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Hypesquad Discord

Have you ever heard of the HypeSquad Discord? You may have seen various badges next to the names of some members if you frequently use Discord. They, who? How did they acquire those awesome badges? What can I do in order to join the squad? What advantages are there? And what precisely is the HypeSquad Discord? 

Confused? HypeSquad and Nitro are two of the primary programs that Discord offers, among its many other services and activities. 250 million people use the service, and this specific Discord community is called HypeSquad to attract more app aficionados. 

The Discord community has chosen HypeSquad to represent international tournaments and online services. Discord will now test you and let you know how you fared in your promotion. Pay close attention to the fact that, if applicable, not everyone may enter. However, once it is made, you get access to the most exclusive Discord gang. This article will walk you through how to join HypeSquad Discord along with all the info you are looking for. 

What Is HypeSquad Discord?

The HypeSquad Discord is a community initiative that has both online and offline versions and was introduced in early 2016. The representative service provided by the online HypeSquad Discord program included users of the Discord platform. This allows them to take part in events by taking part in online promotions. You can coordinate joint social and gaming events in addition.

HypeSquad is essentially and fundamentally a group of Discord users who have been chosen to represent Discord online, globally. What does this signify, though? It certainly involves more than just a flashy badge and a sense of community. However, you must know about the three houses and three tires. But, first, learn how to join the server!

What Are The Benefits Of Discord HypeSquad?

Well, how will you get benefited from the Discord HypeSquad? and what are the rewards of the Discord HypeSquad? So let’s know about it:

  • Your discord profile will be assigned a badge just next to it. This will be visible to all of you. The badge will serve as a constant reminder that you are one of the “it” guys and have access to benefits that the rest do not.
  • You will have special access to the super secret HypeSquad event. You will be one of them who have access to this security event.
  • You will have access to the HypeSquad exclusive t-shirt.
  • You will be sent “big ol’ box of goodies” by the discord team to support and encourage you.

HypeSquad Discord Server Link

HypeSquad Discord is one of the most famous Discord servers as mentioned earlier. When joining gaming Discords is relatively easy, you may find most of the HypeSquad Discord scattered on the internet is spam. Here is the HypeSquad Discord server link for you:

Click to Join the HypeSquad Discord Sever Now!

How To Join HypeSquad Discord Server?

If you are a fan of HypeSquad Discord, then you should connect to the HypeSquad Discord server channel to remain updated. To join the HypeSquad Discord server, here is a quick guide for you.

To join the HypeSquad Discord server > Discord account > Login > Link > Accept > Invite > I am Human Checkbox

Step 1: Open the Discord website.

Step 2: Log into your account.

Step 3: If you don’t have an account, then you have to create a new account.

Step 4: You need to have a working phone number to create an account.

Step 5: You can also create an account using the email address.

Step 6: Once you are done, click on the HypeSquad Discord Server link.

Step 7: Click to accept the invite.

Step 8: Complete the captcha to confirm you are a human and not a robot.

Step 9: Once you are done, you have successfully joined the Synapse X Discord server.

What Are The Requirements To Join HypeSquad Discord?

You must be at least 13 years old, must have a Discord account, and pass a quick quiz to join HypeSquad Discord. You must submit a different application here if you wish to take part in some of the big shows that Discord hosts with the HypeSquad.As a result of the large number of users who apply to join the HypeSquad Discord periodically opens and closes HypeSquad applications for its live events.

For instance, a notification stating that registrations have been paused is posted on the Discord website at the moment this piece is being written. Although they are not prerequisites, enthusiasm, and Discord loyalty are vital for HypeSquad members.

Discord HypeSquad Houses

Members of HypeSquad can choose from 3 different houses on Discord. To determine your house, you must take the HypeSquad test. You could say that the Discord HypeSquad test serves as a sorting hat of sorts. Take a look at the houses they are:

1. House Of Bravery

Hypesquad Discord

“The universe needs people to lead the charge with confident optimism and tenacity. Without the brave, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

The greatest way to sum up the House of Bravery is with a phrase from Discord. You must first earn the right to receive the HypeSquad courage badge before attempting to learn how to obtain it. The House of Bravery represents the values of leadership, tenacity, and unwavering self-confidence. Only when you combine all three of these qualities can you describe yourself as “brave.”

2. House Of Brilliance

Hypesquad Discor

“It takes patience and discipline to become a vital member of the universe. Without brilliance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

You should practice the characteristics of patience, composure, and discipline above all else if you wish to join the House of Brilliance and get the HypeSquad Brilliance badge. No worthy decision is ever made and no resolution is ever resolved without self-control and peace.

3. House Of Balance

Hypesquad Discord

“Harmony and poise are necessary to create equilibrium in the universe. Without balance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

The penultimate quality of balance rewards you when you add the same amounts of brilliance, boldness, and calmness to the cauldron. Members who can demonstrate a balanced and regulated approach are sought after by the House of Balance.

How To Get HypeSquad Badge?

To get the HypeSquad badge just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: To get the HypeSquad badge first join the HypeSquad discord.

Step 2: Now take the HypeSquad quiz.

Step 3: After completing the quiz you will be assigned a house.

Follow these simple steps and it will solve your issue of how to get HypeSquad badge.

How To Get HypeSquad Of Your Choice?

To get HypeSquad of your choice you can follow these simple steps:

  • If you have already been given the quiz and you are not happy with the house assigned to you then you can re-attempt the quiz and may the odds be in your favor this time.
  • If you have given the quiz couple of times then It is always preferable to know which answers point to which house. That is essentially the crux of your problem.

HypeSquad Discord Tiers

Following are the three tires – Online Tire, Event Attendee Tire, and Event Coordinator Tier you need to know about: 

1. Online Tire

  1. Join the houses of Bravery, Brilliance, or Balance.
  2. HypeSquad house badge appropriate for your Discord profile.
  3. Email updates from HypeSquad.
  4. Giveaways of merchandise and contests.
  5. Household obstacles

2. Event Attendae Tire

  1. Access to a server is only available to HypeSquad Events.
  2. Badge from HypeSquad Events.
  3. T-shirts, stickers, and pins from HypeSquad (link will be received in the acceptance email).
  4. Attend events to meet and socialize with Discord personnel.

3. Event Coordinator Tier

Swag package for events that comes out every three months.

Is HypeSquad Discord On Mobile? 

The mobile app does not contain HypeSquad Discord. However, a web browser on your mobile can be used to access HypeSquad Discord. All you have to do to access HypeSquad is log into your Discord profile on the site and convert your device to desktop mode. And after you sign up for the server specific to your HypeSquad House (Balance, Brilliance, or Bravery), you can use your mobile device to access that server just like you would any other server. Just the initial setup is not accessible on mobile devices.

HypeSquad Discord – How To Change Your House?

Follow the steps below to change your house in HypeSquad Discord –

Step 1: Open Discord and click the gear icon in the bottom left to access “User Settings.”

Step 2: Choose “HypeSquad” from the list on the left.

Step 3: Go ahead and click the “Take the test again” button.

Step 4: Retake the test, and after you’re done, you’ll be given a house.

HypeSquad Discord – How To Leave The Group?

Follow the steps below to leave HypeSquad Discord –

Step 1: Open Discord and click the gear icon in the bottom left to access “User Settings.”

Step 2: Choose “HypeSquad” from the list on the left.

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, select the “Leave the HypeSquad” button.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article enlightens you about how to join HypeSquad Discord mobile along with the house and tire information you are looking for. If you are in love with this survival game, here are some suggested Discord servers where you can join: Super People Discord, Fallout 76 Discord, Myuu Discord, and Tower of Fantasy Discord. Let me know which Discord server is more fun! 

Keep following Deasilex for more Discord Updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Get Discord HypeSquad Badge?

It is simple to join a House. Simply navigate to User Settings to find the new HypeSquad tab! After you complete a five-question aptitude test, you can choose to live in one of these three stunning new homes. Go take the test to determine your place in the world!

Q2. Is HypeSquad Discord Still Available?

Discord HypeSquad Applications have been put on hold while we clean up our end of the house. But don’t worry, we’ll have the applications operational in no time. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Q3. What Does HypeSquad On Discord Mean?

The HypeSquad is a group of Discord users chosen to represent the platform at international events and online. Think of the HypeSquad as Discord’s ambassadors.

Q4. Can Anyone Join The HypeSquad?

Not everyone is eligible to join HypeSquad. At least to a certain extent, it is a closed-off neighborhood. You must be at least 13 years old to register as a member online. Although you must be 13 years of age or older to use Discord, this isn’t a necessity.

Q5. Which HypeSquad Is The Best?

The House of Brilliance is largely regarded as the most important HypeSquad on the platform precisely because of this reason. More than any particular duties, the group’s purpose for distinguishing it from rival organizations.

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