iTop VPN Review: A 100% Free VPN. Is It Safe?

iTop VPN Review

What is a VPN? A Simple Introduction. 

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. A VPN establishes a protected network connection using a public network. It encrypts your identity on the Internet and hides your online identity for your security. This encryption is done in real-time so no third party can access your identity, and your identity is always hidden on the current Internet session.

How a VPN like iTop VPN Works?

A VPN like iTop VPN hides your IP address in such a way that no one can access your IP address or track you. A VPN provider hosts a remote server that hides your IP address by redirecting your network from the server that you connected to the VPN. Your original IP address will not be revealed, but the IP address assigned by the VPN server will be displayed.

All your data becomes a VPN server source because you are surfing through a VPN. The advantage of this is that your internet service provider and no third party can know what data you have sent or received, so all your information is hidden from external invaders.

With the help of iTop VPN connection, your data traffic is encrypted and secured so that no outsider can access it. Without encryption, anyone can see what data you have sent and received and can easily track your activities. It is like an open gate that allows cyber-attacking hackers to enter and gain access to your data easily.

More Features of iTop VPN You Should Know


iTop VPN is one of the best VPN to protect your data from external intrusion and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. It provides its users with class-based encryption. Also, with iTop VPN, you can access the global Internet at anywhere anytime. It includes speed lighting so you can surf the Internet better and protects your data to make your data traffic the most secure.

iTop VPN is super easy to set up on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It’s a great, fast network solution, and the best part is that it provides a free VPN service. You don’t need to charge for it in the very first time. You are allowed to use its free connections and see if it meets you needs. If yes, you can then upgrade to a VIP account to enjoy more VIP features. iTop VPN is an all-around VPN available in the world. It provides high-grade encryption protocol to its users, making it trustworthy for users compared to its competitors.

With the help of iTop VPN, you get out of any restrictions, due to which you can play any game and use any streaming services anywhere globally. Its services work worldwide, so you can easily access it from any part of the world with a fast internet connection. Users can use these services to access gaming and streaming services from regions that are within their borders.

With the help of iTop VPN, you can visit all the restricted websites whether in school, office or any region. It also contains websites that have adult content (but only for those who have the age of majority). A new IP address is assigned to allow access to these sites and keep your identity hidden. This IP address keeps changing whenever you connect to any server of iTop VPN and every time you step into the internet world with a new IP address.


This tool that provides you with a guarantee that your information will be completely hidden. As soon as you turn on this option, all your cookies and history data are removed so that no third party can access you and know where you are browsing the Internet.

iTop VPN can also be shared via Facebook and Twitter, and as soon as you download, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth. You can also share iTop VPN with all your friends and family members regardless of which platform they connect with you. You can link up to five devices with iTop VPN at the same time.

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