suggestions to admins, etc.
  1. Voice Channels – You can access these after reaching a particular level.
  1. Custom VC – Create your own temporary voice channel by joining “+| Join the “ Create” channel.

Cartoon Carnation

It’s quite a rare and joyful server. Rare because it has a unique theme based on cartoon characters.


  1. Self-Assignable Roles – There are 2 different Self-Assignable Role channels. These involve gender, color, and location roles.
  1. Lazy Town – It’s the “general” section of this server. You can interact with other users on the server at the “toon lounge” channel.
  1. Leveling System – This system has fun features and many pros unlocked as you upgrade.
  1. Nitro Wars – It’s a minigame, where you need to compete and complete tasks to get the bread. 

These are just a few features of this server. There are many others to explore yet.

Money Hunters

It’s based on giveaways, events, Dank Memer heists, and many more! This server has a number of features serving fun to the users.


  1. Self-Roles – These are announcements ping, color roles, events ping, heist ping, etc.
  1. Games Section – Here you can chat with other gamers, take part in mini-games etc.
  1. Giveaways/Events – The server conducts regular giveaways and events to engage its users.
  1. Leveling System – It has different pros for every user as they level up.
  1. Memes – Share memes with other users on the server.

Dank Cafe

It is a “Dank Memer” based server but also includes fun events, giveaways, and many more.


  1. Self-Roles – Self roles like events ping, announcements ping, etc.
  1. Color Roles – Users can react and assign this role to themselves.
  1. Media Section – Share memes, post media, etc.
  1. Age Roles –  These can be assigned to yourself. For instance, 13-18 y/o, 18+ etc.
  1. Gender Roles – These are Self-Assignable gender roles like Male, Female, etc.

Supreme Dankers

It’s totally based on the Dank-Memer bot and giveaways. It serves the users fun and enjoyment.

  1. Giveaways – continuous giveaways and heists are available on this server to ensure the participation of every member in these events to keep the server active.
  1. Self-Promotion – Users promote their content, and art on social media platforms, etc.
  1. Dank House – It has a number of channels that you can use to play dank memer bot mini-games and uses other Dank-Memer commands.
  1. Media Section – It offers different and specific channels, where you can share pictures, art, and media and watch other memes and media content.
  1. Counting Area – Here you can take turns counting from 1 to wherever it goes!

Wrap Up

There are hundreds and thousands of best Discord servers for memes in the world. You can observe these memes being shared and created all over the world. Users from every corner use these servers to create memes for others to laugh at it. These memes have been life to many users, as these pass their time and they save them from rotting from boredom. Such servers attract many users and that’s why a huge number of different Discord servers are available today. Players upload trending games, and their unique gameplay, as a meme on the Discord server.

We hope you learnt what are the best Discord Server for memes from this post successfully. If you have any doubt, question or query, remember our comment box is always open for you.


Q1. What Are The Best Discord Meme Servers?


  1. Supreme Dankers
  2. Dankers Continental
  3. Omegle Community
  4. The Vent
  5. Memer’s Den
  6. Money Hunters
  7. Dank Cafe
  8. Cartoon Carnation

Q2. Which Is The Biggest Discord Meme Server?

Ans. Supreme. It has 25K members. It organized daily giveaways, and heists and also has a trading center.

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