Is Sendit Anonymous On Snapchat? Truth Revealed

Is Sendit Anonymous On Snapchat

Sendit is becoming more popular among kids these days. But, is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat? If yes, then why are parents so concerned about this Snapchat game? Let us share the inside out of the Sendit add-on on Snapchat in this article.

Sendit indulges a trend among the kids and the teenagers to throw anonymous questions. However, the answers are not always heart-warming and sometimes carry hints that reveal the identity of the Snapchatter. Then, is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat?

Is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat? Yes! Sendit as promised is a secretive game that helps Snapchat users to throw anonymous questions. This add-on game is popular mostly among kids.

Talking about the popularity, Sendit is as popular as Snapchat My AI among Snapchat users. Maybe there is a rising concern about whether is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat or not, but we have to admit that Snapchat users are crazy about this Snapchat game add-on

Is Sendit Anonymous On Snapchat?

Yes, Sendit is definitely anonymous on Snapchat and trusted by Snapchat users.

When a huge debate is swirling up around the question, “Is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat?”, we can show you a handful of reasons why the anonymity of Sendit can be trusted all along: 

1. Sendit never discloses any personal information regarding the user. 

2. Even if you are using the paid version, you will get simple hints like the type of mobile device used by the sender or the general location of the sender. Ultimately, the user will remain clueless. 

Is Sendit Safe For Your Kids?

Sendit is hugely popular among the kids. When many users are loathing the question, “Is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat?”, parents have different concerns. As per the long discussions going on on Twitter and Reddit, parents are raising voices against Sendit, because of the potential Cyberbullying.  

Anonymous messages through Sendit can actually carry unpleasant messages for children that can hurt a child emotionally. Losing self-esteem and confidence because of social media harassment which is common today. Receiving malicious messages in a game, from an anonymous sender can ruin the future of a child.

In some cases, it is also found that the anonymous sender includes hints within the message that can reveal the Snapchat user’s identity. In other words, children are facing more complications than we can imagine. 

How To See Who Sent A Sendit On Snapchat?

Is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat?  Yes! This is what Sendit and Snapchat officially claim. 

However, you do not know the intention of Snapchat users who are into cyberbullying. Snapchat users are often caught using their username, name, phone number, and other personal details within the message! Anyone, with those hints, can search on the internet and reveal the identity of the message sender. Apparently, this anonymous game is not so anonymous. 

On the other hand, the paid version is available that offers users hints to reveal the sender’s identity! Using the paid version, you may not get the name directly, but you will get relevant hints like the location, and device type.

Also, there is a security concern using Sendit. Sendit acquires important personal information from the users like demography, location, name, and contact information. Hence, if the Sendit server is compromised, as a Sendit user, your personal data will be compromised too! 

Sendit Users Can Buy Hints To Reveal A Sender’s Identity

As we were talking about, Sendit comes with a paid package that offers the users unlimited hints to reveal the identity of the message sender! So, maybe at this point, we can raise a serious doubt as to whether is Sendit anonymous on Snapchat.  

As per the App Store, anyone with a diamond membership can access more games, add-free content, and unlimited hints to reveal the Sendit message sender’s identity. Although it is claimed that the hints shared by the app are too generic to reveal the identity of the sender, we cannot trust the statement. 

On the other hand, we have to admit that whether Sendit anonymous on Snapchat, depends on the talent of Snapchat users in cracking clues. Because, no matter what, Sendit will never show the user name as a ‘hint’. 


One way or another, maybe Sendit anonymous on Snapchat or not, we have come to the conclusion that leaving a digital footprint is becoming a threat every day. Whether it is for fun or curiosity if you are using social media or exploring any add-ons, try to share personal information as minimally as possible. We can never overlook the piling cases of cyberbullying and cyber threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Sendit On Snapchat?

Sendit is an anonymous questioning game on Snapchat. This add-on game has become quite popular among the Snapchat community in a short time.  

Q2. How To Use Sendit On Snapchat?

You can add Sendit as an add-on on Snapchat and start sending anonymous messages to your friends. 

Q3. Is Snapchat Sendit Really Anonymous?

Yes, Sendit is anonymous on Snapchat. However, to use Sendit, you have to share your personal information with Sendit, which may make you vulnerable in the near future. 

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