How will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Change The Graphic Designing Industry?

How will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Change the Graphic Designing Industry

The imperfections in the creations, is the beauty and the watermark of human made. When Raja Ravi Verma, the father of Indian modern art created the very first picture of Hindu goddess Sarswati towards the end of 1800s, it was only prompt of unconfined imagination to the greatest mind ever in the history of art. Leave alone Adobe Firefly, no generative AI can dare change the graphic design industry, established by the artists of the art itself.

Adobe, established in 1980 has ruled the market since, with its fabulous products like Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign are some of the few to name from the long list. It has enabled many to explore the possibilities lying in the imagination with the tools provided. Now with the launch of Firefly, Adobe is quite late into the party, but has been loud and glittering enough, so that all eyes rolled over to its inception in AI. 

The possibilities of Adobe Firefly generative AI changing the Graphic Industry are vast, we have tried to explore many. In this article, you will also get to read the pros and cons of Firefly’s Beta Version and artists around the globe have protesting against such development in AI.

Welcomed by many, cursed by even more, reasons are many and we are here to explore. To quench our curiosity, our team of AI experts have spent a brief period of time exploring what’s in the box Adobe has bought for us. Well, we checked and you will get to know as soon as your glances slide through the pages of this piece of writing. Turn the pages below!!

What Is Adobe Firefly Generative AI?

Adobe Firefly is a Family/Group/Set of multiple generative models. It primarily has been launched for commercial use, in which users can create images by prompting text to the bot. A great number of features are made available to the users, you can simply describe your imagination and image will be created. It’s not the very first time that  something like this has been provided to the users. Open AI’s Dall-e, Stable Diffusion launched earlier, are also the same text to image AI model. The difference is in the language models used and Adobe also claims that it has trained its firefly Generative AI on its Royalty free media library and also to the content of which copyrights have expired.

How will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Change the Graphic Designing Industry

This might be as learning and the outcome which Stable diffusion and Open AI both are facing legal issues, because they used web-scraped images data majorly from the supplier of stock images, Getty Images. The same has now dragged them to the courtroom, where as Adobe said it will use its own library and wont allow the transfer the style of one image to another to generate new ones.

What Can Creators Do with Adobe Firefly Generative AI?

With the launch of Adobe Firefly AI Generative AI, the creativity will be unleashed now, there will be many features which will be used at an ease that were earlier complicated or inaccessible. It’s for everyone now, who love art and love to create.


It’s in beta stage currently, which means it’s being made available only to some selected group of people as requested by them. Users can simply type the description of the image they have been looking for. The bot will check and process the prompts and images will be created.


After the image is created, multiple variable options will be provided to make changes along the different elements in the image. Users can select the desired image and further can take it to the edit stage.


Images created, now can be edited. Here users can make color corrections, matchings, background changes, adding elements, correcting/matching tones of the different elements in the image. It purely depends upon the learnings and knowledge of Adobe Generative AI, which enables users to create images closer to their imagination and reality.

How Will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Change Graphic Designing?

No promises ever made in the history of mankind have come true ever and when we are relying on inventions like AI, the chances are weak. As per the observation from the earlier inventions in the same industry which has given the same such products, we can say that it will never be perfect, it’s just how users’ demands are being matched with the end result provided by the AI models. If we precisely talk about Adobe firefly generative AI thighs are still folded and are opening quite gradually. Let it take its time to unfreeze and flow in steady motion for the best of its applications and user cases to occur, nothing for sure can be said now.

How will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Change the Graphic Designing Industry

Positive Impact Of Adobe Firefly Generative AI

Apart from the many condemnations it’s facing, there are many who find it worth trying and adopting to speed the results with much details and accuracy and that too with less time. We have below listed some of the positive impacts or outcomes of Adobe Firefly Generative AI, we will discuss them in brief for you to understand and decide if it suits your demands and job or industry you are part of:

Increased Creativity

There is no doubt that creativity when given tools which enabled it to flow more smoothly and with closer to the imagination, this might help many of the graphic designing artists around the globe to use Adobe firefly to bring the best out of themselves. We all know how great Adobe Photoshop already is, imagine it provided with such powers that you now don’t need to search for the right filter, color tone correction tools, scrapping, cropping and what not to make a clear image which you clicked in the first place. Now just feed in your imagination and Adobe Firefly will follow the description to give you the best image, no clickings, no editings, no millions of hours spent.

Time Saving

The job which you were doing yourselves which was taking “n” amount of time and still was lacking to touch the perfection level is now being given to a bot known as Adobe Firefly which will just draw your imagination and that too in seconds with almost zero bugs. How wonderful it will be, to get the job done in seconds which was taking days earlier!!


It happens oftenly that human minds need break from whatever they have been doing since long, its natural and it’s how actually the human minds work. But the case is not the same with the bots and when bots are among the best like Adobe Firefly, you just worry not, that what you delivered yesterday, if you will be able to draw the same or not, the bot will take care of it. You just sit back and relax and keep attention on descriptions fed to the Adobe Firefly Generative AI. Check the results, polish and launch!!


The easy accessibility to the best and advanced tools available is what most people only dream of. In this prevailing time of technology when everything is being carried in a palm sized device, many are still wandering around to look for the best tools and spots to draw their talent out. It’s not the same case now, the Adobe Firefly Generative AI is still in its Beta stage, but it will not be always and soon will be made available to all, get ready to display your talent. It’s not about some handful of graphic designers now!!

Cost Saving

Of course humans are the best creators, but they demand a lot. Time, details, and above all money, which sometimes make them unavailable and inaccessible to many. The gap has been filled by humans themselves, by developing bots to replace or you can say help them. The cost is low and efficiency is what even humans are even fascinated with.

Negative Impact Of Adobe Firefly Generative AI

Job Displacement

It’s a debatable issue, this just varies from nation to nation. How they make use of these AI bots and what sort of cap they put on such usage of technology, bots developed by humans can’t eradicate humans. China has already banned AI bots which are without watermarks. On the other hand one best thing which Adobe has announced Compensation model, in which artists can submit their content for training of Adobe Firefly and this is how artists can monetize their content

Impact On The Design Industry

Many artists are protesting against the launch of Adobe Firefly Generative AI. It’s not they will be perished no, it’s about that art will be fabricated which will adversely affect the design industry as per them. Well, there are different opinions doing rounds over the internet, we try to go through many, but still what we believe is that it depends on human intelligence and their understanding. 

Intellectual Property

With already said that the consequences faced by Dall-e and Stable diffusion after they launched their text to image AI models. Web-scraping is not something new, and when Getty images came to know about the scraping of the data from their websites, they slapped Dall-e and Stable diffusion with legal consequences. Adobe has claimed that it has an ethical approach for the training of Firefly generative AI. Let’s wait and watch how well they keep up their tall claims.

Ethical Concerns

Adobe has already claimed at the time of launch of Firefly Generative AI that it won’t allow transfer of the same style of photo to another to create a new one. It trained Firefly with its Royalty free library. No copyrights infringement is being done and metadata accessed is copyright expired. It remains to be seen how things unfold when Firefly reaches its advanced stages.

Quality Issues

What our experts have to say is that, it’s just a bot and humans have full control over it and if we go by the claims made by the Adobe, it performs up to the satisfactory level in its beta stage. Rest is yet to be seen as aspirants are only submitting their online applications for Adobe Firefly’s access and as soon as the reports start pouring in Deasilex will keep you posted.

Will Adobe Firefly Generative AI Replace The Graphic Designers?

(We don’t think that it can. As it is still in the developing mode and graphics designing has a lot to deal with human emotions, that is missing)

It’s not only hard, it’s almost impossible, imagine filling emotions in a stone hearted or non empath human and it’s just a bot. At the time of launch of ChatGPT, there were many speculations that coders will go home, and after the launch of Jasper, many rumours were flying around that content writers will sit with a book in hand fishing on the banks of a river. Humans are here only, and not leaving this planet anytime soon, these bots have just been created as per our understanding to help us and not to eradicate us. 


Bots have been created for a very long time. History tells us that they only decreased human efforts and have indeed tried to replace humans but they seldom succeeded. They can’t give ideas, they can’t splash their blood on the canvas, they can’t make Monalisa blink and they can’t create better illusions than us. Who knows if they are the best of illusions humans ever created.

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