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Hydra Discord Bot

No matter whether you are a gamer or not, Hydra Discord Bot has to be the MUST in your favorite Discord bot list. Besides, who doesn’t love music? Yes, Discord Hydra Bot is one of the most popular music discord bots you can find on the internet today. If you have tried Soul Music Discord bot or Jockie Music Discord bot, then adding Hydra Discord Bot to your server will be fun for you. 

In broadways, Hydra Discord Bot is not just only a dedicated music bot but also includes Reaction Roles. This is a feature, where you can create your custom messages and use them whenever required. You can also use emoji shortcut messages. Overall if you do not have Hydra Discord Bot on your server, you are missing the party! 

The Hydra Discord Bot will be added to your Discord account instantly after you click the link and provide it with all the necessary permissions. On the left side of the Discord webpage, in your Discord account, you may see the Discord Hydra Bot.

Similar to Imgur Discord Bot, adding Hydra Discord Bot to the server is very simple, but you’ll need a persistent server link. Still, perplexed? Learn more about setting up the Hydra Discord Bot on your server by reading the blog.

What Is Hydra Bot Discord?

Hydra bot is a music bot with a simple reaction-based menu and an innovative method of displaying the currently playing song and queue (however, it’s optional). This Hydra Bot Discord can be used in one of two ways:

  1. Use songName/Url here command to use it like any other music bot.
  2. To create a customized songrequest channel, use the.setup command. There, you may easily add songs to your queue by name or URL (no prefix or command needed).

Most commands only function in the song request channel after setup. Because Discord Hydra bot is bilingual, you can choose the language you like.

To list every language available, type “.language list”.

You can volunteer to translate or ask for new tongues. You can input “.playlists” to enable/disable the option to load favorites and playlists in the queue. They are by default turned on.

Hydra Discord Bot Link

Although Hydra Discord Bot is immensely popular, you may face difficulty finding the official invitation link to add the Hydra Discord Bot to your server. However, we have found the official Discord Hydra Bot link for your convenience. To seamlessly listen to hundreds of music and send custom messages to make friends on Discord, follow the link below.

Hydra Discord Bot – Invite Link

How To Add Hydra Bot To Discord Server? 

Although it can seem a little difficult at first, using the Discord UI is pretty straightforward. We’ll take you step by step through the process of how to add hydra to discord server.

Step 1: Visit the Hydra Bot Discord official website and add it to your Discord server as the first step.

Step 2: Click “Invite Now”.

Step 3: A pop-up window requesting access to your Discord account and your login information will display.

Step 4: A window seeking permission to access your account will display when you log in. The “Add to Server” drop-down menu can be found and chosen. By clicking here, you can add a bot to a list of Discord servers. After choosing a server, press “Continue.”

Step 5: Examine the server permissions that the bot requests. Choose Options and deselect them as necessary. When you’re ready, press “Authorize.”

Congratulations! The Hydra Discord Bot has been successfully added to your Discord server. Just following these simple steps can solve your issue of how to add hydra to discord server.

Hydra Discord Bot Commands 

Following are the hydra bot commands that you should use while using Hydra Discord Bot:

.helpShows the help menu.Aliases: h
.lyricsShows lyrics for the currently playing song.Aliases: lyric, ly
.lyrics <song title>Shows lyrics for the provided song.
.pingShows the latency of the bot.Aliases: latency
.ping wsShows the websocket latency of the bot.
.ping restShows the rest latency of the bot.
.play <song name/url> [flags]Plays a song.Aliases: p
.play filePlays the file attached to the message.
.playlistPlay your saved default playlist.Aliases: pl
.playlist listList your saved playlists.
.playlist show <playlist name> [page number]Show the songs within the provided playlist.
.playlist song save <url> Save a song to your default or provided playlist
.playlist song delete <songId> Delete a song from your default or provided playlist
.premiumstatusShow the user and server premium statusAliases: prem, premium
.queueShows the queue.Aliases: q, list
.queue <page number>Show a specific page of the queue.
.search <song name>Searches and lets you choose a song.
.songinfoShows details of the song currently being played.Aliases: si, np, song, nowplaying
.songinfo <song number>Shows the detail of a specific song in the queue.
.voteskipLets you vote for skipping the current track.Aliases: vs

Wrapping Up

Music is fun as well as comforting. This blog will help you with how to install the Hydra Discord Bot on your server as well as some handful of commands. If you are looking for some more intense music bots, here are some suggestions for you: 8 Best Discord Music Bots. For more interesting updates on Discord, follow Deasilex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Hydra Bot Do On Discord?

With the help of this feature, you can collaborate with other server administrators and make posh bespoke messages with buttons and embeds without having to remove and redo anything that was previously written!

Q2. Is Hydra A Good Bot?

The best Spotify Discord bot is Hydra’s, specifically. Additionally, Hydra comes with the best admin features that enable you to govern who may use the bot and which channels it can access.

Q3. Is Hydra Bot Paid?

At its essence, Hydra is and always will be a free service. However, managing such a project takes a lot of time, energy, and materials, all of which, regrettably, are expensive.

Q4. Does Hydra Use Youtube?

Due to recent developments, we were compelled to advance our plans for quickly altering Hydra’s course. This required that YouTube be immediately removed from Hydra’s list of supported platforms. With this, we were forced to disable the ability to queue content from services like YouTube and others.

Q5. Why Is Hydra Deafened?

Is the server or Hydra muted? It occasionally occurs that you either forget to unmute Hydra or someone is making fun of you. In that scenario, you must make certain that Hydra is not in any way muted. You should also make sure your volume slider is set to 0% if Hydra is not muted.

Q6. How To Unmute Hydra Bot Discord?

Although it is mostly a problem on your end, it is possible that Hydra does not transmit any audio. We’ll walk you through a few steps that ought to help you solve this problem. This issue can be happening because you have muted the hydra bot discord or the hydra server deafened. or this can be happening because you have weak internet connection.

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