Is Instagram Adding Profile Views? The Rumour Is Breaking The Internet

Is Instagram Adding Profile Views

Instagram adding profile views – the thought is itself so threatening! It could be the dreaded nightmare for those Instagrammers who are following crushes on Instagram! If you still do not believe it, mark it, the threat is real and so are the social media confessions.

Yes! The rumor is in the air – Instagram adding profile views! But, is this a hoax, or is there some truth behind this gossip? Many Instagram users are already posting how worried they are and considering deleting Instagram accounts if Instagram indeed makes such subtle movements. 

No, Instagram is not adding profile views. Those who are dreaded of the thought – that if Instagram adding profile views, they can relax! Instagram has never allowed users to view Profile views and the reason is of course ‘Privacy and security’. 

The rumor – Instagram adding profile views is not new. Last year Instagram users were also shocked by a TikTok video where morphed images/clips were used to spread the rumor that Instagram is adding Profile Views. Let’s go through this article and debunk the rumor now! 

Is Instagram Adding Profile Views? Rumor 2023

No. Instagram is not adding profile views. 

Like many Instagram users, if you are also concerned about whether is Instagram adding profile views or not, let us give you a proper answer to this issue.

Yes, this rumor is an ‘issue’ to most of the Instagram users, since no one literally wishes to pop up in a list of ‘profile views’. Instagram never imposed such features earlier and they are far nor announcing adding such features in the future. Why?

Simply because of the security reasons of the Instagram users. If you are keeping an eye on your BF’s Instagram page, you will never want to show up in a list hinting at that person that you are stalking! 

Some Instagrammer Tweeted “Instagram is getting profile views? How will I stalk my bfs in my head, so inconsiderate”!

Another user said: “Okay. If Instagram is adding profile views and making it public, imma uninstall it.”

Further, we found, another user who mentioned, “Every time I look at who viewed my Instagram story, I think about that one TikTok that said it gets ordered in terms of who views your profile the most. I don’t know if that’s true but I can do without it.”

This is not the first time Instagram users are raising this concern. Last year, some TikTok video was posted showing Instagram introducing the ‘Profile Views’ feature, which was clearly morphed. 

So far, there is no official announcement of introducing features like Profile Views by Instagram as it clearly goes against their user privacy policy. 

Has Other Social Media Introduced The Feature?

No, no other social media introduced the Profile Views feature.

Like Instagram, other popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter do not have the ‘Profile Views’ option. For the reason of protecting user privacy, social media platforms are now pretty strict about revealing viewers’ details. 

You can check who viewed your stories though. However, if someone is simply hoping on your profile, you do not have the power to check that on any social media. However, social platforms like Facebook can let you ‘lock’ your profile to those who are not your friends and empower users to choose how much information they can make publicly available. 


Now that we have debunked the rumor for you, do not trust any unauthorized news on whether is Instagram adding profile views or not. We can hardly speculate what Instagram is going to add in the near future. However, it is for sure that the social media company will never add any feature that can compromise the users’ privacy. So, forget the rumor and enjoy scrolling Instagram! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Instagram never lets the users view who viewed their Instagram profile. However, you can download and try third-party apps that can help you get the data.

Q2. Does Instagram Count Profile Visits?

Yes, you can check how many times your profile was viewed on the Accounts Reached page under Account Activity. However, you cannot check who viewed your Instagram profile. 

Q3. Can Someone See How Many Times You Viewed Their Instagram Story?

No, an Instagram user cannot check how many times the story is viewed by a particular user. However, they will be notified once that the story is viewed no matter how many times it is opened by the same viewer.

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