iOS 16.3 Should I Update? Everything New in iOS 16.3!

iOS 16.3 Should I Update

All iPhones 8 and later can download iOS 16.3, which has a few intriguing improvements like support for physical security keys for Apple IDs. More significantly, it includes a number of security updates as well as bug fixes which iPhone customers have been expecting for. So, if your question is, iOS 16.3 Should I Update? Let’s find the answer in this article. 

iOS 16.3 Should I Update? The iOS 16.3 update “fixes an issue where horizontal lines may temporarily appear while waking up iPhone 14 Pro Max,” as per Apple’s release notes. Some iPhone 14 customers have been complaining about horizontal lines appearing across their displays over the last few weeks. The lines reportedly show when the iPhone restarts, according to accounts on social media and message boards. The version also fixes a few annoying Siri, CarPlay, as well as Lock Screen problems.

iOS 16.3 Should I Update? Yes, you should! There is a handful of reasons! If you don’t apply security patches to your devices, they may lead to serious issues. The one that raised the reddest flags included Apple’s parental monitoring and screen management software, Screen Time. There are a few improvements in the patch that could prevent arbitrary code flow as well.

If you are as equally excited as we are regarding the update iOS 16.3 that was released on 23rd January 2023, let’s go through the article and find the answer to – iOS 16.3 Should I Update? 

iOS 16.3 Update – Now Available

On January 23, 2023, iOS 16.3 became available to all supporting iPhones. There has been close to a month of testing since developer betas started in late December. This version makes significant modifications to emergency SOS and adds additional ways to secure your Apple ID. End-to-end encryption in form of Advanced Data Protection for iCloud was added with the iOS 16.2 release in December 2022. It featured lock screen widgets, and a new FreeForm app, including Apple Music Sing.

A new Unity wallpaper is included in iOS 16.3 by Apple. It honors the contributions of people of color to history and serves as their means of celebrating. The background is intended to promote unity during Black History Month. 

Now, let us find the answer to your question – iOS 16.3 Should I Update?

iOS 16.3 Should I Update?

Your iPhone needs to be updated! You may download and install iOS 16.3 right now if your iPhone is available for iOS 16, which means it must be an iPhone 8 or newer. This most recent iOS version is something every iPhone user should be interested in because it includes a significant security update and fixes several annoying problems. So, if you are questioning – iOS 16.3 Should I Update? Go through the updates below and find the answer:

#1 Wallpaper

A brand-new Black History Month wallpaper. After adding a brand-new page, long-pressing the “lock screen”, selecting a new background from the “Unity” area, and setting it, you can use it.

#2 Physical Security Key

You can now utilize a physical security key for your Apple ID, a different device used to validate yourself while entering into your account, as part of an enhancement to the security of your account. If you create one, logging into an Apple ID on new devices will require both two-factor authentications as well as a physical security key. Although it makes logging in a little more difficult, the purpose is still served: malicious users won’t be able to get into your profile on other devices minus the actual key. Apple suggests the YubiKey 5Ci, FEITAN ePass K9 NFC USB-A, and YubiKey 5Ci NFC keys, although any FIDO Certified Security key will function.

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#3 Emergency SOS Fixed

Additionally, you won’t have to stress about making erroneous Emergency SOS calls. Apple will now demand you to disengage the volume buttons while making the call in addition to holding down the Side button and the up or down volume button. Before, you could continue holding down these buttons beyond the shut-down screen to make an Emergency SOS call. Although beneficial, it was the cause of quite a few unintentional 911 calls; this update will make it more difficult for this to happen.

#4 Following Bugs Are Fixed 

Consider fixing unwanted bugs and you will find positive answers to – iOS 16.3 Should I Update? Although We love new features, we prefer it when Apple prioritizes reliability. There are six known bugs with iOS 16.3 that should be fixed after the update:

  1. Some drawing strokes made with the Apple Pencil or your finger will not display on shared boards in Freeform, the company’s new endless whiteboard app.
  2. On the Lock Screen, the wallpaper should not be black.
  3. When you wake up an iPhone 14 Pro Max, no temporary horizontal lines should show up.
  4. Now, the Home Lock Screen widget must appropriately show the state of the Home app.
  5. Now, whenever you ask Siri to play music, she should answer appropriately.
  6. Requests made via Siri in CarPlay ought to function normally as well.

How To Install iOS 16.3?

Now that we have answered your query – iOS 16.3 Should I Update, it’s time to recapitulate how to install iOS 16.3! iOS 16.3 is compliant with every iPhone that can run iOS 16. This covers all iPhone models introduced in 2017 and later. The upgrade will be available for all models, including the newest 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 8.

Step 1: You should navigate to Settings, select the General tab, and look for software updates if you want to update your phone to iOS 16.3. Try rebooting your device and repeating the procedures if nothing appears.

Step 2: The device should ask you to reboot once you’ve completed downloading and installing the update. You’ll find iOS 16.3 on your iPhone as soon as you restart.

Step 3: For phones that can’t run iOS 16, iOS 15.7.3 is now available, and iOS 12.5.7 is now available for those that can’t run iOS 13 and higher.

Wrapping Up

Hope, we have answered your query – iOS 16.3 Should I Update. Your experience will be better if you update your smartphone to iOS 16.3, which fixes a lot of nagging flaws. We recommend you give this update a try. However, those of you using iOS 16.1.2 and earlier versions of iOS should proceed with caution while upgrading to iOS 16.3. There is no turning back to the current iOS version on your phone after you switch to it. Follow Deasilex for more updates on iPhone and Tech news. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is iOS 16 Worth Upgrading?

It’s always feasible to have issues you haven’t had previously because no iOS update is bug-free. That being said, we firmly believe that most customers will benefit greatly from downloading the most recent version given the new features and security upgrades contained in iOS 16.1 and later.

Q2. Should I Upgrade To iOS 15.7 Or 16?

According to independent security analyst Sean Wright, iPhone users should upgrade to iOS 15.7 or iOS 16 for security reasons. Some people, he says, “prefer waiting until the problems are worked out first, and that’s understandable.” Wright, though, advises that you finally upgrade to iOS 16.

Q3. Is It Safe To Download iOS 16?

Installing iOS 16 on an iPhone is secure? Now, downloading and installing the iOS 16 beta ought to be secure for regular users. Before updating your iPhone to it, take into account the possibility of instability concerns including crashing and subpar performance.

Q4. Is iOS 16 Stable For Daily Use?

The beta we experienced throughout the summer has been refined and made stable in the iOS 16 launch candidate. Even yet, if you’re comfortable with iOS 15, you don’t necessarily need to update your phone right now because OS versions only become more reliable with time.

Q5. What Does iOS 16.3 Do?

Corrects a problem where the iPhone 14 Pro Max may momentarily display black lines when waking up. The Home Lock Screen widget’s inaccurate display of the state of the Home app has been fixed. fixes problems where Siri queries in CarPlay might not be completely understood.

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