Is An iPod Worth It?

Is An iPod Worth It?

Once upon a time, iPods were the pride and joy of the youth and shook the younger generation. As technology advanced, users gradually had other options to meet their needs, making the iPod outdated. Hold your thinking if you have an iPod sitting in the corner of your drawer and you think it’s not worth keeping. We’ll let you know that your iPod is still valuable.

In the early 2000s, the iPod was a proud possession. Then improved smartphones with lots of handy functions appeared. Apple updated its iPhones as well, gradually displacing the iPod. Although Apple also improved the iPod and launched its most recent version in 2019, customers discovered the smartphone to be far more helpful in the interim.

For music lovers, iPod was once an excellent means of stress-buster. Even in 2022, you can still use the iPod and update its playlist by adding music albums.

We’ll cover the path for you if you are excited to know how to put music on iPod without iTunes. Let’s check out the most convenient way to add songs to the iPod.

How to Add Songs to iPod without iTunes?

If you’re not interested in using iTunes and want to update the playlist on your iPod, you can rely on WALTR PRO. For example, the iOS dedicated software can transfer all the song files to your iPod from your PC within a few seconds. 

The upgraded version of WALTR 2 comes up with many valuable benefits. For example, you can convert files from one format to another with the fastest speed. And it’s technique is simple drag and drop. 

So, if you know the value of your time, quickly install its free version on your PC and transfer the files to your iPod. Compatible with Windows and Mac, the software answers all current situational requirements. 

Step-by-step guide:

Follow the simplest way to add songs to your iPod:

Step 1: Install WALTR PRO

Download the free version on your PC, run the program

Step 2: Link your iPod to your PC

If you’re using a First- Second Generation iPod, use a Firewire cable + USB adapter. If you’re using the later version, take a standard USB lighting cable.

Once you connect the iPod to your PC, it’ll synchronize. 

Tips: The software allows users to connect iPods through Wifi. You need to check whether the version you’re using supports Wifi or not. 

Step 3: Drag and drop the files into the program

Depending on your choice, you can drag a single file or the entire folder. Once you select the file or files, WALTR PRO will detect the file format and convert quickly to the iOS compatible format like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF etc. 

A progress bar will appear once you drop the files into the program and while it completes the process, you’ll get the notification. 

How to Add Music to iPod with Cloud Services

It’s another free option to add music to your iPod. Cloud-based file-sharing options, including Dropbox and Google Play Music, help you add playlists to your iPod for free. The only drawback is you can share a specific limit file size; if it exceeds, you need to pay for the extra. Further, your iPod should have good storage to keep MP3 files, and you’re using a similar account for the source device and target device. However, it’s also easy to add songs to your iPod. 

Step-by-step guide

Follow the below steps to transfer the music files from your PC to Dropbox.

Step 1: Install Dropbox on your PC and iPod

Install the Dropbox on your PC and iPod. 

Step 2: Signing to Dropbox

Using the same account login to Dropbox

Step 3: Start Uploading

Open the Dropbox program, tap “Upload Files,” and select the song file you want to shift to iPod.

Note: If you don’t have Dropbox installed on your PC, then visit and upload the files to it

Step 4: Access Dropbox from iPod

Open Dropbox on your iPod, and you can see all the song files. You can access the files directly from the cloud or download them to your iPod per your requirements.

How to Add Music to iPod with iTunes? 

If your iPod doesn’t have other data or it’s newly purchased, you can use iTunes. Because in these cases, iTunes cannot replace the old files, which is the major drawback of iTunes, and users don’t prefer it. However, it’s another option you can try to add music to iPod manually. 

Step-by-step Guide

Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your PC

Connect both devices and run iTunes automatically.

Step 2: Open iTunes

Open iTunes, tap on the device icon, and choose “Settings” > “Summary” from the left

Step 3: Click on the Manually manage option.

Go down to the “Option” section, tick the checkbox “Manually manage music and videos,,” next tap on the ” Apply” 

Step 4: Open the songs folder

Visit “Devices” > “Music”. Next, open the songs folder, select the music files you want to transfer, and next, drag and drop the files to the left panel or in the center.

Tips: Drag and drop option is available to transfer the songs from the iTunes library to your iPod. Or else you can enable auto sync mode to sync music automatically to your iPod. 


Listening to songs gives instant relief if you have a hectic day or are off-mood. Its stress-relief elements are unmatched. We have covered the best ways to add music to your iPod and use the device to listen to your favorite songs during your off-mood or when you want a quick refreshment. You can install WALTR PRO for free and quickly complete the adding process. However, you can use the cloud service or transfer files with iTunes based on your needs.

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