Is BeReal Safe For Kids? Be Real App Review For Parents!!

Is BeReal Safe For Kids

In today’s era where social media has become an integral part of our lives, it’s difficult to ascertain whether a particular social media platform is safe for kids or not. As BeReal is a new platform that has grabbed the attention of many people, especially kids and teenagers, parents have become concerned, and are looking for answers to “Is BeReal safe for kids”. So, let’s find out if it’s a safe space or not!

It is pretty normal that every parent wants to guard and guide their kids and doesn’t want them to use any harmful social media apps. For that, they monitor their online activities and decide what apps they can use and what apps can be harmful to them. So, let’s help you to find whether the BeReal app is the right platform for your kid by answering the trending question “Is BeReal safe for kids”. 

The BeReal app is considered a safe platform for kids when compared to other social media platforms.

The BeReal platform has become viral because of its concept that you need not fake it on BeReal. So, the increasing popularity of BeReal has also involved many kids in using the platform. So, if you are wondering Is BeReal safe for kids, then let’s disclose the answer along with the BeReal age limit!

What Is The BeReal App? Why Should I Let My Kid Have BeReal?  

The BeReal app is one of the latest social media apps launched in 2019. The basic concept behind this photo-sharing platform is to be real and authentic. In spite of being a new app, BeReal has gained a lot of popularity since 2022. Moreover, the unique concept of allowing users to share a single BeReal per day at random times without adding any filters or editing has been impressive for many users. Also, the policies for inappropriate content are quite useful on the BeReal app. These are the common reasons why many users, especially kids want to stay active on BeReal. Furthermore, the app’s privacy settings constitute the reasons why one should allow their kids to have BeReal. So, let’s unravel the mystery and find Is BeReal safe for kids! 

Is BeReal Safe For Kids?

Yes, BeReal is considered a safe platform for kids as compared to other social media apps.  

Though BeReal is a newer concept, the platform is committed to keeping the personal information of users private. The BeReal age limit is 12+ and many people consider the app safe for users above 12 years. However, BeReal does not have many parental controls or privacy settings. But that is not something to worry about because the app itself sets the user profile on Friends only and your posts can only be seen by your friends. Hence, the answer to Is BeReal safe for kids is yes if this factor is taken into consideration. 

Moreover, the community guidelines of the BeReal platform are specific about what is allowed on the app and what is not, so users can directly report inappropriate content in case they find any. Moreover, you can keep an additional check such as checking your kids’ screen time, checking their live location and BeReals, and more to be sure that BeReal is a safe space for them. 

How Old Kids Should Use The BeReal App?

As per Google’s Play Store, the rating for the BeReal app is T. It means that the app is for teenagers. However, as per Apple’s App Store, the BeReal app is for 12 years and above. As we have disclosed the platform is a safe place, so users above 13 years can make responsible use of the BeReal app.

Is BeReal Safer Than Snapchat?

When used carefully and wisely, every social media platform is considered safe. In the same manner, Snapchat and other social media platforms are considered safe a lot of times. However, using social media platforms can even be risky at times due to their privacy and user settings. So, parental controls can be used for such platforms as a safety measure. Moreoever, the privacy settings of the BeReal app are automatically set to private and only your friends can check your BeReals making it a safer platform for users. 

Wrapping Up

The BeReal app has been designed in an extremely unique manner to kick off the fake lifestyle and be real in front of the world. Since the app is immensely popular, your child might be interested in using the app, or maybe they are already using it. So, it is even more important to ask if Is BeReal safe for kids? The platform is considered digitally safe because of its privacy settings. Additionally, you can keep a check on your child’s daily activities on the app, and make sure that your child uses the app responsibly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I Let My 13 Year Old Get BeReal?

A. Yes, you can let your 13 years old get the BeReal app as it is intended for teenagers.

Q2. Is BeReal Social Media Safe For 12 Year Olds?

A. As per Google’s Play Store, the BeReal social media app is for users above 12 years old.

Q3. Is There Anything Inappropriate On BeReal?

A. Though BeReal has content filters, chances are that you might see inappropriate content on BeReal.

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