How To Watch Jan 6 Hearings Online | The Year Long Investigation Comes To An End!

How To Watch Jan 6 Hearings Online

Do you want to watch Jan 6 hearings? Do you know how to watch Jan 6 hearings online? No? Ok! No worries. You will be able to watch the Jan 6 hearings online after you read this post. Well, the house committee spent around a year investigating the Jan 6, 2021 attack that took place on the Capitol.

Moreover, along with the attack, the events that led to the second public hearing on Monday. This in turn expands the themes that it laid out in the initial session last week. It is expected that the future hearing will shift gears.

As this is mainly because the committee members will dissect the timeline from the days after the election to the riot. So, if you want to know how to watch Jan 6 hearings online, then it will be aired on all of the major broadcast networks. Well, the committee hosted the first television hearing last Thursday which attracted around 20 million viewers. The second hearing was held on Monday.

Now, do you want to get more insights about the Jan 6 hearings? If so, then you gotta read below to find more information about the Jan 6 hearings.

How To Watch Jan 6 Hearings Online

How To Watch Jan 6 Hearings Online

The first hearing was scheduled for last Thursday, the second one is scheduled for Monday, June 13 at 10:00 am EDT. However, the scheduled witness Bill Stepien pushed the hearing close to 11:00 am EDT, because of some family emergencies.

If you want to know how to watch Jan 6 hearings online, then you will be able to watch it on most of the broadcast networks as well as cable news stations, except Fox News. This is because Fox News doesn’t want the truth to be revealed to the viewers of the happenings on Jan 6. It is doing everything to stop the viewers from knowing the truth.

If you want to stream Jan 6 committee hearings online, then you can stream it on the committee’s YouTube page. Moreover, you will also find the live stream of the Jan 6 hearings on Peacock, which is a streaming service and is a part of the NBCUniversal family.

The committee has packaged its findings in such a way that it represents the American public. The panel hired the former ABC News president James Goldston to help in the proceedings. The huge number of viewers that showed up in the first hearing last Thursday is proof that the strategy is actually working.

Who Will Testify Before The Jan 6 Committee Hearings?

How To Watch Jan 6 Hearings Online

The first hearing has testimony from the US Capitol police officer Caroline Edwards. Also, the documentarian named Nick Quested was present during the Capitol riot. Edwards was injured as he was a part of the force trying to defend the Capitol. He had to suffer a concussion and skull injury when the crowd had forced its way through the barricade. Quested was given the title of the Proud Boys during the attack. However, it is not clear what his testimony will exactly focus on.

The second hearing is expected to add the video testimony from the former Trump campaign counsel Matt Morgan and former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt.

What Will The Future Hearings Focus On?

Well, the future hearings will focus on issues like an effort by President Donald J. Trump to install the loyalist above the Justice departments. The pressure campaign on the Vice president Mike Pence to not allow congress from certifying the electoral college count. Also, how Mr. Trump encouraged the supporters including the militia groups to come to Washington on Jan 6 for the rally which immediately led to the attack.

Hearing Schedule

Hearing Schedule

Hearing 2, June 13: It showed how Trump is involved and how much effort he has put in to spread false and fraudulent information. Even though he knew that he had lost the election. This was testified by the former Fox News staff Chris Stirewalt.

Hearing 3, June 15: This hearing will focus on the alleged plot of Trump to influence and also to replace the US Attorney General to claim a false election. Jeffrey Rosen will testify as he was then the acting attorney general, his justice department official Steve Engel and deputy Richard Donoghue.

Hearing 4: It will focus on the efforts of Trump to pressure VP Mike Pence to stop the electoral count. Probably this heating will take place on Thursday, June 16. Greg Jacob who was the former chief counsel to the vice president will testify.

Hearing 5, June 21: This hearing will trace the alleged efforts of the then-president and his influence on the state legislators and the election officials. Brad Raffensperger the secretary of state of Georgia and Gabriel Sterling who is one of the top aides of the secretary will be testified.

Hearing 6 and 7: In this hearing, the way Trump called out for the violent mob will be discussed in detail. How he directed them to come to US Capitol and how he acted that he failed to stop those people from invading the Capitol building. There is no set date for these two proceedings as of now.

Wrapping Up:

So now after reading this post you do know how to watch Jan 6 hearings online. You can find it on the committee’s YouTube page or on the News channels, except Fox News.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Will The Hearing Take Place?

The hearing will take place in the Cannon House Office building.

Q. When Is The Next Hearing?

The next hearing will be on Wednesday, June 15 at 10:00 am EDT.

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