How To Use Snapchat On PC Without Emulator

How To Use Snapchat On Pc Without Emulator

The easiest way to use Snapchat on PC is with Blustack. When using an emulator was thought to be the only way to use Snapchat on PC, then how to use Snapchat on PC without emulator? Sounds difficult? What if Snapchat is disabled? This article will guide you through – how to use Snapchat on PC without an emulator. 

Since its launch in 2011, the hugely popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat has been at the center of numerous use-related disputes. Using the offered capabilities, users of the program can send timed (or non-timed) messages that contain images, videos, screenshots, and altered images. Snapchat app has amassed more than 100 million users in the United States alone over the course of its ten-year history. Although Snapchat is introduced as a Mobile app only, like Instagram, people are using Snapchat on PC using a backdoor. 

In the past, third-party applications or mobile OS emulators like BlueStacks have been used to access the mobile app. Because of this, Snapchat often releases software updates that either softly or firmly prevent access using emulation APIs (application programming interfaces). 

Can We Use Snapchat On PC?

In terms of history, the response is occasionally yes and occasionally no. Numerous Android and iOS emulators that receive frequent updates are accessible online and give PC users access to some mobile apps’ features.

Any usability, though, is probably only going to be there while waiting for the next software update for the mobile application. Snapchat is especially vulnerable because secrecy and controlled access are key design components.

If the app were to be made available to third parties, the development team would not be doing their job. Having said that, mobile OS emulators are not created with the sole intention of taking advantage of mobile apps or breaking the Terms of Service. Emulators are typically used to test the functionality of apps or to play mobile games on a bigger screen.

Alternatively, if your phone breaks for some reason, you can use an emulator to access mobile accounts when they’re unavailable, saving you the trouble of having to retrieve them across other platforms. But, what if Snapchat restricts you from using all emulators? Snapchat has already stopped working on Bluestack. Do you know how to use Snapchat on PC without emulator? 

How To Use Snapchat On PC Without Emulator?

How To Use Snapchat On Pc Without Emulator

You might not choose the most widely used approach, and I always favor tailored solutions. I believe that in order for Bluestacks to run well, contemporary technology is necessary, and older hardware may occasionally experience issues. Because Google OS has a distinct design that is incompatible with Linux OS, Windows OS, and Mac desktop environments, you cannot run Android apps on PC without emulator.

Step 1: Drag and drop the file into the emulator after starting Nox App Player to complete the installation. The APK file may be found, and you can double-click it to install it thanks to Nox App Player’s file recognition capabilities.

Step 2: You may either download it from the Play Store while logged into your Google account or choose to install it manually.

Step 3: Start using the app by selecting it from the menu, then explore Snapchat.

The non-Android device is not permitted to use the company’s services since it violates their privacy policies. Create a new account on your phone, then sign in with it using the emulator.

How To Use Snapchat On PC Using MeMu

How To Use Snapchat On Pc Without Emulator

Answering how to use Snapchat on PC without emulator is difficult since it’s almost impossible to run Snapchat on PC without emulator. However, considering Snapchat cannot be accessed using BlueStack, you can try MeMu. Let’s follow the steps below:

Step1: From the official MeMu website, download and install it. 

Step 2: To download anything from the Google Play Store, users must have an active, linked Android account. To access the store, sync an account.

Step 3: The Google Play Store’s extensive collection is accessible through the search bar. A link to Snapchat’s Play Store page can be found by searching for “Snapchat.”

Step 4: “Install” button should be chosen. Within the MeMu interface, Snapchat will be instantly downloaded and installed.

Step 5: After installation, locate Snapchat in the MeMu interface.

Step 6: Open the Snapchat app using the MeMu icon. The PC version of Snapchat can be opened by clicking the icon.

Wrapping Up

How to use Snapchat on PC without emulator – answering the question is much more difficult than it looks. We helped you to find a solution to use Snapchat on PC without emulator with Nox and MeMu, which are the substitute for BlueStack. However, the solution may not be the same one you are looking for. Looking for Snapchat Plus Planets? For any queries let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Snapchat! 


Q1. Is There A Way To Use A Snapchat Pc?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed an emulator, click or tap after signing into your Google account to go to the Google Play store. Look up and download Snapchat just like you would on an iOS or Android device, then sign in to your account. You only need to do this once. 

Q2. How Can I Use Snapchat on My Computer Without Downloading It?

Unfortunately, checking your Snapchat requires the Android or iOS app. However, you may use an Android emulator to download Snapchat to your computer. How can I use Snapchat without downloading the application? Since there is no other way to use Snapchat, be sure to download both Bluestacks and the Snapchat app.

Q3. Can I Use Snapchat On Chrome?

To access Snapchat for Web on your PC, open Chrome or Edge and navigate to Sign in using your Snapchat account. Unfortunately, Snapchat for Web isn’t yet compatible with other web browsers like Safari or Firefox.

Q4. How do you use Snapchat Online on PC?

Snapchat on the web functions similarly to the Snapchat app for mobile devices. By visiting and entering in with your Snapchat username and password, you may access all of your messages, contacts, and other data.

Q5. Does Snapchat Have a Website?

To access Snapchat for Web, users simply go to and log in with their Snapchat username and password. After then, two-step verification on your phone will be asked of you automatically. Once Snapchat is launched on the web, your conversations can continue where they left off on mobile.

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