Is Magic School AI Safe? Truth Revealed

Is Magic School AI Safe

Integration of AI in our daily lives is already under the radar. The introduction of AI in the education system is thus fueling the controversy only. Is Magic School AI safe? Like any other AI tool, Magic School AI is also taking a hit on data safety and privacy. 

Since Elon Musk showed concern about the rapid development of AI, common people are becoming more concerned about AI integration in daily life. The introduction of ChatGPT was already under question since students started using this AI bot to cheat on projects. Is Magic School AI safe? Is it going to be better than ChatGPT? 

According to the privacy policy stated by Magic School AI, this AI tool complies with FERPA, COPPA, as well as State Privacy laws. So, there is no need to suffer from the dilemma of whether is Magic School AI safe or not. 

From the above quick answer, if you are still not sure whether is Magic School AI safe or not; let us shed some light on this topic and dig deeper into the privacy policies shared by Magic School AI. 

Is Magic School AI Safe?

While most of the forums are praising the Magic School AI for its amazing support for the teachers, in the parallel world social media platforms are running articles about whether is Magic School AI safe or not for the educators and students. 

If you are also looking for the answer, let’s dig deeper into the privacy policy stated by Magic School AI. 

Privacy Protection And Compliances 

The user interface of the tool is thoughtfully designed and includes robust back-end safeguards. It is user-friendly and offers clear guidance to the teachers. 

Magic School AI also complies with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and relevant data privacy laws. They have also released a statement – “Our safeguards are aimed at maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the personal information entrusted to us.”

Moreover, the tool warns the user to avoid sharing personally identifiable information (PII). For now, they ensure that using any of the tools included in Magic School AI will not ask for any personal information that can identify a student. They are intended to keep it this way in the future too! 

“We prioritize privacy by ensuring our application doesn’t require or encourage users to submit personal identifiable student information. If such data is inadvertently submitted, we view it as a privacy policy breach and quickly implement measures to rectify the situation.” – Magic School AI

Is Magic School AI Safe For The Students?

As we covered the privacy policy stated by Magic School AI and tried the Magic School AI app ourselves, we can safely say that this AI app does not encourage users to share any personal information or student information that can identify them. They are still looking into this matter pretty strictly.

However, when it comes to the application of Magic School AI in the education system, it is hard to comment on whether the assessment created by the teachers using this tool will be error-free and can really help the students. 

Is Magic School AI Safe For The Educators?

As mentioned above, the privacy policy stated by Magic School AI is quite transparent and if followed by all means then this app is surely safe for educators. 

However, relying solely on an AI tool to generate assessments and measure students’ growth may not be promising for the personal growth of a teacher’s career. Again, it is too soon to make a comment, we can only share assumptions! 


In this article, we tried to shed light on whether is Magic School AI safe or not. As you can find, the Magic School AI was introduced pretty recently and educators are still exploring the eligibility of this application. Till now, no institutes have officially permitted teachers to use Magic School AI to create assessments for the students. Is using Magic School AI legit in the education sector? The answer is still unknown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Wrong To Use AI For School?

When students are using AI-generated content to cheat on their assignments, it is wrong. However, whether using Magic School AI is legit or not is still unknown. However, it is recommended to consult with the Institute authority before implementing this AI tool in the education sector. 

Q2. Is Magic School AI Available For Free?

Yes, the free version of Magic School AI is now available. 

Q3. How To Get The Magic School AI Premium Version?

The premium version of the Magic School AI has not been released yet. According to the founder and CEO of Magic School AI, Mr. Adeel Khan, the premium version of this AI tool is going to be launched soon and will cost $10 per month. 

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