Is Rossgram An Alternative To Instagram | What’s The Reality?

Russia has declared to roll out an alternate platform known as Rossgram for communicating, interacting, and media sharing after kicking Instagram out of Russia on the 14th of March 2022. Now it’s time to confirm is Rossgram an alternative to Instagram in actuality or not!

Tech Entrepreneurs of Russia are looking for a way out to fulfill the needs of their audience after banning Facebook and Instagram. In order to fill this void created by them, the higher authorities of Russia passed the order to develop Rossgram.

After all these practices which are being done by the end of Russia, all we need to examine is whether is Rossgram an alternative to Instagram in reality? Can it be a tough competitor? Can Rossgram beat Instagram? Come along and with us.

We will be exploring all about Rossgram in the post. If you are interested in knowing whether Is Rossgram an Alternative To Instagram, then walk with us through this post. 

What Is The Relation Between Rossgram And Instagram?

On 14th of March, Russia banned Instagram from their country and later on filed a criminal investigation against Meta because Meta as a communicating platform, allowed their users to share sensitive and offendable content against Russia.

In simple words, Russia restricted Instagram and its parent brand Facebook/ Meta. This action was taken by Russia after Meta let their users post violence against Russian troops. Meta’s words for this incident were “It would not be fair if Ukrainians were stopped from putting forward their resistance against the army force”.

After this incident, Russia declared Facebook/Meta as a “Terrorist Organization”, which led to the restriction of Instagram from Russia and the development of Rossgram as its alternative.

It’s not for the first time that Russia is banning and replacing any platform in their country, they have done it before also, with TikTok. Russia banned and successfully replaced TikTok with their Yappy social media platform.

Is Rossgram An Alternative To Instagram?

Is Rossgram an alternative to Instagram?

A photo was shared and uploaded by Zobov Vkontakte, which clearly resembled Russia’s Instagram – Rossgram. In that picture, one can clearly find the similarity of Rossgram with Instagram in terms of appearance, layout, and color scheme.

The latest Russian product as an alternative to Instagram is being known as Rossgram in the audience of the whole world. It’s going to be rolled out for a limited number of people for trial on the 28th of March 2022. The trial run will be taken by the Top Bloggers, Partners, and Sponsors of Rossgram. Although it is expected for Rossgram to have a Similar feature to Instagram.

The main motive of the development of Rossgram is to fulfill the needs of Russians after the ban on Instagram.

After the ban, a huge number of population and businesses, influencers lost their source of income and the regular users lost the medium of entertainment and the primary source to interact with the audience of the other corner of the world. This made the Russians create a new platform, having the same and more features so that things may get back on track.

Russian Tech Entrepreneurs are the ones who are looking into this matter mainly. There will be a pack of unique features that will make the Rossgram much better and help it outshine in the market. To know what features and more about Rossgram, go through the below baby para too.

Rossgram Vs Instagram

Although Russia has banned Instagram in a rage to take revenge and put them down, will Russia succeed in proving their decision right? Will they be able to compete with well-established Instagram? Can they successfully prove Rossgram as an alternative to Instagram? Let’s find out by putting some light on the features of Rossgram.

Here we will be exploring the services of Rossgram, similar and different from Instagram to find out is Rossgram an alternative to Instagram:

1. DM 

What Is Crowdfunding On Rossgram

Direct Message to communicate via exchanging messages on the platform. One of the most necessary and basic features of every platform nowadays. Messaging someone directly online is the first step that one takes in order to communicate with someone they like or are impressed by.

2. Audio & Video Calls

Sometimes there are things that cannot be discussed and expressed through messaging online. To overcome that drawback, a calling feature is added to the system. This feature can be used for both formal and informal purposes, all depending on the intention of both parties (users).

3. Video & Photo Posts 

Along with communicating, Rossgram will provide the facility of sharing moments and memories via sharing pictures and videos. In this section, you will be allowed to upload any memory through a picture with decent content to let others know about the current status of your life or you can capture a video or photo on the spot and share the same way.

4. Share Media

After uploading any picture or video you should share it among your friends and family members to let them know what you are doing or where you are. By doing so, you are not only just sharing your moment but also increasing your reach. The more the people view your picture the more reach it will get.

5. Crowdfunding

It’s a unique feature indulged in the application.

Through this feature, one can raise funds online from the media and users of that platform for a good cause. For instance, any social project, campaign, helping the needy, etc. By doing this online, one will save more time and energy and can invest time in other stages of fundraising.

6. Subscription Plan

Rossgram will have a subscription plan, i.e: Paid Service.

For the users who will buy the plan, Rossgram will give them quality content and provide premium features. By subscribing to Rossgram’s plan, a user will be agreeing to the terms and conditions of Rossgram and will get the right to use the services for which they have paid.

7. Business Promotion

The ones who lost their online businesses because of the ban can do their business over here. Starting from online advertisements to turning in clients. Everything will be allowed to do here in order to promote one’s business. There might be chances that one has to buy Rossgram’s subscription plan to unlock special features which might be a necessary requirement in promoting your business.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for Is Rossgram an alternative to Instagram?

Roskomnadzor, Russian State Communications Regulator banned the world-famous platform Instagram on the 14th of March 2022. The reason was, Meta the parent company of Instagram didn’t take any action against their users who delivered posts against Russia, saying “Death To The Russian Invaders” online that too publically. Russian Authorities took this as an insult and called the Meta a “Terrorist Community” and filed an investigation. 

To compensate for their loss, Russian Tech Entrepreneurs are working on an alternative platform of Instagram, known as Rossgram – Russia’s Instagram. It is yet to be launched by the 28th of March.


Q1. Are The Services Provided By The Rossgram Free To Use?

Ans. Unfortunately, not. Rossgram is planning to charge a certain amount to unlock some premium and quality content, features, and services.

Q2. When Russia Banned Instagram?

Ans. Instagram was banned by the Russian State Communications Regulator, Roskomnadzor on 14th of March 2022.

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